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Dec, 2021



Defeat all enemies and win!

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Obscene amount of Ads
DalexC on 2022-01-17
Stop forcing me to watch something to purchase, STOP BEGGING FOR MY MONEY! Those other reviews are LIARS!!! There is an obscene amount of ads. After EACH round there is a FULL 60 sec. ad, complete with FORCED sound and interaction. Game play is only 30-60 seconds anyway. There is no way that it is ok to be bombarded with constant forced ads asking consumers to purchase something. It seems like mostly Every minute of our day is marked with ads, in apps, as soon as we turn on our smart tvs, IG is launching full blown commercials, in our emails, spam calls to sell/steal. This needs to be stopped. Forcing ads onto us at this rate feels like we’re living in that Black Mirror episode !
Quick, simple game play, TONS of ads
Jus1tn on 2022-01-17
Game play itself is super quick, and you are able to get very powerful weapons like a railgun and a poison shooter after just a few levels, but the game has been engineered so that you have to be subjected to multiple ads before moving on to the next level. Want to increase your firing rate: ad Want to increase your firing power: ad Level up: ad Finished the level: ad Literally everything. Combine that with essentially the same level over and over again makes for a game that gets old real quick. I installed the game one evening , played up to level 70 something, got all the weapons and maxed out my character, but when the levels never changed, I deleted it the next day.
Game is fun but runs horribly
Luke Piazza on 2022-01-17
I have an iPhone 8, so not the most modern device ever but still one that works well for me. I downloaded this game and it was actually pretty fun. I wasn't too sure what upgrading your income did, but nonetheless the game was fun and it's pretty brainless. However, when I got to level 11, the game became unplayable as my phone was lagging and I would only see one frame every 5 seconds. I made sure nothing was running in the background, turned off wifi and data, and the game still ran poorly. It feels that the game isn't optimized as each entity is taking a lot of cpu usage. And when there's 300 entity's on screen, there is issues.
Great concept, terrible execution
cmesser2 on 2022-01-17
This game is pretty fun, but can be absolutely infuriating with the crashing. I hate ads in games, and don’t mind spending the $3 to get rid of them, so I did. To my surprise you still need to watch ads to get basically anything done in the game. I played this for approximately 35 minutes. In that time (after I paid for “no ads”), I had 2 ads freeze on me, not giving me the reward for watching, and 3 more times the game crashed at the end of watching an ad and still no reward. The game itself is alright if you can get past the fraudulent “no ads” purchase and the wasting of time watching ads that you paid not to watch…
One start reviews r fake
akward pig gamer on 2022-01-17
These people really be out here saying there’s 5 minutes of adds for 1 minute of play like each round is a minute and it lets you play at least 4 rounds without showing an ad. Have people never been on the internet before? There’s gonna be ads. That’s how algorithms work. They gotta make money somehow so stop complaining and start being thankful for your daddy buying you the new iPhone k? Some people don’t got that. With that being said this is a great game which my brother loves to play!
Good bones, but…
Alirien on 2022-01-17
The basic mechanics of the game are fine, but I, too, am struggling with the game’s performance. At seemingly random intervals, the frame rate completely drops, which affects gameplay and cause level failure. Then the app eventually crashes. This isn’t even an issue of “you need to update the app” because I had it for literally a day, and it crashed at least three times. The devs need to focus on smoothing and buffing the performance so it runs better on more devices.
Too many many many advertisements
nwinlax on 2022-01-17
I understand advertisements are the major income of the game developers. However, I am sick and tired of wasting my time on watching the advertisements from this game. No matter the level success or fail, advertisements after advertisements. Every upgrade involves mixtures of coins and advertisements. The bottom line, this developer wants us to pay $2.99 to buy this cheap graphic quality game. I rather save $2.99 for other well worth games.
Completely intolerable ads
Shilarra on 2022-01-17
The game seems cool. Unfortunately there really are several minutes of ads for each minute of play. You have to choose several options before each round and there are multiple ads after each choice. For some there is a paid option, and if you choose that you can get to the next choice without more ads. It really is ridiculous, though. It’s a shame, because the game itself seems fun.
Literal scam
PUT TRIALS BACK on 2022-01-17
Ok so this game forces you to watch ads if you want to upgrade even AFTER spending the 4 dollars to remove ads, it’s just that the ads are no longer forced, they are “optional” but it still forces you to watch ads to upgrade and there’s no way out of it. Even if you go in airplane mode or turn off cel service in settings it won’t let you upgrade if the button shows “free with ad”
VB1138 on 2022-01-17
This game could be fun. It was rather choppy for me, though, and since you need it to run smooth that’s not good. Oh, the adds! Not one, but TWO full 30 second adds PER LEVEL, with no way to cancel them, AT LEAST! You spend MASSIVELY more time watching adds than playing the game. I peeled my fingernails for 3 levels and deleted. Could be good but can’t stomach the cash grab.

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