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Welcome to Tinder — you can be here for a good time, and a long time, too. With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the top free dating app, making it the place to meet new people. Whether you’re looking for love, need a date today, or just want to chat: We’ve got something for local singles everywhere, plus free features that give you the best dating experience possible. Like what? Glad you asked. - Whether you’re gay or bisexual, be proud of who you are with our Orientation feature - Prove you’re the real deal and verify your profile with Photo Verification - Find out what you’ve got in common with your potential match with Interests - Bring a plus one on all your dates for extra safety with Noonlight Take us with you on your travels whether you’re dating in Berlin or dating in Chicago — wherever you go, we’ll be there. Some people call us their most dependable matchmaker, some people call us the world’s most popular free dating app, but you can just call us when you want to meet up with singles. While you’re here — make a toast to the Tinder Gold™ life. Enjoy all of Tinder’s premium features with our top-tier subscription. - Likes You allows for you to see all your fans, saving you precious time - Unlimited Likes for you to catch feelings for as many people as you want - Rewind for you to undo your last Like or Nope - Use Passport to go anywhere in the world to find friends online outside your zip code - Boost your profile to the top for thirty minutes to get more attention - 5 Super Likes per day because sometimes you really, really Like someone There’s a plus side for those not ready to commit to a relationship with a Tinder Gold™ subscription. With a Tinder Plus® subscription, you’ll unlock features including Unlimited Likes, Passport, Rewind, Boost, and 5 Super Likes per day. Tinder Basics: Match. Chat. Date. That’s our mantra. It’s easy and fun to find people on Tinder. Make your profile stand out with your best pics and a little something about you to increase your match making potential. Swipe Right™ on a profile to Like someone, swipe left to pass. If someone Likes you back, It’s a Match! And, there’s no pressure: We invented the double opt-in which means two people have to show a mutual interest in order for there to be a match. How many dating apps can say that? Tinder is the biggest and flyest party in the world for singles — it’s about time you showed up. ----------------------------------- If you choose to purchase Tinder Plus® or Tinder Gold™, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Tinder Plus® subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Current Tinder Gold™ subscription price starts at $14.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase Tinder or Tinder Gold™, you can simply continue using Tinder for free. All photos are of models and used for illustrative purposes only.

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20 M, I love this app.
Chris_Sasaki on 2021-01-19
A bunch of likely millennial incels in these reviews keep complaining, I just wanna say I get a lot of matches for someone who’s typically swiping left, I was wondering whether platinum members would ever get the activity feed again— or like a filter setting for matches so I can prioritize matches who are within a certain distance (since I (use passport and travel a lot)— or maybe like the ability to star our likes so we can pre plan and prioritize people in our likes to spend super likes on so I can figure out if I have enough or should buy more. Top Picks algorithm should be fixed too btw, I keep getting rich suburban VSCO Pacsun/Brandy Melville blondes instead of the types I match with that I’m usually told get a lot of likes. I’d like to also say I hardly ever run into fake accounts, if I do I just report them & never see them again, you can always tell when it’s fake so I don’t see how that’s a big deal. Tinder isn’t magic, it can’t make a bunch of ppl appear out of thin air if you live in the limited suburbs, ofc it’d start to show you people more than an hour away. If seeing as much ppl as you want is a priority consider moving. Now before moving tho whatever is keeping you from being w someone such as your politics/views should be fixed, chances are you’re conservative, get out of that toxic demeaning bubble to learn respect & empathy MAYBE then girls can be attracted you. TINDER ISNT MAGIC it’s a platform to show you to others, you need to be enjoyable for others to consider investing into you. Tinder can’t force that attraction.
Never again
Kelsey0hahfntvqfarj on 2021-01-19
So I’ve had a lot of pretty good dates from Tinder and was getting about 15 matches and up to a few hundred likes a day. I paid for gold and thought it was great to see who had liked me. I would like to clear the cache so to speak to stay on top of the new likes I was getting. But since deleting then remaking an account and getting gold again (it was getting overwhelming), I got almost no matches, there are terrible profiles, literally not even anyone on the same level that I was getting on the previous account. Also the tab that I can see who liked me on glitches and doesn’t remove people I swiped left on. Also the app would crash and I wasn’t able to switch between apps anymore without have to reload tinder. I contacted “customer service” and wrote a specific email with specific questions and got back so lame automated response from “Susan”. Replied back re-describing and including photos and way more detail than necessary (sorta like this review, but hey I’m bored). It’s been a month and no response from Susan (thanks girl!)... So yeah this app is rigged.
kailanikcmz on 2021-01-19
Like some other comments I see I too was banned for no reason. I literally just opened my app and boom I was banned. Why? I messaged support and all they can say is “you violated our Terms of Use OR community guidelines”... or???? So y’all don’t even know why you banned me?! I’ve been using tinder for a while. I would tell all my friends and anyone else looking for a relationship to join because I found a great relationship on here that lasted 2 1/2 years but not anymore. If you’re just gonna randomly ban someone and not give a clear answer as to why, and not even let them try to appeal it then that’s not something I want to support or tell others to. I literally did nothing wrong and clearly neither have other people. Y’all need to get this straightened out because clearly your automated bots that check to make sure people are following your community guidelines is jacked up because it’s banning people for no reason. The least y’all could do is look into it and give people a more specific and concrete answer instead of having Sarah send me a copy and paste response.
