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Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live events and makes it easy to buy, sell, and get in - so you can get on with making memories that last. We are the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. Add in our exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, and theater tours and shopping with Ticketmaster gives you unparalleled access to the most memorable live events worldwide. Ticket management at your fingertips. You’re always just a few clicks away from securing the perfect seats to the events you love. BUY SIMPLY - Search millions of events and get real-time updates as new listings go live. - Use interactive 3-D venue maps and see your seat view before you buy. CHANGE OF PLANS? - List your tickets on our trusted resale marketplace and sell to other fans. - Transfer your seats to friends and family for free. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCALPERS - Avoid forgeries “similar location” seats with Verified Tickets. The seats you buy the seats you’ll sit in and backed by our 100% guarantee. YOUR PHONE IS YOUR TICKET - Scan into your events with the app or upload your seats to Apple Wallet (mobile-entry events only). - See all your event info in one convenient place. NEVER MISS OUT ON AN EVENT - Get alerts about your favorite events, artists, and venues. Download the Ticketmaster app and go live. REACH OUT TO US Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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No longer doing printed tickets - must use broken app
GPS Review on 2022-10-06
I’m going to a concert next week (Oct 2022) and was planning to print out the tickets which I have done in the past. Then I get this email today which says: “ Your ticket is powered by Ticketmaster SafeTix™. It’s a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so tickets cannot be stolen or copied.” …“ Your ticket must be displayed on your phone. Screenshots and print outs will not be accepted.” I don’t think that’s a valid reason because it’s individual responsibility to make sure a ticket doesn’t get stolen. I think there are other reasons they want you to have the app installed on your phone. But I download the app so I can have my “tickets” ready for the show and right away I get this message: “ As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot.” So this broken app, which they are forcing the consumer to use to access our tickets, won’t even let me access my tickets because it thinks I’m a bot even though I just installed this app? The possible reasons are weird too: “ There are a few reasons this might happen: You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. You've disabled JavaScript in your web browser A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript is preventing JavaScript from running.” None of those apply to me.
Doesn’t work and has zero customer service support
seattle seattle on 2022-10-06
Truly the worst experience. Ticket appears on the website when I log on, but not in the app when I log in with the same account. The app has no options to contact anyone by phone or email or text or chat. So basically no customer service. Went through every FAQ, no help. Eventually located the web contact form. They sent an automated reply that they would get back to me in 24-48 hours. But the event is tonight… What am I supposed to do? This is a company that has a monopoly and acts accordingly. I wish I could give zero stars. Absolutely worthless. I wish I could boycott them but of course, they have a monopoly so we have no choice. And they know it. Absolutely pathetic.
Terrible app by an even worse company
Poopinmypantspants on 2022-10-06
If I wasn’t pinholed into using one ticket company for an event I wouldn’t go near ticketmaster with a 10 foot pole. Dishonest, rude customer service. Incredibly injust fees. Using the app at a concert? The $50 fees don’t even cover their services to list the openers and times. So it’s basically only an incredibly overpriced ticketing platform that gouges fans for everything because they know they can. I truly hope this company gets taken down because they scalp their own tickets and they should be sued for every stolen penny they have. I hope this terrible app goes down with them.
Terrible, awful, seriously how is this thing so useless?
rch-sf on 2022-10-06
Several times now I’ve had issues with either purchasing tickets or having one transferred to me from friends or whatever, but they simply do not show up in the app, at all. Usually, I’m able to grab them from my email and drop them in my Apple wallet, which is good for a workaround, but why is that necessary? And, importantly, it doesn’t always work anyway. Their contact phone number is always busy or no one answers, the contact is button on their website doesn’t work, and they aren’t responsive on Twitter. If you have another option, I’d avoid Ticket Master at all costs.
No help money thieves
Mama_stodds on 2022-10-06
I have had an event cancelled and they credit it back to the card you used even if you no longer have it. You’re left dealing with a mess. Sold tickets and they made me give them my tax information even though the sale was under 600 bucks because the Biden Admin are communists. I still haven’t gotten paid for the tickets I sold, so basically two sets of ppl paid for the same tickets and Ticketmaster is just hanging onto the money. Complete and utter trash for help. They make the help menu so difficult so that you will give up. I’d give 0 stars but you aren’t allowed.
Can’t Get My Tickets-JavaScript Error Message
Gmus1 on 2022-10-06
I purchased tickets in April for my favorite band, the show is tonight and I cannot download my tickets to my digital wallet because Live Nation and Ticketmaster both think I’m a bot because something is preventing JavaScript from running. I don’t have either of the plug-ins listed that can interfere and JavaScript is enabled and I just want to have a fun night out with my husband who bought these for my birthday because we have an eight month old and haven’t been out of the house without him without the other one staying home.
So many glitches
NYNYDANNY on 2022-10-06
Both the website and app are so chaotic and frustrating I would actually prefer waiting outside of Music store like the old days. The app thinks I’m a BOT?! Why bc all the brokers jump on and try to steal and mark up tixx instantly and keep kicking me out of buying tixx and give me a message that says “sorry, another fan beat you to it!” Their servers need to be amped up to supersonic speeds and protect from brokers trying to make money. I finally got my tixx but it literally kept saying that it thinks I’m a bot!
Scam app
jdhcbf on 2022-10-06
This app and Ticketmaster as a whole is a complete scam. It’s corporate grifting at its peak with hidden fees and over inflated ticket prices. Ticket master is complete and utter garbage. They resell tickets adding tons of fees when you buy or sell them. Not to mention they add price to the actual price of the ticket itself. It’s a company literally centered around scalping tickets. This practice is illegal if done on an individual level but ticket master gets away with it. Never using this trash company again.
Bank account charged without order going through
alinecfatina on 2022-10-06
It has been about 2 weeks that I’ve been trying to by 4 tickets for an upcoming concert and every time I tried that was an error message. I tried in a computer, on my phone, on my iPad, through the app, through the website. I tried every kind of possible payment and never went through. Even so, my account was charged by it and now I’m having a really hard time to get my money back. Very disappointed. I was able to get the tickets to stubhub only. Never using Ticketmaster again.
Ticketmaster has always been Trash.
Hadrian_M on 2022-10-06
App thinks I’m a bot because I “sign in too fast”. Won’t let me sign in. Totally useless. Stop trying to force users into turn on Java, cookies, and other scripts for your security issues. Let me use my username and password legitimately. I had to turn off Apple Private Relay to login. And then turned the feature back on for my protection. Ticketmaster is the technical issue here. Their lazy attempts to block scalpers punish their own customers.

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