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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



The Wonder Weeks worldwide bestselling baby app is a personalized weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development that will keep you informed about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby. KEY FEATURES - Keep track of your baby’s mental development - Learn all about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby - Read the bestselling Wonder Weeks book here in this app - Take notes about a range of topics in a comprehensive diary - The leap-alarm service - The calendar sync option to show the leaps in your agenda Extra's ============================= - A full HD 4G / WIFI baby monitor - The complete Audiobook of the Wonder Weeks (English) - The compete eBook of the Wonder Weeks in several languages - a proven white noise library to help you baby doze of - a proven library of classical music and sounds to help you baby relax - Extra content such as over 400 milestones and over 200 games and activities. International experts on The Wonder Weeks:
 “This is a very practical and entertaining window into the baby’s first year and a half. van de Rijt and Plooij have observed and found the vulnerable times in an infant’s development that I independently came to in my research. The authors’ observations and practical suggestions are wonderful.”
 -T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., professor emeritus, Harvard Medical School
 "Anyone who deals with infants and young children will want to read The Wonder Weeks. This book will open parents' eyes to aspects of their children's growth, development, changing behavior, and emotional responsiveness that they might otherwise not notice or find puzzling and distressing."
 -Catherine Snow, Ph.D., Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
This App is developed with the greatest care. Neither the developer nor the author shall nevertheless be liable for any damages arising from any inaccuracies or omissions in this app.

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Is...that it?
kaitzi on 2020-10-22
I saw on a bunch of places to buy this app, it was so helpful. Okay, as a FTM I figured wth. But it’s useless. I don’t understand why anyone would use it. It basically lists the days your baby might be cranky. They call it “going through a leap” and guess what, it’s almost every day. Like, three weeks of a month are “leaps” and baby will be cranky...oh but leaps might also come a week early or boom, suddenly every week of the month could be baby “leaping”. And that’s it. Nothing to actually help. Just, “baby will be cranky” So many moms I know are like, “my baby’s cranky, but she’s in the middle of a leap!” No, your baby is cranky because babies get cranky. Don’t waste your money on this.
Not updating, and can only contact support through configured email
Fghijgx on 2020-10-22
I had heard great things about this app, but unfortunately it stopped updating. My baby is 4 months currently, and there is a leap at 14.5 weeks of development, but it’s still telling me that it’s 38 days away. I went to contact support about it, and they only have one method to reach anyone - that’s sending an email through configured email on your phone. They don’t offer any other methods for getting help. I do not want to add my email to my phone, and now I’m stuck with an app I paid for that won’t update and no way to reach anyone.
Not Worth It
jenx333 on 2020-10-22
Tons of moms in the mom group I’m in recommended this app, so even though it cost money, I figured it must be worth it. Wrong. My baby was born 2 weeks early, so I need to go by her due date instead of the day she was born. Nothing about the leap calendar matches up with her behavior. Even if I look at it based on the day she was born it doesn’t match up. Everything is vague, too. I could get the information about the changes she’s experiencing through a simple and free google search. I would not pay money for this app.
Is this a scam?
dino mama 11 on 2020-10-22
How does this app have such a high rating? Even just briefly scrolling through the reviews, there are clearly many dissatisfied customers and low ratings. I feel like this app was a total waste of money. Basically: sometimes babies are fussy. Thanks for the heads up.
Great info, Bad interface
antzillla on 2020-10-22
Love the peace of mind it gives me by explaining the leaps but navigating the app is SO confusing, hoping they fix this and also make it more fun to look at.
Great app
FluentUuser on 2020-10-22
This app was perfect for my first, but now they I have my second i can't add him to the app and I don't want to erase all of my previous notes...
Love wonder weeks, hate the app
Alli W29 on 2020-10-22
The app is confusing and difficult to navigate between pages. It’s been 4 months and I still forget how to get to certain pages.
Needs more clarity in navigating
CEDD3 on 2020-10-22
Not intuitive, not clear with visuals on calendar. Too many sections to scroll through to get information
Great information
Ele's Mama on 2020-10-22
I love the information on each Leap but I feel this app could be much more user friendly.
Oliver's twists 233 on 2020-10-22

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