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May, 2020


May, 2020



*** APPLE DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2017 *** Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager – with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design. HERE'S HOW THINGS WORKS If you're new to Things, this is the basic workflow: 1. Collect Your Thoughts Get things off your mind quickly with Things’ action extension – it lets you create to-dos from other apps. Or just talk to Siri on any device (“Remind me to...”) and import from Reminders. 2. Get Organized Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. For clarity, add structure with headings. Then group your projects by areas of responsibility, such as “Family”, “Work”, or “Health”. Review these regularly to stay on top of things. 3. Plan Your Time See your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time effectively. Create repeating to-dos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months – Things will remind you on the right day. 4. Make the Most of Your Day Every morning, grab a coffee and prepare your list for “Today”: review previously planned to-dos and make quick decisions on what to tackle. Pick some more steps from your projects and then get going. The Today list is the only place you’ll need to look for the rest of the day. 5. Customize Your Workflow Use tags to categorize your to-dos or add context. For example, tag places like “Office” or “Home”, or tag all your “Errands”, or everything you’re working on with “Kate”. You can easily find everything you’ve tagged via filtering or search. HERE'S WHY WE THINK YOU'LL LOVE THINGS 1. It stays out of your way. As you start using Things, you’ll quickly notice how seamlessly all the features fit together to give you an uncluttered, focused experience. There are no unnecessary frills. No pointless gimmicks or useless controls. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the app – it’s just you and your to-dos. 2. Everything revolves around your to-dos. In Things, each of your to-dos are special. In a list, they simply show a checkbox and the title of your to-do. But when you open them, they extend into a beautiful white piece of paper that’s ready to hold your thoughts. Additional details (checklists, tags, reminders, deadline) are nicely tucked away in the corner until you need them. 3. It’s got a touch of magic. Things removes friction in magical ways. Take the new Magic Plus Button that lets you insert to-dos at any place in a list – simply via drag and drop. Or the ease at which you can multi-select and operate on many to-dos at once. Or the natural language date parser: just type “tomorrow”, “in 4 days", or “next Wednesday", and it will jump to all the right conclusions. 4. It’s got all the power of iOS. Things is fully integrated with all the latest iOS technologies: Apple Watch, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Action Extension, Handoff, and Notifications. 5. And much more... Everyone's got their favorite feature, it's impossible to list them all. See what our users love about Things – visit our website at: WHAT’S NEW? This is a truly incredible update, with dozens of powerful new features. See the “What’s New” section below for a full list. THINGS FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES Get Things for Mac and iPad to enjoy the full power of Things across your devices (sold separately). The apps all stay updated via Things Cloud – the push sync service that we custom-built for Things. QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, or run into any trouble – please contact us. We provide world-class, professional support for Things, and we’ll be glad to help you.

