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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Shop on the Temu app for exclusive spring sale and enjoy up to 90% off! From fashion to home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more, the products you’ll love are just a tap away. You can always count on the Temu app to have the perfect things for you to live the life you desire. Download the Temu app today and enjoy the best deals every day. SPRING SALE Shop gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy up to 90% off! WIDE SELECTIONS Discover thousands of new products and shops daily. CONVENIENCE Fast and secure checkout. Free shipping & returns within 90 days. *Other conditions apply Visit or follow us on: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook:

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30% coupon
MilkiMilkiMik on 2023-03-25
First of all, if you haven’t used Temu yet make sure to enter the reward coupon “fav55552” on the sign up screen to get a 30% coupon. So I did not have high expectations for this app. However, the items that I have purchased have been really well made and good quality. I have purchased so far, a bread shaped eyeshadow palette, a beanie, creature bookmark, hair clip. They were all awesome. Before purchasing I made sure to read reviews and would not buy the item without seeing pictures that people have uploaded during their review. I think that really helped me to get good quality products. I have made another larger purchase since then. Just waiting to receive it. The first order arrived in less than two weeks, so my second order should arrive in a week or so. That being said, there are some items I don’t know if I would purchase just because I don’t have the extra money to spend to have it not work or be the quality I wanted to, so I definitely think it’s a great day. I will continue buying from the app. Black Friday Shipping currently is free which I absolutely love. I’m super stoked for my next order to arrive.. some people have compare this to “Wish” which maybe there are items that would be comparable. For me, so far with what I have received, I definitely think that Temu is much better and shipping is quick in comparison.
Mixed bag
66thparallel on 2023-03-25
I have mixed feelings about the Temu app. On the one hand I've discovered some major finds, like a small portable washing machine that does a great job cleaning undergarments and socks. On the other hand some features in the app, like the casino-like games can be misleading and you feel like you're being scammed. The review system is also broken. I just returned two items to Temu. One was defective and very poor quality and the other one was so cheaply made it oozed a noxious, vomit-like chemical odor that burned the skin around my nostrils and didn't come off even after I scrubbed it in the tub. I went back to leave a negative review but only the two other items that I kept were available to review. I am no longer permitted to review the defective products. Additionally, they appear dishonest because they constantly change what they say. Yesterday, I placed and order and got a message that due to a high volume of orders they will issue a $5 credit if the order has not shipped in 5 days. Today, I checked the app and it's now 7 days. Why not just say 10 days and leave it at that. When you keep backtracking you look dishonest and unreliable. When it comes to Chinese companies integrity is the most important thing that customers are looking for!
Item out of stock after I placed my order a week ago?
GalaxyWolf100101 on 2023-03-25
I got an item while it was fully in stock and after a week I was told I couldn’t get it because it was out of stock?? I’d already placed my order and waited a week for it to not even be fully packed when I was under the impression it’d be arriving around this time. They gave me a free $5 of store cash but I just want my package. I understand that issues come up but I’m just wondering why I already confirmed I was getting an item and now I’m being told it’s out of stock after a week? I got refunded the amount I paid for the item itself but I’m wondering why it didn’t say “out of stock” before I ordered it. If someone has an explanation I’d be happy to listen but at the moment I’m severely disappointed and upset. I was really looking forward to that specific item and it’s the whole reason I ordered in the first place.
Fake reviews?
Temu Kaaayyy on 2023-03-25
They are making fake reviews for themselves too wow!!! Temu is doing real bad and I hate this app with a passion because what they are doing to the people it’s a crime F temu deleted!!!!!! Like this app has many games and it’s absolutely rigged like a truck stop omg !! Like if you have to make it to 100$ they let you spin a wheel ,1st spin they give you 85$ second spin 10$ so now you’re at 95$ the last spin they give you 4$ 😭😭😭 like literally every single time and if you get an extra spin it will give you 30 cents like it’s so rigged it should be a crime it’s all clickbait when they send numerous false advertisements that are impossible to get 🤝 I’m done ✅
I would have given 5 stars if that stuff didn’t happen more than once!!!
Jackie2302 on 2023-03-25
I love this app a lot but there is a few things that do bother me one is how long everything takes to get shipped out and then you guys run out of everything three different times I’ve had to wait cause the things I ordered and paid for were out of stock after I already ordered them that’s not right at all my money shouldn’t leave my account until the things I ordered are made available no now I have to wait for a refund and you guys should have a wish list I can’t always remember everything I want to buy lol it would be nice to put into a wish list for later when you can buy it!!! Other than those things I love the app and your products thank you Temu.
Love TEMU. Customer service outstanding.
Jumper 1 on 2023-03-25
Great and useful products at AMAZINGLY low prices. In almost every instance they charge less than Ali Express for the same items. Website is so easy to use. Their web designer deserves an award. If you have any problems, their customer service is prompt and very good. TEMU really wants you to be happy with what you purchase. I’m a very satisfied customer. Hope they continue free shipping. Delivery is always as per schedule. No long delays. If a delivery is late TEMU gives you a credit to compensate. Alibaba has some very serious competition now. I use both. But TEMU is the better one
Honest review / my experiences
Fanchasia✨ on 2023-03-25
So at first I generally thought temu was just a normal shopping app like Amazon until I saw they had deals and even better they have little mini games you can play yeah you have to invite friends because sometimes there’s a total amount you need (ex: gems or coins) and the only way on getting that amount is inviting friends but it’s worth it at the end because you get free stuff. (currently as I am typing this I am waiting for my order to be shipped I ended up getting everything for free due to the little mini games and I will probably update my review once my package arrives)
Meli2bad on 2023-03-25
I shopped at temu, and at first i was happy to get a couple free things, i got my things n i bought the items. I wanted to shop for more but when i would do these games it will always tell me to invite people, and i understand they want new people to download their app, but when i get the amount of people they say they want, they expect more and more. As soon as i finished the game the game restarts all over again. If you want free items you need like multiple friends.
What I think about Temu.
No good bruh on 2023-03-25
Temu is a really good app and has amazing things on it to shop for! But the problem is when you get a free two items for example it doesn’t work. I mean it take off money off the two things but then when I invite more friends it doesn’t give me any less money. And I’m very frustrated from this because I showed my mom this and she was happy for me, I also showed my brother and he even gave me the address. This is not fair Temu this ruined my day!😒
gallag09 on 2023-03-25
I have only ordered from Temu twice, and I’ve been very pleased both times. The prices are great, and the quality of the material has been real good. But most of all, it has not been difficult to send things back. I have had to do that twice once for color and once because it was a choking hazard for little children and I didn’t realize how small the toys were at first. But they sent me the label and I went to UPS and they went back very easily

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