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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



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Horrible app, decent content
tyler arson on 2020-02-21
I’m not sure how to say it: this is a horrible app. Don’t get me wrong, WSJ is a storied publication, the reporters do great work, the business reporting is very good, the editorial section is generally terrible unless you’re a wealthy boomer Republican or Karl Rove, everything you’d expect. And they’ll always have a place in my heart for reporting on corruption in China’s ruling families. But the app—it’s bad. I’ll talk about the iPad app first, because it seems to be the worst offender. For some reason, the powers that be at WSJ have decided to make the iPad app look and function like pages in a newspaper, which is fine if you’re into that, but I find it very unpleasant to navigate. Worse, they continue down the newspaper line BY MAKING DAILY EDITIONS. And you can’t just update the edition (if it hasn’t updated itself) by sliding down or right or whatever—you have to leave and close the app, or change geographic editions and back again, or something stupid like that. Also, if you like 1.5” columns in a newspaper, you’ll love this app, because you can read four columns AND THEN SWIPE RIGHT 2-3 MORE TIMES AND READ 12 TINY COLUMNS. So fun. Another reason I was driven to write this is because WSJ tried to write an article with slick graphics to explain how Google rules advertising as a monopolistic trust. I was excited because NYT has done some very good visual articles to portray various topics visually, most recently the Turkish invasion of Syria, and I looked forward to how WSJ would do theirs. It was horrible. I can barely describe how bad it was. On the iPhone, it was a bunch of tiny Google Chrome logos and text with some arrows, and a tiny space at the bottom for text. On top of that, the article didn’t even load in the native app—it had to load within a BROWSER within the app. And the iPad version didn’t even try: it just stuffed the visuals into a photo that scrunched all the logos and arrows into tiny illegible photos that would fit in 1.5” columns. All this is to say, this app has some major design issues in my opinion that make it annoying to read the quality content. The substitutes aren’t much better, but maybe consider getting a subscription for another app like Bloomberg or Reuters.
Wall Street Journal app
Arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh! on 2020-02-21
We gave up the paper version while traveling and like the online app version . It is easy to use, anywhere and we do not need the paper version anymore. We gave up the paper version too. It is nice to be able to read the paper anywhere and keep up with everything. We gave up the paper version too and it’s nice to be able to read it anywhere. We also like the convenience of being able to read the WSJ anywhere. It’s easy to catch up on older editions too. We don’t want or need the paper version at all.
Balanced Reporting
FactsOnlyPlease on 2020-02-21
Your reporting is balanced and fair and is evident by your readers who cover the ENTIRE political spectrum. Well done in the era of “fake news” and “cherry-picking” journalism. Our ability to get all the facts and make up our own minds is slowly disappearing from the landscape. How, as a free people, are we to get unbiased journalism to make decisions. Job well done!!!!! It would be great if we could digitally share some articles with friends. Good advertising for the WSJ.
kwc102 on 2020-02-21
App content is very good. However, on my IPad the app often does not update to the current issue and I need to shut down my IPad entirely to have the update go through and even then it may or may not update for a couple of days. Also, the crossword puzzle periodically requires more than one letter in a block but there is no way to do that unlike The NY Times puzzle that has rebus.
Hard to find K Strassel articles
ToolmavenVa on 2020-02-21
Half the brains of WSJ is in the articles of Kimberley Strassel yet those articles aren’t self-evident in the digital version. Articles exceed the edges of iPad Pro, particularly at bottom Really hate videos that don’t have same article in PRINT I can read allot faster than you can talk. Besides usually the speaker isn’t saying much
Mr. Richard. Stacy
Richstacy on 2020-02-21
You took the day and dates off the headers to the articles. If you only look at the e version 3 or 4 times a week, you never know what is current. Unacceptable. Some of the ads get stuck and you can’t get rid of them. Too much commercial content.. some are hard to swipe off the screen
Tim644 on 2020-02-21
Terrible!!It continues to block me out of content even though I’m logged in - it will say log in when I’m logged in!! Frustrating. When asked for help I’m asked 20 questions. It should just work! Also, better access to market data and history from the app would be good!
News That Makes A Difference
Biene Meer on 2020-02-21
WSJ’s five-star coverage is appreciated for its timely news and well-reasoned editorials. I enjoy the facts and explanations it provides as well as its intelligent and articulate editorial staff and contributors. I am most grateful for a news source that I can trust.
Needs a lot of work
mbwutes on 2020-02-21
Why can the NYTs get it right and the WSJ app still feels like it was designed by a grade school programmer. Inconsistent interface across devices and the fact that all of my saved articles don’t carry over from PC to iPad to iphone are among my biggest gripes
One of the best media apps
swartzilla on 2020-02-21
Don’t love the WSJ opinions but it’s essential to follow them if you want to know what’s happening in business. I do love the typography and smooth performance of the app, and especially appreciate that they don’t let ads get in the way of the user experience.

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