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May, 2021


May, 2021



Suddenly… your baby is upset for days. Crying, sleeping poorly, and clinging to you. The Wonder Weeks tells you when to expect this difficult period and provides you with insights so that you can help your baby through this fussy stage of a leap in their mental development. Join millions of parents and discover your baby’s developmental milestones and leaps with the world’s most popular and best-selling baby app. Discover your baby’s developmental milestones and leaps with the world’s most popular and best-selling baby app: - Apple announced it as the Top 10 “Best of the year 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019” - Most downloaded app in paid Health and Fitness apps - “Coolest App for Moms” Award - “Choice & Gold” Award by users, Mumli - AppRx Awards Top 10 “Children’s Health App” - NHS (UK) – “Best App for parents” THIS IS WHAT THE APP OFFERS YOU: - Learn all about the 10 mental leaps - Gain an insight into the leap - Know which signals your baby could display - See which skills your baby has now - Tips to help your baby - Experience the leaps for yourself by doing fun exercises - Our unique leaps schedule shows you: - When a leap begins and ends - When you will see your baby display new skills - Keep track of your baby’s development and milestones in your diary. CAN BE EXPANDED WITH EXTRAS: - A Wi-Fi baby monitor - The English audio book - The English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish or Italian e-book - A range of white noises to help your baby fall asleep easily - Various sounds and music that both calm and stimulate - 350+ extra milestones to keep track of in your diary TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE The payment will be deducted from your Apple ID account on confirmation of your purchase. The subscription will be automatically renewed unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The payment to renew your account will be deducted within 24 hours before the end of the current period. After your purchase, you can manage and cancel your subscriptions in your App Store settings. Disclaimer: This app has been developed with the greatest of care. However, neither the developer, nor the author is liable for any damage caused by inaccuracies or incompleteness of the app.

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priceless info - deleted on 2021-06-13
If I could give this app one star I would. Beware: I used this app to keep track of my newborn’s “firsts,” and unfortunately all of my data is now lost. My information got deleted as the app stopped opening. After I sent my first inquiry request for app support, they asked me if it was my update version or model of phone. I have the newest update and newest phone. I even sent a video screenshot of my experience. The only response I received was to reinstall the app which I was reluctant to bc it says I would lose my data. I sent countless emails and never heard a response back. It has almost been 2 weeks. I did reinstall the app, and sadly my information is now all gone. These journal entries of my newborn were priceless, and now I am heartbroken. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.
Worth the money!
IdahoParents on 2021-06-13
This app is great to gauge when my babe was going to be developing new skills and to help further improve that. My only dislike is the multiple statements at the beginning that say you are supposed to enter in the actual due date to gauge everything in the app. Even our OB seemed to agree that the date of conception was two weeks earlier than the typical “last cycle” where the typical due date is defined. So at first we were off about two weeks off in the app, until we shirked these statements at the beginning. Now the app really is great.
Waste of money
Blossom power on 2021-06-13
The info in here isn’t unique at all. It’s stuff I see in free articles you read in apps like the bump, what to expect, etc. And the leap charts - like what am I supposed to do with it? Things happen when they happen and we just have to be there for our babies when they need us for what they need us. I wish they provided more tips and guidance for what you can do to get through the tough periods. This, like much out there, feels like a business taking advantage of tired moms, selling them something that will “help”
Love this app!
xoxo23 on 2021-06-13
This app has helped reassure me that I’m not crazy during my baby’s especially fussy times. It also helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve used it as a resource for both of my boys, and I’d highly recommend it. Everytime I’ve thought to myself, “My baby seems really fussy, I wonder if he’s going through a leap,” I will check the app and sure enough, he is! The app also gives creative ideas for helping get your baby through a leap without either of you feeling too overwhelmed or frustrated.
Not useful at all
Moni88kq on 2021-06-13
This app is not really useful. Everybody talks through the 4th month regression and I downloaded this app to see if it will help, but it basically does nothing to offer any kind of actionable steps when it comes to sleep or feeding to help the baby go through the leap. It’s like ok my baby is in this leap and now what? Not very helpful as per what to do.
Highly Recommend
rosarymm on 2021-06-13
As an early learning teacher I feel this app is a wonderful tool for new parents to better understand their new baby and what they are going through. This app has been spot on with developmental leaps and has assured us as parents that changes in behaviors are developmentally appropriate. Simply a great learning tool! Love the new updates too!
Crashing App
janichew on 2021-06-13
I love the diary aspect of it, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been updating it almost every day and there’s too much data the application continues to crash when I try to run it or save a new diary entry. The leap information is helpful, but I can’t even open it up now.
Get this app!
vcoolmom on 2021-06-13
I’ve had this app since day one and although it won’t stop your baby from crying, it’ll give you a peace of mind when you open the app and realize your LO is in a leap or regression. The tips and clues into what they are going through is so so helpful. GET THIS APP!!
Keeps crashing
Anna04t on 2021-06-13
I liked it when it worked but I can’t even open the app, it keeps crashing. Another point is when I tried to edit the diary, the screen scrolls all the way up while I’m typing.
Waste of money
Kassiedw123 on 2021-06-13
This app literally tells you nothing. Don’t waste your money. “Your Baby might not do all these things” and every week is the same things to check off

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