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A highly risky decision, now in game form! If you like simple yet weirdly addictive texting-while-driving games, this game is for you! You drive a car when your girlfriend starts texting you. What do you do? Will you save your relationship? Can you regain her trust? Are you a good driver and do not break traffic rules? Don't know? Can you TEXT and Drive? Try out this game and you'll know! Text And Drive Is A Hilarious Game That Highlights The Stupidity Of Using A Phone While Driving. You must click a series of buttons in the correct order to send a message while trying to steer a car on a multi-lane road. Get the order wrong, and you send a garbled text. Be careful not to crash!

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madi made on 2021-06-17
I would give this ZERO STARS if I could, Yeah you might’ve seen an ad of this game but in the ad shows all texting driving ,They try to trick you with the first level to make you think you just go through a whole bunch of levels of the texting and driving the first level, it’s a whole bunch of mini games like sort the apps or connect the cords. At the end you see an ad of the app and most likely you won’t read the reviews me. Besides all that it has to many ads I get that there’s no in app purchases but after each level there doesn’t have to be an add. Overall rating is 1 star because it’s not a game I would typically play and when you need to burn some time or your bored this is something I would play because it just burns time. Besides my railing and all that little kids are gonna see this and there gonna want to play this game and think it’s ok to play on their phone text mad drive. Are you seriously promoting this? I saw this game on little cousins iPad and he’s only 5! Kids parents normally don’t check their phones and there playing these types of games. Number 1 I’m mad because your printing a game about texting and driving which kids will download, number 2 it’s not not even about texting and driving luckily there’s only one level of texting and driving.
blaaaccc on 2021-06-17
This in such a bad game for kids it will teach you how to text and drive which is all wrong you should never ever ever played this game it’s such a bad game no play this game basically all you get is mini games an ad there’s one level and then a bunch of mini games then he finally gets to the next level and then after that level then there’s mini games again I just don’t like the game you guys can test it out but it was just a really bad game that I give it zero stars it’s such a bad game you should never play this it’s like robbing a bank it’s so bad whoever created this game if you’re reading this this is my real opinion on your game so you should just get rid of this game this is such a bad game and yeah I’m sorry to say it’s just a really bad game and no kid should ever play this game it’s really bad and I just think you should never play it it’s like even the first level a cop says are you driving and you got to say now it’s just so bad are usually plays games when I was little kid and my mom said never played in again and I was just a really bad thing so I think you should never played this sorry this is so long but I’m just explaining how bad it is.
space girl 207 on 2021-06-17
Why say you rate this 0 stars and put 5 stars in your submission? I understand you want to get your review attention, but you’re giving the game a higher rating. Plus, someone named “poopyhead0695” says they don’t like the game before playing because it promotes “texting and driving.” This is a serious issue in the world, but why even rate the game? You don’t like the game before even PLAYING? Just go away. Nobody cares. Also, don’t go acting like a grown adult when you’re a kid. ‘poopyhead0695’ just tells me that they’re clearly an 8 year old on the iPad. P.S. My rating is 5, it’s a pretty good game.
BRUHBOI9 on 2021-06-17
1 they are promoting texting and driving and if you do that in the real world you would get seriously injured because you eyes aren’t on the road. 2 it’s just chat master but you’re in a car 3 after level1 it’s just mini games no more driving 4 they said text and drive but what if I want Netflix, Hulu. YouTube or just a streaming app like I don’t have to just text 5 in the mini games you scrape you phone which could break. You have to scan your face but could just enter passcode and you have to sort apps but why would I have 4 of the same app and have 4 boxes but 3 get filled this game is trash
Kjrailey on 2021-06-17
I would write this game a zero out of 10000 if I could but this game is really bad because it glitches out and there’s so many ads. It also promotes to text and drive and you’re not even texting that much. There’s like poor connection in the game and it really glitches a lot. It’s also just boring in general. But like I said it promotes children to text and drive because in the game it’s really easy but you can still crash in the game and in real life if you do chat text and drive so just don’t text and drive.
allison atkins ... 00 on 2021-06-17
its horrible, you barely even get to drive and text all you do is wash a car window or organize the trunk, and dont get me started on the adds! every time you do something theres an add, and its very annoying caues the adds are about 20 seconds long, and are boring as fudge! and when you do get to text and drive its less than a minute long and its the same story, and geuss what after it you get an add just like the one before you got to do the driving and its a waste of your time and space in your phone.
A false game title
ffshgddgfddggdydtdhdgrvdd on 2021-06-17
It is false title Text and Drive, seriously ?! like you drive and text after the 10 seconds of being dangerous and then the funniest little dumbest thing ever 100 mini games that take 5 minutes all together like really? Just call it PHONE GAME ( with 10 seconds of driving texting) like really I hate this game I’m so deleting it. Trashy trash-o trashing trash trash congrats this is the ruler of trashy-ness so I really don’t recommend this game my thumbs are get tired lol
Ok but definitely a Rip Off
SingQueen17 on 2021-06-17
The game is called, “Text and Drive” and shows in ads that you test and drive but you only do that once. So I didn’t like it very much. That is like a book having the title Cinderella and the description shows everything is about Cinderella but when you open the book it only talks about the prince or the step sisters. Never about Cinderella. They like would mention her once. All in all though it is a good game if it was named and advertised correctly.
They just copied a game but they driving
Prince your side on 2021-06-17
It exactly like chat master I gave it one star are you do is just ask the first level and then they give you 24 games or apps And and I can play don’t do this in the real world driving text when my dad I am fine he be on tik-tok Facebook and Instagram he even be on many social media text and drive call and drive my mom call people on her car tell your people like this game I’m sorry to tell you but it’s not the best game ever. Please fix the game
J3a50n on 2021-06-17
The is game is absolutely trash. On the first level everything looks fine. We’re texting and driving like the game said we would. Then all of a sudden you don’t get another one of those levels until level 26. They should honestly change the name to fun mini games. Every second it feels like you get hit with an advertisement. This game need huge changes to their name, and the game in general.

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