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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters! As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten!

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LightGamer24 on 2022-08-18
This app is the worst I have seen when spamming you with ads. Each game with four players is divided into “rounds” so they can give you an ad between each round, so each game has around four ads. Plus, you can watch an ad to increase how much gold you earned between rounds. Also, in the end, there’s a “bonus level” with- you guessed it- more ads. They aren’t even optional ones (except for increasing your gold). They give it to you in the middle of the game. And to stop seeing ads, it’s $2.99, which is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to pay money to enjoy my game. An ad after every game would still be annoying but at least more reasonable. By far one of the most greedy and selfish money-grabbing games I’ve come across. This game is ridiculous. If it weren’t for the unreasonable amount of ads it would actually be a really fun game, but oh well.
Cheating game
Z_Big_Fuzzz on 2022-08-18
This game cheats big time. If you are not a computer then they will count just about every answer wrong but if you are the computer they will accept any answer. Two good examples of that are when asked for an amusement park ride the game accepted the answer of Superman and Batman which are superheros not rides. The other one is when asked to name a type of cake I entered Pineapple Upside Down Cake which is a cake and the game counted it as wrong. This game is designed for anyone with a 2 year old vocabulary so if you are actually a smart human being with a basic knowledge of every day items this game will count every answer you put in as wrong. Don’t waste your time. Go play a different game or do a crossword puzzle.
Don’t pay to remove ads, you’ll hate the game even more!
Zola Swirlle on 2022-08-18
Just turn on airplane mode to avoid ads. I paid $2.99 to remove ads and I wish I hadn’t, I can’t unlock outfits now. There isn’t anything I place for people to earn things that were previously locked behind ads. I wish I hadn’t paid for it! Just go into airplane mode and re enable internet when you want to unclog something. Don’t pay them. It was a total waste, now I can’t enjoy the game. I can’t access “retry” on bonus levels, if I misspelled a word I can’t fix it “did you mean Wednesday?” Yes but I can’t select it since I paid for no ads, the button is greyed out now 😑 I’m tired of losing levels.
Ads, ads, and more ads on 2022-08-18
I really like this game but oh my goodness, the amount of ads is ridiculous! I get that’s how apps get paid, buuut come on! I played on my 15 min break and had to go through more ads than actual play time. 1/4th of the way in, ad. You get half way through, ad. Right before it ends, ad. Weather you opt of the extra coins or not, ad. You play the single mode, you get some like 4 of ads for not even 5 mins of play. Just as annoying it was to read my review about the ads, is how annoyed you will be playing it, with a lot of…ads 😐
A lot of issues
Doctor Strange for some change on 2022-08-18
Issue 1) they misspell everything and give you no points/wrong answer if you spell it properly against their very wrongly spelled answers. 2) they are not educated enough to know if answers are proper or not. for example, they said list types of wines. I wrote bordeaux. it told me that that’s not a type of wine when it in fact very much so is. someone wrote barber wine which is not even a thing and they got points. 3) the game lags a bit 4) points given per answer are pretty low so you can seldom do anything with points
Can you stop with all the ads already?!
redheadfairy on 2022-08-18
This is a fun game, but my biggest gripe is that after each answer you type in, it immediately cuts to an ad or it just randomly stops before you’ve typed in an answer and shows an ad. It’s not like it waits until the end of the round. It’s also frustrating that you have to watch an ad to claim coins or avatars that you won after a round. This makes gameplay a lot longer than it needs to be for a casual game. I’ll be uninstalling this one. Also, I’ve noticed that your “opponents” are bots programmed in by the game.
What I think about Text or Die
hi I'm LarA on 2022-08-18
Some people may think that text or die is a terrible game because if you don’t text the right answer they may get too mad and they might think that they were right and the game was wrong but the other day I learned that you are always right so this game is great if you need to learn that you aren’t always right and a few times I may how to do a little but what’s important is that I finally got a once a win I realize that I should’ve cheated on you know so this is why I think that Text or Die is a good game
More Features
kmoe2.0 on 2022-08-18
If there was a little more work this game would be awesome. First, it needs more trivia questions. A lot get repetitive. Then it also needs more characters and upgrades. I’ve unlocked all the current ones…and now have nothing to spend coins on. Love the bonus level…but if I’ve unlocked everything there’s no point. And I’d like the option to skip the bonus level because it forces you to play it. Fix those and it will be amazing!
Completely stupid
BDWayne25 on 2022-08-18
This game will ask you something like “name an Oscar best category” but then tell you that you’re wrong if you type “makeup.” There are multiple responses to all the questions they ask, but more often than not, it’s going to be wrong. Of course, if you spell it wrong, you can watch 500 ads to change it to the correct spelling. The concept of this game is good, but there are far too many questions that are completely absurd.
The game is good but a few problems
jayden071312 on 2022-08-18
Text or die is a great game but there is a few problems number one I speed the word correctly but it says I didn’t number two you get questions wrong for no reason for example I was playing the game and it asked what is on a Christmas tree I answered Christmas lights it said I was incorrect I love the game and I’m not mad I’m just sharing my feedback and you don’t have to change these problems I just telling them

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