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Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live events and makes it easy to buy, sell, and get in - so you can get on with making memories that last. We are the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. Add in our exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, and theater tours and shopping with Ticketmaster gives you unparalleled access to the most memorable live events worldwide. Ticket management at your fingertips. You’re always just a few clicks away from securing the perfect seats to the events you love. BUY SIMPLY - Search millions of events and get real-time updates as new listings go live. - Use interactive 3-D venue maps and see your seat view before you buy. CHANGE OF PLANS? - List your tickets on our trusted resale marketplace and sell to other fans. - Transfer your seats to friends and family for free. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCALPERS - Avoid forgeries “similar location” seats with Verified Tickets. The seats you buy the seats you’ll sit in and backed by our 100% guarantee. YOUR PHONE IS YOUR TICKET - Scan into your events with the app or upload your seats to Apple Wallet (mobile-entry events only). - See all your event info in one convenient place. NEVER MISS OUT ON AN EVENT - Get alerts about your favorite events, artists, and venues. Download the Ticketmaster app and go live. REACH OUT TO US Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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Awful experience, terrible customer service.
Alfredo4 on 2021-10-21
I purchased four tickets to an event for family and friends, and unfortunately two of them were unable to make it. “No problem, I’ll just sell them,” I thought. Enter Ticketmaster. After literally dozens of attempts to verify my account through email, I was continually met with “There was an unexpected error while processing your request. To continue, please try again.” And again. And again. And again. After days of this, I decided to call them. Of course, they’re “so glad we’re interested in seeing live events but are currently overwhelmed by the amount of callers,” which is strange because I was sent directly to voicemail with zero option to even be put on hold. Next, I tried the customer support page. After clicking link after link after link and navigating the maze that is FAQ, I was FINALLY able to contact customer support about my issue, only to be met days later with “Unfortunately we are not able to verify your account on your end, please try to clear your browsers history and cookies to try again.” Of course, this didn’t work, so now I’m down over $300 that I cannot afford to lose as I am a college student soon to be married, and every penny counts—these tickets were bought with the expectation of full reimbursement from family and friends, or the option to sell to strangers. Oh, I almost forgot the $200 in “fees” for four tickets. Don’t buy from this place. They do not care for their customers at all.
Unable to use my tickets due to website error
Milly1937562849671738573 on 2021-10-21
I buy two tickets for $120 but the day of the show I find out I’m unable to attend due to covid exposure so I list them for sale on Ticketmaster. An hour or two goes by and they don’t sell so I try to edit my listing to lower the price, I receive an error that says unable to edit listing. I try to cancel my listing but it says unable to cancel. I tried two different computers, different network, same error. I called Ticketmaster but get a recording saying their call center is closed, the recording gives their open times which informed me that they should have been open for another 4 hours. After multiple attempts to edit my listing, trying again hours later, and still receiving the errors, my tickets were left unusable because they were stuck as being for sale. I couldn’t even use them myself if I was able to attend because I couldn’t pull up the barcode or anything, they were stuck there, they just went to waste. Ticketmaster PLEASE fix this issue so others don’t loose their money like I did!
How to get seats you want
KimJongSkillz on 2021-10-21
Ticketmaster charges high fees but they rule the ticket world. Stubhub charges high fees to BOTH the buyer and the seller. My rules for last minute concert purchase 1. Look at StubHub. Get a sense for how many tickets are left and the going rate. 2. GO TO TICKETMASTER. Sometimes the ticket brokers get ahead of themselves. Are the same sections and rows available on Ticketmaster? If yes, go with better price. 3. If you are not sure where the seats are, start the purchase process and before you pay, the seat number will be displayed. If you are OK with those seats, buy the tickets. Otherwise, search again and select a different offer. 4. Never feel rushed. Take your time. I got got an aisle seat, 2nd row, to Led Zepplin cover band Get The Led Out! Show is later this week. I love this band! And I can now laugh at the StubHub sellers asking for $$$ for inferior seats!
Selling of tickets
Hshhhhhhahxrdruk on 2021-10-21
I sold my tickets over a month ago at this point for a pretty good sum of money. I reached out regarding the verification of my account as I never received the small deposits. I was never reached out to so I sent another request VIA their “contact us” button as this is their only form of customer service now. After three times requesting that someone just look at my case and provide me the funds that are rightfully mine I will be contacting the better business bureaus. It’s actually sad that I cannot even speak to someone who more than likely could help me very easily. But apparently they are sorry that all of their “customer service representatives are busy helping no one and cannot take calls at this time”. Will never buy or sell tickets with them again.
agustdxve on 2021-10-21
I was trying to get in line to get tickets and i even had a code and it NEVER worked. I had to wait for saturday which was the general release just for it to be sold out because ticketmaster apparently loves to sell them to scalpers just so they can resell them for a higher price like 1k-50k. Ticketmaster has an AWFUL customer service, they dont even answer and also blamed HYBE and BTS because of what happened. Ticketmaster acts like everything ran smoothly when it really didn't and apart from that, all seats weren't even out to the public like its supposed to be. Last but not least, ticketmaster didn't refund many peoples money because of concerts that never happened and they REFUSE to answer questions about it.
Horrible service
Gr#vity C3t on 2021-10-21
I purchased two tickets for an event next year and everything went through flawlessly I wanted to change the name on the account so my friend can go to the concert under his name (It was a gift intended for them) Ticket master deleted the order from “My tickets” then the order wouldn’t show up on any of the accounts (we tried different emails to sign in) There’s no easy to find phone number or an easy chat option to speak to a representative Trying to find the direct number was a nightmare and when purchasing the tickets a guest on their site it doesn’t have you create an account? If you’re not confused by now I need to know how
Heavy fees, low features
Alessa Gilllespie on 2021-10-21
I had to use this app because the box office was closed and it charges a massive fee per ticket. I am told this is normal, but since the app has a lot of problems it hurts even more. As for why it gets two stars here are my reasons: -If a transaction fails you cannot re-enter payment info and have to release your tickets and you might not get them back. -Attempts to manage tickets after a purchase prompt a sign in even though you are signed into the app. -The app does not help you find discounts or promo codes. -There is no guest checkout
Couldn’t purchase
slick dragger on 2021-10-21
I had seats in the SEC 205 and the app would not allow me to purchase although there was a counter clicking down in the upper right hand column I couldn’t click on anything that would allow me to pay. After timer counted to 0 I had to get back in line again only to find out no tickets were available. I’m sure all the ticket broker sites had no problem. What a scam. Real fans lose again and the brokers get rich. PATHETIC! I’m sure I’m wasting my time typing this review because nothing will change. You guys win again.
kayla edwards on 2021-10-21
I was trying to get tickets for the bts concert happening in November but all the app did was glitch and send me errors. I tried multiple times but it kept kicking me out of the queue and made me lose my spot. Now i don’t have tickets because they didn’t distribute the tickets well enough. I even had a code to buy tickets before everyone but they decided to give access to resells. So now fans can’t even buy tickets for there favorite artists because of them giving them away. Please run your business/app better.
Can't log in
andrewnmc on 2021-10-21
It's as simple as that: you can't use an app like this if you can't log in. I've updated it, deleted and re-downloaded it, tried cellular and WiFi. I can log in on the website just fine, both the full and mobile versions. So I don't know what's going on, but the app is busted. Update: Still can't log in. No way to reach support about it. The app just doesn't work. UPDATE: The latest update fixed whatever issue I was having! Yay! I can actually use the app again! Rating updated to reflect.

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