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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters! As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten!

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Way to many ads and the game gets boring after a bit
fudgeandcupcakes on 2021-10-23
Ok so when I first downloaded the game it was fun and I played it for a couple days, it was very nice.Then that’s when I started to really get frustrated with the ads and how they ask the same questions pretty often so it gets less and less fun after a while because you already know the answers to basically all the questions. Back to the ads; There are way to many of them, not to mention how they are all for stupid mobile games that don’t make sense and are a waste of time because you’ll eventually get bored of those to. But what really makes me irritated is the fact that they strongly imply that this is a multi player game but in reality it’s just a bunch of bots. Moving on to the topic of the answers to the questions the bots answers are extremely short practically allowing the player to win and it frustrating.I personally wouldn’t recommend this game if your looking for something challenging and fun that’s also time consuming for if your bored..That’s all! Hope you have a great day!!
Me and sister
1238?;8$jdhiebdizjs on 2021-10-23
I think this game is fun but weird at the same time end and ask him to say about it till it’s OK sometimes but it’s kind of weird I just said that she said but but I have a few more things to say about it number one there’s a lot of like commercials yeah and number two you need to make more rounds with more people because that means more fun and put a time limit because that would make it a little bit like cool I like it I like it God I’m so scared and I think this game is fun but weird at the same time end and it’s OK sometimes but it’s kind of weird I just said that she said but but I was number one there’s a lot of like commercials yeah and number two you need to make more rounds with more people because that means more fun and put a time limit because that would make it a little bit like cool I like it I like it and put like different ones you can do like a dinner I just get it does that you should probably like what yeah because you have like 1000 words.
It could be better
Coookio on 2021-10-23
The game is really addicting. However. There’s a pool of 50 questions that they recycle. So if you find a long word answer for all of them, you win every round. The bot answers sometimes don’t really make much sense sometimes. I also think that they could really have a speed round and time it. Because Untimed, I can easily look up an answer to a question. And then there should be a single player option so you can just compete with previous versions of yourself to get a high score. But that would require more trivia questions. Some answers to questions are not accepted, so I like their “report as answer” button. Maybe in the future have a multiplayer option where you can challenge friends. This game could definitely be better. And I’m excited to see where developers take it. Does not work at all anymore.
Great game but the ads
good game pls fix things on 2021-10-23
Overall the game is decent and when you look at my title you most likely would’ve thought it would of been about the amount of ads and don’t get me wrong they can remove quite a bit of the random ads they show and I know they do it for money and advertising but the real reason is I know this is mainly apple’s fault in ways but most of the ads I get I can skip them even if the button is there and I can’t exit out of them whenever I try it just asks me if I want to download it or not and then I have to end my game. I know it’s not mainly your fault and that it’s mainly apple’s fault because you the developers and maintenance crews don’t control what ads you give me and what ads you don’t I’m just saying if you could fix it someway even if it’s small it would make the game better.
So many problems!
Reedear on 2021-10-23
I’ve been playing this game off and on the past few weeks. It’s a decent game, but the ads are insane. I swear, every time I even touch the screen during the game, an ad pops up. Then, onto the actual game. I’ll text in an answer and the answer is definitely right (because I’ll Google it between rounds), but the game doesn’t accept it. A few times I know I spelt the words wrong, but plenty of times I didn’t, the game just ignored my answer. That needs fixing. Now, I’ve tried to play the past two days and I can’t even play. It’ll load up and show me the “other players”, but then it’ll just show my platform with sharks swimming around it, but not anyone else’s platform. I gave up. I’ll see if it gets fixed soon, but the whole game needs to be better.
SamS56 on 2021-10-23
This game is so fun, only problem is, it is missing SO MANY WORDS! I type generic words in and it’s not recognized. I even will search them to see if maybe I misspelled, and while that’s been the case sometimes, most often it’s just not a registered answer yet. Really bums me out, I keep losing so often because I’m picking answers others haven’t thought of, I suppose. I’m also not a huge fan of the event games considering you will lose if you don’t answer with simple worded answers like other players. Sometimes... they are a bit too simple. Why should extremely simplistic words be scoring higher than more complex? This game has so much potential. It’s a fun game, very addictive, I’m just disappointed with how lacking in some areas it is.
Inappropriate Ads
Ltrampel on 2021-10-23
This is a very fun game, but there are ads for game that are very inappropriate. For example, a few minutes ago there was an ad for a game called “Popular Girl Highschool”, and the ad showed some animated teens sitting around a fire on a beach. The point of the game was to ask truth or dare questions like “run naked” or “do a dance for me”. I know this is not in this game directly, but the ad for this game popped up several times. I am concerned because I am sure lots of children play this game and I am 100% sure that parents do not want their kids being exposed to games like this. These games were not the only inappropriate games that popped up. Please reconsider your audience and ad choices.
Literally cannot play
letmepostfrpls on 2021-10-23
This concept is actually really fun and engaging. What isn’t fun is that I can’t get through a single round of the game. The advertisements play in the rounds instead of after (though they play after too, don’t worry), and unfortunately, most of the ads are ridiculously hard to close. On most, you have to click skip/x at least 3 times before the adds close. Of course, that’s if they actually close. Instead of being able to finish the round, I’ve either been forced out or forced to close out of the app due to a buggy add that froze or wouldn’t close. Ads make money (I get it), but the game is literally unplayable because of the amount of ads during the game and how glitchy they are.
Just stopped working
Geotude on 2021-10-23
At tournament 12, the game stopped working, rendering it completely unplayable. To go into more depth, after putting in any answer for the first question, the lava/water does not rise, and all I see is the sharks swimming around in the pool. The game itself is amazing, aside from a few answers that should’ve been right, it’s a wonderland for those who love trivia-style games, and it would deserve a complete five star rating if it didn’t stop working for me. Maybe when/if it gets fixed this game will get the rating it deserves, but you never really know with these io games.. sometimes the developers never consider fixing their problems due to their nature as— dare I say— cash grabs.
Really loved it until…
WundrWumn on 2021-10-23
This is my kind of game and I absolutely love it but there need to be more categories. They repeat a lot. I challenge myself trying to come up with different answers but the game needs a dictionary because they tell you that all of your correct answers are wrong. Even if you try to just deal and keep playing that wasn’t possible for me after Tournament 23. My game is stuck at 24. The characters/players won’t come up no matter how many times I’ve closed it and opened it again. So I figured I would delete it and download again BUT there are no features that allow you to save your progress so I was back at day one☹️Oh well!

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