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Don’t hesitate on this one
Dejasmiles on 2020-06-05
I have used a lot of productivity apps and trust me when I say this is the absolute best! I remember paying a lot of money for the iPhone and Mac app a couple of years ago but that’s how determined I was to organize my life. It took a lot of trial and error to learn the best way for me to use the features but the practice paid off! I accomplished 80% of my New Years resolutions, planned for trips and debt payoffs, accomplished big personal projects and I can’t forget about the ever important inbox. This app is so simple and intuitive but far reaching in its capabilities. As a disclaimer I will say it took me about a year with this app to reach the point where I can use it easily and successfully. A lot of it was learning to use the app, and a lot of it was practicing weekly planning period (even if I chose to use a different method). I kept searching for other apps that would make me want to use it more but once I realized this one was best for me I really dove into using it. My favorite feature is the whole reminder system - it keeps me on track with everything so I don’t have to remember so much!
::UPDATED 5-11-20:: Good but not Great. Still preform Appigo ToDo!
Jokarr on 2020-06-05
Still holding out for one main feature change. Move the REPEAT function to the main todo creation screen. Why this is buried is anyone’s guess. === Things continues to improve but still lacks one essential improvement...the repeat setting being buried inside the task creation. It should be front and center upon the creation or modification of a task, instead you’re forced to tap at least 4 (count it) 4 times to get to it!!! That’s simply crazy!!! Fix this and it’s my todo app of choice. Until then it’s saved on my iPhone for another day, unused. === Purchased all the apps; iPhone, iPad and Desktop and after using it since it's launch the verdict is still Appigo ToDo. There are a few tweaks, however, if made would place Things 3 in the lead with 5 Stars. 1. Master Task List sorted by due date/priority. 2. Enhanced color coding (list) of tasks. Since I've made the investment I'll stand by and continue to update my review based-upon feature enhancements and usability. I would love to give this app 5 STARS!
Big things missing.
Mr. Ekted on 2020-06-05
It’s good. Pretty. But, just good. No collaboration. None. You can share your things with people and it sends it in a big text. They also offer a sync option, that is free (for now), and if you wanna collabo, then you have to sign in to the same account on two devices. That is super lame and I know that things knows this, cause why else would you offer this weird sync thing for things? I really do like paying up front for an app. This is a good model. I am going to keep things installed and I will keep adding to this weird list thing that doesn’t seem to be helping me with planning out my giant honey-do list and collaborating on it with my amazing wife. I’m trying to bring her in on this thing, things. It’s just not working though. Maybe I’m using the wrong app for my needs and I get that. This app is pretty tho. Like reallly pretty. I just want to find it as useful as it is pretty. Crossing my fingers for some serious rethinkin’ on collaboration.
Fix this bug and Areas for Improvement
1PT8T on 2020-06-05
I’m using the latest release and The app is great overall. Use it everyday but a couple things bug me; nothing that a future update can’t fix. The bug 1. When adding a new “to-do” either via 3D Touch or within the app There are times when the app will freeze. I’ll put in a header than tap notes to begin typing and frozen....can’t even cancel or hit done. Must force quit app. 2. Also when this bug isn’t there it’s annoying that you can’t tap anywhere in the note box to begin have to tap on the grayed out Note text. Pain when you’re in a rush... Improve 1. Add the ability to choose recurring event when creating a new to do. You can only do it after you’ve created it. Such a pain especially when you select a folder or “project” that isn’t inbox. I then have to go find it and add the recurrence
Soooo much better than the reminders app
Bobbybob32134282 on 2020-06-05
They didn’t even ask me for a review, I felt compelled because it’s just a great app. This app makes organizing literally any personal project, ongoing or one-time, very easy. It’s simple yet customizable if/when/where I need. I have one “project” as a shopping list and one as a to-do list. Every time I think “wouldn’t it be great if this app did X”, X is always there and easy to do. Like the ability to repeat tasks on a custom interval, specifying whether that interval is regularly repeating or measured from the time of last completion. The latter is the default, which is usually good if you don’t care... but if you do care, the option is there, and it’s easy to do. It’s just little stuff like that. Take it from a software developer, getting those little things right is not easy
Enjoying it so far, great design
Duh reader on 2020-06-05
Lives up to the idea that a product is perfect not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. In this case, taking away is more about how things hides all unnecessary distractions away from the user to make the app experience both easy and comfortable. There's plenty of functionality built in though, it's just not all up in your face. My only gripe, which I might even change my mind on anyway, is that there isn't a way to speed add tasks (having the cursor jump back up to the input field after you hit enter). So far this seems like not a big issue, and I actually kinda like that feature being gone because it slows you down as a user and requires you to be a bit more mindful and intentional with your plans. Great app
Love this app! A few suggestions:
raus from da hood on 2020-06-05
Overall, love this app and use it everyday to manage my projects and ToDos for each project. A few things about the design (less about the functionality, although it’s certainly related) that have bothered me over the years of using it: - Tags on items only show up as little icons in the Today or Inbox views. I’d love for them to show up color-coded and titled on the views and not just when you open each item. - Titles of Projects show up under each item, but not which area. This is a problem for me because I have multiple projects titled “To Do” essentially for each project Area I have. I’d love for them to show up on each item in the Inbox or Today view as “Area Name - Project Name”
Simplistic and Powerful
Mrs. OIII on 2020-06-05
I love the Things app! I’ve kept it longer than any other productivity app, and the Apple Watch integration is a major part of it. The ability to grab tasks thrown at me and keep them is vital, as I often have a million take coming to me before I can write them down or organize them in my head, let alone remember them! While I like the ability to email my tasks, I wish I could just have the app on my PC, so options outside of Apple would be helpful. I’d also love if part of the view could incorporate the Eisenhower Matrix as a graphic organizer, maybe with the tags we already use within the app. I love this app! Well done!
Not Cross Platform
gpstl on 2020-06-05
Things is my favorite GTD app. It's second to none on the Apple ecosystem. But, the refusal to create cross platform apps for windows and Linux make it useless for someone that works across all platforms. The wonky workarounds like mail to things is just a goofy band aid in place of doing the actual dev work it takes to satisfy the needs of the users. Here's another $10 guys. I'm not going to use the app until it's practical for this use case. But take the money anyway. Hopefully you'll prioritize the MANY requests for cross platform versions of this app.
The best productivity app
DotPdf on 2020-06-05
Every year I try out a different GTD todo app. Maybe it’s because of a different user interface that intrigued me (Moleskin’s Actions) or the desire to try out the new default iOS reminders update. Each time I switch away from things I delete all my todos, the app and focus 100% on the new app. After a few weeks or months of testing I always make my way back to Things. Rather than spend my time explaining why, just try it for yourself. You’ll most likely just need to use it to realize why this is the best GTD app.

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