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Mar, 2021



Threads is a fast and easy way to update and stay up-to-date with your close friends. Focus on Close Friends - See messages, statuses and stories from close friends first. See Your Instagram Messages - You can chat with anyone on Instagram from Threads, even if they don't have Threads. Set a Status to Share What You're Up To - Create a status for only your close friends to see on Instagram and Threads. Create Video Notes - Automatically add captions to anything you say when you record a video. Send Photos Faster - Quickly send photos and videos to your close friends right from your camera. Choose Your Own Theme - Personalize the color of your app and icon.

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Not worth it please don't get
sir cir on 2021-04-13
So I downloaded this app because I noticed a feature that allowed you to "set your status" (gives you an emoji next to brief text describing your mood under your instagram profile picture) Thats when I decided to get the app. I loved it for a brief time before the chaos because of this one setting. This was also around the time the automatic captioning was popular too but I personally don't make tiktoks so it is kind of an irrelevant feature. Probably would be useful if you had deaf friends you wanted to send videos to without putting the captioning yourself. Anyways here's all the downsides: So they ask you to establish a close friends list and have the threads app work on that with messaging. It has 2 columns in the messaging part, close friends and everyone else. Now first off, notifications on instagram worked fine and dandy this only prioritized the people/groups you put in your close friends. It doesn't really matter though because you already get notifications from instagram itself. Not sure why they would add this feature. Next MAJOR issue was the notifications. Now the messaging part of it wasn't at all bad enough to uninstall but this was. Now when you download it you already know it asks you to input a close friends list. Once you get annoyed by texting the same people on different apps you try to delete the threads app and now my notifications for instagram for that close friends list is gone. It's like they route it to only notify you on threads and then once you uninstall threads it literally just doesn't notify you anymore. I've recommended 3 friends and they all complained about this exact thing. I'd reply/get replies hours later on messages just because the notification would not work at all. I know what you're thinking: just go into your settings and turn on notifications for instagram again. They are never turned off. I tried to turn them on in settings and then i tried to see if maybe they had just been muted on instagram itself. Nope. Just gone. Girl don't get this app the only redeeming features are little things you could definitely survive without and it's just a chore dealing with the whole notifications thing. I'm stuck with this god awful app. Oh before I get off here the actual one beneficial thing that comes from it is the calling feature. When you call your close friends it transfers you to a call within threads instead of instagram. So now you can switch accounts and scroll through your explore without being restricted to just one account. There is a bad thing about that though because it's on and off when it wants to switch you to the threads app. Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't, and when it doesn't youre just annoyed because you're stuck on one instagram account. No switching it or anything. and the threads app doesn't even have a call feature within DMS. you just completely rely on if it wants to transfer you or not. Sorry for this LONG review but hopefully by me being thorough itll help someone else out. P.S. If you fixed adding a call button in the actual threads DM and fixed that notification issue like asap maybe this app would be worth it. otherwise it's just a total pain in the neck dealing with this app day to day.
i’m not sure what this app aims to be
Viet Nguyen on 2021-04-13
I initially downloaded threads because it felt like a nice respite away from the toxic and addictive parts of instagram: - the feed - endless clicking through stories of people who i follow. i loved how it was centered around close friends, but now it seems like some of the “regular” friends aspect of instagram is creeping into it. was really bummed to see how stories were auto playing between users (i.e, i watch one persons story and suddenly it clicks to the next user). is it more convenient? sure, but it also slips back into the attention economy issue that plagues all social media. i’d rather be very intentional about whose stories i’m watching. would be nice to be able to customize threads: - have the option to hide ALL stories from non close friends - no message counters for non close friends - ability to choose whether stories automatically move to the next user.
Great app
Rubyrock811 on 2021-04-13
I really like this. This app pretty much is the messenger part of Instagram and you can still view stories. Which is perfect for me because sometimes I want to delete Instagram so I don’t scroll the hours away, but I still want to be able to message folks. 10/10 would recommend
Please add longer video auto captioning
lilvictorianboy on 2021-04-13
Please add auto captioning for longer videos, it is incredibly annoying to have to break my videos apart and put them back together. I’d give 5 stars if this were the case, because the captions work really well.
You don’t get the notifications from Instagram if you delete the app
sage or whateva on 2021-04-13
Since your dms are connected to the threads app, they don’t show up when you delete the app which is annoying because I had to delete it to make room on my phone but then I wouldn’t get notifications anymore
Fun statuses but switch apps
Kai Liana on 2021-04-13
I like to chat on the Instagram app but every time I click on the chat notif it takes me to threads, which is very annoying bc I do that on instinct. 2 stars for the fun statuses though
Can’t message anyone
biahhk on 2021-04-13
For some reason, none of my chats are loading. I’m still receiving notifications from the app, but when I open it, nothing loads except for people’s stories.
App is not working for me
amorsuic1da on 2021-04-13
The app is not recognizing any other language besides English. :/
i don’t get it
zoni1425 on 2021-04-13
why can it only record in 15 second chunks??
LEXI POOH #7 on 2021-04-13
Worx fine for me

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