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Simply use it for every calculation. Even dictate equations with your voice. Count on it whenever, wherever. WHY YOU’LL LOVE THE CALCULATOR • Basic & Scientific Calculator • History Tape: Save, Copy & Share Calculations • 70+ Amazing Themes • Edit Equation • Dictate Equations • Memory Banks • Choose your Decimal Notation • Calculate with Degrees or Radians • Set the Number of Decimals THE CALCULATOR SUPPORTS • Voice Control • Dark Mode • Apple Watch • Drag and Drop • Split View GET FULL ACCESS & CALCULATE EVERY DAY Upgrade to a Premium Membership and Receive the Following Ongoing Value: • Ad-Free • Fraction Calculator • Currency Converter • All Special Themes • Premium Customer Support If you choose to purchase a subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged within 24-hours prior to the end of the free trial or current period. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. You can cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes store after purchase. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. Terms & Conditions:
 Privacy Policy: LIST OF MATHEMATICAL OPERATIONS Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Percentages Square, Cubic Exponent, Nth Exponent Square Root, Cubic Root, Nth Root Engineering Exponent, Factorial Power of Two, Power of Ten, Power of E Natural Logarithm, Common Logarithm, Binary Logarithm Sine, Cosine, Tangent Arc Sine, Arc Cosine, Arc Tangent Hyperbolic Sine, Hyperbolic Cosine, Hyperbolic Tangent Hyperbolic Arc Sine, Hyperbolic Arc Cosine, Hyperbolic Arc Tangent Multiplicative Inverse, Random Number Input EDIT EQUATION You can edit both digits and operators of the current equation. You can place the edit cursor by tapping or using the arrows. DICTATE EQUATIONS Simply use your voice to dictate equations by tapping on the mic icon. Dictate works best when you speak naturally as if you were talking to another person. Currently, Dictate supports only basic calculations. VOICE CONTROL Command your device to take actions for you and get your work done fast & easy! Try the power of Voice Control and remain independent. DARK MODE Switch to Dark mode and enjoy the benefits! The Dark mode allows you to tone down the colors of your screen and let you experience The Calculator in a dark environment. The dark mode protects your eyes from bright colors, saves battery power and helps you better focusing. SHARE YOUR CALCULATION, WHEREVER YOU ARE Having a great result with your calculation or currency conversion? Save time and send it to your contacts fast & simple… by sharing with the calculator! • WE LOVE FEEDBACK • As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please keep sharing your experience to [email protected] Enjoying The Calculator and want more features? Please show us some love by giving a 5 star review, so we can keep updating with great new features! -- START CALCULATING -- The Calculator (C) 2000 Impala Studios.

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Nice app that is ruined by ads
Thetaman15 on 2020-02-24
I have used this app for years on the iPad. It has lots of options and themes. Most I never use as I just want to use it as a basic calculator with history. I understand the need for ads and the need to make money. However the implementation of the solution I don't like. I would use the ad based version but the full screen ads are unbearable making the app unusable in slide over mode...which is the way I mostly use the app. I have to go out of app and back into it to use it. That's just silly to have to do. I looked at paying for ad free version but at nearly $18 a's a steep cost for an app I use a few times a week. Luckily I think I have found an alternate app that offers a more reasonable $4 ad free version and no full screen ads. ‍♂️
Annoying question keeps popping up all the time
bobgore on 2020-02-24
Every time I open this app, an annoying full page advertisement/question appears: “Do you think President trump should be re-elected”, or a similarly worded question. Then the words: “No Thanks” or “Open”. I would surely like to respond, but don’t wish to give my email address to get more advertising. This republican propaganda should not be appearing on a calculator app for any reason and I find it truly distracting . Now it is asking me to take an NRA survey. I don’t support the NRA and would never vote for trump. So why is this republican propaganda now appearing on your app? I loved the app before this started. I am deleting the app for this reason.
Please rethink your pop up
mattkruck on 2020-02-24
This calculator was great until I just couldn’t take the pop up ad in the beginning anymore when I open the app. It’s incredibly frustrating. When I open the calculator app, I have stuff that I need to get done, not wonder when an ad is going to pop up and waste my time. Your ad is getting in the way of user experience. Maybe I’ll try this out again later on, but for now it’s been deleted and back to Apples calculator
Free Version Has Nauseating Ads
Mick Gator Fan on 2020-02-24
The free version was excellent until they replaced stationary ads with moving ads that are both distracting and nauseating. I use the accessibility setting to limit motion but apparently the ad people feel it's OK to bother people who have mild vertigo and ignore the accessibility settings. I deleted the app and will use a handheld calculator when necessary.
jaxrud on 2020-02-24
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Steph Ann E on 2020-02-24
Literally the worst! Now all you get is a huge ad once you open the app. Then, the ad has a tiny “x” in the corner that doesn’t work. You’ve got to close the app and reopen it for the ad to disappear. Why can’t you be like the other apps and place something small on the screen why the calculator still is able to work?
MGS? on 2020-02-24
There are many reasons this calculator is great. It’s handy, right here, and time saving. I am sparing the “many” reasons because who wants to hear them? Every calculator shares them. What makes this one five stars is in the second sentence of this review. Handy+time saving = Convenient.
Hate the ads!
The Other Peej on 2020-02-24
Super annoying ads & graphics!! In the middle of calculating you’re diverted to a website. Can’t believe I’m going to have to buy a calc app. It def won’t be this one! Avoiding it on purpose as the app seems designed to not work properly. Really apple? Don’t have enuff money yet?
Pop up ads
badapnow on 2020-02-24
New full screen pop up ads are VERY irritating...I’ll be looking for another calculator app Update: I just deleted this app. I could deal with the ad at the bottom but the full screen ad was the last straw. I found one that has no ads and is free so this app is history!
Annoying and obnoxious ads
Bellevue Fine Art Repro on 2020-02-24
Why is it that a simple calculator isn't included on the ipad? And why do i have to deal with a bunch of obnoxious ads for a simple calculator? It's crap. I want to replace it. This should be open source. I can't hate this thing enough.

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