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Dec, 2021


Dec, 2021



TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day. We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more. ■ Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day. ■ Explore videos, just one scroll away Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between. ■ Pause recording multiple times in one video Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need. ■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired. ■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds. ■ Express yourself with creative effects Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level. ■ Edit your own videos Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app. ■ Obtain access to LIVE benefits to better interact with hosts! Choose from one-month subscription or auto-renewal subscription to enjoy special LIVE benefits (currently only available in limited regions) Note: If you subscribe via Apple, payment will be charged to App Store Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase. Monthly price: $5.99 USD (US, KW, OM, BH, DZ, IQ, JO, LB, LY, MA, MR, TN, YE, LA, MM, KH) / AED 20.99 / R$ 34.9 BRL / EGP 99.99 / £4.99 GBP / 20.99 QAR / 549 ₽ RUB / SR 24.99 SAR / ₺69,99 TRY Terms of Service — Privacy Policy — * Any feedback? Contact us at or tweet us @tiktok_us

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MiamiButterfly on 2022-01-21
I love this app, I do but I do hear a lot of talk about how to get views and follows and your content out there. What I tried to do is create all sorts of different type of stuff not just have like one niche and try to be part of a community and you know fellowship with love and you know acquaintances/friends and it just doesn’t seem to be happening and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong if anything or if it’s just not meant to be for me am I don’t necessarily wanna blow up and become TickTock famous but I just wanted to create that kind of community and I don’t know what I’m doing that’s lacking from creating a loving supportive community where you know when people are down I can reach out when I’m down they can reach out you know and we can all make each other laugh and you know so I just keep watching other peoples videos and try to stay positive and laughing and be a silence part of the community I guess compared to others.
I wish I could post videos again show mercy on me TickTock just like Mortal Kombat mercy
mckenz2000 on 2022-01-21
I wish I could post a Videos again but that’s OK I got Instagram to post videos live streams but it’s not the same is it TickTock video or a TickTock live stream so please let me back in in the game I don’t post things inappropriate I don’t talk about confidential subjects my followers are confidential subjects the things they talk about but I don’t talk about that stuff I just wanna have fun on TickTock so please I’m begging you with a purse with cherries and ice cream with a piece of cake can I please make videos again on TickTock
This app is great but..
Deserves 5 oscars!! 💖 on 2022-01-21
The thing about this app is when people try so hard to get famous using editing apps (CapCut, Video Star ex.) and can’t get passed 100 views, and I am one of those people. It’s unfair how other people like Charli are just dancing on tiktok and getting millions of views. I’m sure a lot of people agree with me. I would just like you to change how you work the “fyp” so that everyone can get a chance to be on it. Maybe you could make a “recommendation fyp” so that creators can see other creations they enjoy?
Great App But racist towards blacks
Scottesha on 2022-01-21
The apps great & helps you interact however the algorithm only caters to individual races! Blacks are shadow banned, banned, & only shown to other blacks on the app! The app has made it so black people only interact with one another & get minimal pay & views! Often times they won’t approve your identity so you can be paid! I’ve also noticed the only whites I see on black TikTok is when they’re doing something “ghetto” or imitating us blacks! I see why Trump wanted the app banned lol.
Shadow Banned
ThePrezJ on 2022-01-21
I would love for someone at Tik Tok to explain to me or help me understand WHY my content doesn’t get pushed out. My content is not dealing with race, hatred, money, or any of the other negative things people are getting millions of views on. My content is positive motivational words that have helped people on this platform. One lady didn’t kill herself because of a post I made!!
please change this.
donald trump pooped on 2022-01-21
Hello tiktok, last night I got the inbox update where you can have different category's for your notifications. I would like you to change it back please. I don’t like it, I wont get used to it, I rather just have all my notifications together and have a separate button for dms.
123345528374274627746 on 2022-01-21
I spent a lot of time on TikTok and it’s great, but they keep banning innocent accounts and there are really bad accounts that show animal abuse Nude and more. TikTok chooses to ignore it and I find that messed up.
Social Media Superpower
The Zealot67 on 2022-01-21
This is the BEST!!! Social Media Platform. I made fun of people that were on it B.C. (Before COVID) and now I am a Daily Contributor! I am shocked how fun it is and can’t believe it took me forever get on it!
Tik Tok
ddnxtc1 on 2022-01-21
These little blips of people’s life bring a little joy each day into our family!❤️my end to the day is Tik Tok 😘 some people no matter how good 😌 or bad in life it is ! We all need a friend ☮️❤️
al7iat on 2022-01-21
فضل برنامج على الاطلاق لا تحتاج للبحث عن محتوى تشاهده يعرض المحتوى بشكل عام وينظم اهتماماتك حسب ما يشد اهتمتمك وتتابعه سهل الاستخدام للكبار والصغار وفيه يمكنمراقبه متقدمة للقصر تستطيع تحديد

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