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Aesthetic themes for iPhone: widgets, icons, still and live wallpapers! СOMPLETE MAKEOVER of your device! Easy setup and regular updates! Themify gives you a wide range of tools to express yourself. With our app, you can enjoy state-of-the-art content and unleash your creativity. Key features: ■ 3-in-1 Themes Want to marry convenience and aesthetics? Themify has your back. Perfectly matched iOS 14 app icons, widgets, and wallpapers will make your iPhone look neat and stylish. Explore an abundance of themes to choose the one you like most and set it up on your Home Screen with a few taps. ■ Theme Customizer If you’d like to add a personal touch to your Home Screen theme, use our Theme Customizer. Change everything you want and create a truly one-of-a kind design for your device. ■ Vast Widget Collection Time, clock, calendar, quotes, weather, countdown, mixed—pick any widget and get the info you need right from your Home Screen. You can also create your own unique widget by adding photos and changing backgrounds, fonts, and colors. ■ 10,000+ Icons For those who are bored of bog-standard app icons, we have an array of custom icon packs. The best part is that you can install the whole pack at once! Just follow the simple and clear instructions. ■ Still And Live Wallpapers Anime, Animals, Urban, Nature, and more—we have wallpapers for every taste. Liven up your screen with awesome live wallpapers. And if you love classics, try our still wallpapers and see for yourself how irresistible they are. UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION • You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Themify. • Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

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elvey980 on 2022-01-17
Overall this is a really great game but the thing is that some people have restrictions since my phone has restrictions I was trying to buy this app my mom had to put in a screen time code many times and finally when we got all that done I had confirmed all the apps that I wanted to change he told me how to do it “ settings< profile download Then again I had to beg my mom to do it and it still didn’t work! Maybe my mom did something wrong but I clicked continue there was another site that took me to Safari so I had to ask my mom to put in the screen time code again but the site went off in about two milliseconds. Me and my mom probably did something wrong but if y’all can can you make it a little bit easier for people that have restrictions and can’t get to the Internet? Really great game I love it!!!!😁
I very strongly dislike this app
ChristyJane on 2022-01-17
I used the free version which is cool, the available themes are gorgeous. It's really pretty, but it's a pain in the butt trying to do 5 apps at a time and then having to download and set up the wallpaper yourself, and then having to move all your actual apps off the home screen to one further back or deleting them, and the worst for me is the 3 apps open each time I just want the 1. I click on my clock, and I get my safari browser opened, my shortcuts opened, and then FINALLY my clock. It takes more time than it should, and now I have 3 apps open for no reason, just draining battery. Not worth it in my opinion. Makes me sad though because it is really really pretty.
Not enough icons
Roowoo on 2022-01-17
I love all of the options as the designs are all unique and very aesthetic. But it’s not aesthetic at all when some apps can’t have icons because they aren’t available. I installed an icon set before realizing they don’t have icons for FaceTime or iTunes. I understand not having icons for random apps like games and such, but these are popular apps that come automatically downloaded to all phones. And unlike some other apps, there’s no way to just choose an app that hasn’t been paired with an extra icon. I chose this app over those others because it seems quicker to install. These apps don’t even show up when you search to pair them with icons. I wasted $10 on this.
Doesn’t really work..
Emmieeve12345678 on 2022-01-17
So, when I downloaded this I was really excited! So I want and picked out a widget. I picked a bunch of stuff like, kawaii, pastel, and stuff like that. I picked out my colors and I hit save and hit the ‘X’ button and, it said ‘Leave without saving? All changes will be lost.’ Evan though I hit the save button a bunch of times. And also a bunch of adds. And I picked out a wallpaper and it didn’t make my wallpaper the thing I wanted it to. But I just went to camera and it was there!! It won’t let me do any icons!!!!!!!!! Overall, this only deserves 2 stars. I hope you have a nice day and don’t waste your time like I did myself with this app.
Sarah99017349 on 2022-01-17
i really had high hopes for this. i PAID to be able to use the wall paper and icons (because you can only place 5 icons for free. so unless you only have 5 apps on your entire phone you will be spending money), spent an hour setting it up (because it doesn’t place the apps for you. it will just add them all after your regular apps) just for 2 days to pass and ALL of the icons don’t work. it is supposed to redirect you to that app but i’m not joking every single one says there is an error and doesn’t open. so now i’m out 10$ and have to go through everything again and replace all my apps and delete the shortcuts manually. DONT BUY IT!!!!!
Awesome App At A Reasonable Price
TreeHugger2 on 2022-01-17
I have had an iPhone for 10 years and this is the second app I have EVER purchased. Not only does it have so many different themes, wallpapers, widgets, and icons- you can customize them also! If the developers do read this, I just have one request, (and can not be the only one that would really like this)- if you could creat a way to save all of your favorites themes within the app- that would be AWESOME! There are so many I love- but then I “loose” them and have to search for them, then while searching I find another one I love, lol. Just a thought!
Here is what’s Free
BM12497 on 2022-01-17
What’s Free? 1. The App 2. Limited selection of wallpapers, (not a horrible selection) 3. Limited selection of app icons (also not a bad selection) 4. Limited selection of all encompassing themes. (Favors to select audiences but a decent selection). Here’s the catch. If you want all the different options you have to pay. No big deal. What really made me mad and caused this review is even the “free” app icons only let you change 5 icons for free. Anything after is money. It’s hard to make a Home Screen look good when only 5 of the apps match the theme.
Awful be careful
Joemo5 on 2022-01-17
This app is very easy to use BUT it took my Ability to scroll and swipe completely away and I had to delete everything and after I did I could swipe on my phone again will be finding a new app and never fall for an Instagram add again. Other than having to completely scrap my phone the icon were pretty but this app shouldn’t be available yet because of how god awful it was despite doing it all properly. If you dare to try make sure you dedicate your entire day to having to fix what it messes up.
Held back by iOS ecosystem
urmonatorgaming on 2022-01-17
A pretty, well functioning, full-of-potential app that is drastically held back by how iOS handles icons on your Home Screen. Not being able to REPLACE existing icons automatically makes this a complete waste of an app. Nobody has the time to delete and set up their home screen every time they want to make a visual change. Once you can hit apply and everything you already have set changes automatically… then this app will be a winner.
Not working
ARCRC2316 on 2022-01-17
I downloaded this app around October and once I change all my apps and use it for about a week and then I go to click to open something it tells me something’s wrong and it can’t open the app? This has continued to happened to me and I just would go to the original app and open it but that not what I downloaded this app for. I payed for the annual and honestly I don’t want this all anymore and I want my money back.

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