I’d suggest bumble or anything else
Jon00193 on 2021-01-19
This app is glitchy, and full of spam. Not only that, but it essentially forces you to pay for premium. It does this by giving you 50+ matches, but no matter how many times you swipe yes on somebody, you will never find out who liked you. I almost feel like they give you fake matches just to keep you guessing and wonder - “When will I EVER see one of those people who swiped yes for me?” I’m not sure if it’s some terrible algorithm or if those people are mixed in the thousands of users in my locations or what, but at-least give the user some incentive to use the app. And if anyone thinks I’m unlucky or I’ve simply been swiping no on them, you can literally see the number of matches you have. After a days worth of scrolling, either me swiping yes OR no, I haven’t encountered one of those people, my number up top is still the same. Kinda sad
I hope developers read this asap/banning people for no reason??
Ash198724 on 2021-01-19
I was banned from tinder and I know I have not violated one single rule of theirs in their “terms and conditions” I went through and read throughly. I have had tinder for over 4 years. I have been very confused as to why I was banned but after reading a lot of reviews on here, it seems tinder is banning so many people for no reason. Absolutely ridiculous tinder, banning people for no explanation or reason and not to mention they will not allow you to dispute the ban. Once they ban you, that’s that. I hope this company goes under especially for banning people and not even giving us an option to get an explanation as to why, let us respond or rebuttal the ban. Horrible company. I will never support this platform and will never recommend this horrible company to anyone ever. I’d give zero stars if I could.
Glitch or Banned...?
SirAnnemarieTheThird on 2021-01-19
Here I am, just lookin for a mans, and one day I wake up and open tinder and I’m banned for violating terms of service...? I thought it’s a glitch cuz there’s no way I could be banned I’m just a 30 year old gal tryna get laid lol. So I try to think of my profile, my pics, my bio to try to think of what could’ve gotten me banned...nope! Nothing! I’m fully clothed in all pics, bio doesn’t even contain anything remotely rude, and I’ve never heard of getting banned for being too pretty but maybe I’m the first then. When I emailed them, they emailed back that there are no appeals and gave me no explanation. This is so weird cuz I’ve never violated terms of service of any app or website I’m too boring for that I’m just tryna get some like everyone else. Super fun experience :)
Ban for no reason
daddystars151 on 2021-01-19
I was thinking about starting a tinder to meet some people and was hesitant to create one and never finish the start up process. When I finally got decided to create one and get through process and put my number in and it said I was ban. I didn’t even get to create my account yet and it said I was ban. Apparently it’s not just me but a lot of other people went through a “ban for no reason” situation as well. I tried to search for a customer service line when the only thing they have as “customer service” is an email to contact you with one of their representatives just for them to not fix the problem, tell you basically the ban was just and will remain ban and not even review the issue. I tried a few times and it was always the same thing.
Banned Randomly For No Reason
VictorE20 on 2021-01-19
This app is run in a very shady way, recently woke up to see my account banned for no reason, followed all their guidelines and was always very respectful to anyone who I decided to msg on the app, and have never done anything to jeopardize safety of anyone I met off the app. There is zero customer service, zero communication nor an attempt to let a user know if they did anything wrong- the specifics of what they did. I would highly not recommend using this app, especially because they can just decide to ban your account without any explanation.
Don’t even try to spend money, you’ll get banned anyways
TimGivois on 2021-01-19
Don’t even try to spend money in this app. Eventually you’ll get wrongfully banned, you won’t be able to get a refund or even appeal the ban. Even if you don't break their terms and conditions, the system will ban you if someone says you are breaking them. You can’t appeal, you can’t ask for a human to review the ban. You can’t do anything. Try not to download the app or if you’ll do that don’t waste your money. I’ve been a platinum user (with a yearly subscription) and got banned and lost 200$.
S t o p
Cool dude Chris 5614…yeah on 2021-01-19
Please please please stop with the contact pop up notifications when i go to message someone. Im trying to text someone “hi” and tinder thinks its cute to send me a giant banner every single time that says “TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS” (even thought they already are on) and “INTERESTED IN FACE TO FACE?” and “SEE WHEN ___ ANSWERS” every time i go to click X on the notification covering half my screen i have to click it 100 times and end up embarrassingly putting hearts next to a bunch of messages

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