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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Tile Master - Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game is a challenging matching game. In the game, you need to blow your mind and match 3 numbers of blocks. When all tiles are matched, you can pass the current level! Our puzzle game includes large numbers of levels. Some levels might be hard. Challenge your mind and solve the puzzles, and then you will find them easy and exciting! Learn more about Tile Master - The new version of Tile Master with simple rules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs of identical fruits or butterfly tiles (choose three of same block), clear all the tiles, Win! Have a blast in Tile Master! - Have no time limit. Choose tiles into the box. Three of the same tile will be eliminated! Enjoy your time and train your brain in this match-3 puzzle game! - Complete different levels, unlock maps one by one. Let's travel around the exciting world with Tile Master!! Game features - 30+ styles of cute tiles: Fruit , Cakes , Animals , ... Each tile board is different and varies from one to the next! Change the styles day by day! - 20+ skins and themes: Beaches , Mountains , Sunset , ... Unlock by chapters! - Thousands of layouts and useful tips , undo , and powerful boosters ! - Challenge interesting levels, collect more stars unlock more world maps and enjoy your brain time! Start Tile Crush journey with Tile Master! Ready to play - Available to play on mobile and tablet devices! - Casual and easy gameplay, open your mind! - Connect all fruits and eliminate them! Enjoy this free puzzle board game! - Much harder level, unique tile sets. Challenge yourself! Try our free solitaire puzzle games and Play OFFLINE/FREE in any time, anywhere either Phone or tablet!

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Few problems
Great Speller on 2020-09-27
I enjoy this game. It seems a little slow-running at times, almost to the point of being choppy, but that’s kind of relaxing for me. I am having a problem getting rewards. The video feature is not working for me. I have the game on two devices, and that feature has chosen not to work on either device. It makes it hard to finish some levels when I can’t do the revive option. I also cannot get the Collect x2 to work. Not even the treasure chest in the corner. I just have to keep replaying the level until I pass the level. It’s early in the game so right now it does not bother me. I can definitely see down the road several levels where I’m going to wish I could have gotten those extra boosters.
Draconian, intrusive privacy policy
julia runk jones on 2020-09-27
They collect far more information than they need, and then share it with spammers. You must give them your phone number to sign up. I did and now get TEXT MESSAGES on an almost daily basis from the company. There is no way to stop them. You cannot contact the company (China). They collect name, billing address, gender, photo, networks, user IDs, list of friends (FB), etc etc. it goes on for a few paragraphs. The tipping point that made me delete the game was when they started sending almost daily text messages of ads and general useless information. Email I can understand; I consider text messages to be an intrusion into my privacy.
Needs to be challenging, not impossible.
kyguido on 2020-09-27
I love this game, but the higher you go the more ridiculous the challenge. And I use the word “challenge” lightly. I’m on level 19-23 and it’s impossible to win unless I use a ton of rewards to clear the tiles. The higher the level the more challenging it should be but it shouldn’t be impossible to figure it out or complete it. This game is an absolute blast to play and you’ve got a good thing going here, but I’m sadly ready to delete it if it’s only winnable if you have to use your rewards to match the tiles for you. That defeats the purpose of playing and figuring it out for yourself.
Frustrated at Level 19!!
Amie1900 on 2020-09-27
I love this game!! However, by Level 19, the games start to become impossible because the tiles are stacked right on top of each other so that strategizing turns into dumb luck. I always try each game several times before I resort to using my hard earned coins to buy my way through. Please send some games (even at the higher levels) that have lots of tiles that are visible, and a chance to figure out how to complete the puzzle. That’s what appealed to me in the first place, and it’s not as fun when it becomes simple guess work. Amie1900
Freezes Up
Grandma57112 on 2020-09-27
I love the game, but I hate the way it freezes up! I’m on level 21-437 so I’ve been putting up with it a very long time. All of a sudden I’ll go to watch an ad to earn a reward and all it says is “Ads Loading” except they are not! Also, when I have earned the right to open the treasure chest, again the watch-an-ad-feature to collect a double reward doesn’t work; it says: “ads loading” but they never do. Consequently, I’m about to stop playing the game! You need to fix the bugs, glitches, freezes, or whatever you want to call them!!!!!
Tile Master
Mrs Menew2020 on 2020-09-27
I have been playing this addictive game for several weeks. I even paid to have the ads removed! Since then I cannot get above the level I am on! The game freezes. It is constantly “ads loading”! I paid to remove the ads!! Plus I cannot revive a game I have to start over numerous times! Very aggravating to say the very least! I am not a happy customer! Update: 9/9/2020 Still very annoyed! Game locks up, downloading adds. I paid to remove the adds! Now I cannot play the game due to freezing!
Game problem
Dirtbikelady on 2020-09-27
I am having a problem with the game. When I watch the videos to gain rewards, I can’t get back to the game. It takes me to the App Store. Otherwise I love the game. I don’t want it to be impossible. I like it when there are possibilities to solve the patterns. It it gets too difficult, I usually delete the game. I don’t need any more anxiety, just entertainment.
Loved Tile Master Until...
Onerockinmama on 2020-09-27
This was a fun, relaxing game that was challenging yet not impossible. Then, around Level 6, it became necessary to use multiple powers during a game to complete a puzzle. I had already overlooked the MASSIVE amount of ads required to play for free. But, I won’t be spending any money to solve puzzles now. Level 6-59. And I’m out. It was fun while it lasted.
Fun, challenging game but ads always fail
chicago gamer on 2020-09-27
I do love the game because it’s mindless. However, frequently the ads end up failing and just spinning to download. The only way to get the game to move on is to close it and start again. Happens at least 3-5 times within an hour play time. Frustrating. Other games do not do this so it’s not my platform or WiFi. Please fix this issue.
Tile Master
Jodyfiona on 2020-09-27
This is a fun game but I have tracked the hints and things I’ve earned and they don’t always give me what it says I earned. This is frustrating. They make it so hard that you have to use hints and reconfigurations, so it would be nice to be able to earn more. It takes concentration, so good to take your mind off the news.

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