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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



You have always dreamed of flying - but your wings are tiny. Luckily the world is full of beautiful hills. Use the hills as jumps - slide down, flap your wings and fly! At least for a moment - until this annoying gravity brings you back down to earth. But the next hill is waiting for you already. Watch out for the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise flying will only be a dream once again. Tiny Wings was chosen as the iPhone Game of the Year in App Store Rewind 2011 in Europe and many other countries.
Thank you Apple and a big thank you to all Tiny Wings fans! Highlights:
 • simple "one button" (ok... maybe "one tap") arcade game about the dream of flying
 • the world is changing every day - so it does in this game! Procedural generated graphics will make "tiny wings" look different every day you play 
• Two game modes: "Day Trip" and "Flight School" • iPad only: Split screen multiplayer! • upgrade your nest by fulfilling tasks • Play as the mama bird or one of her four children • 30 hand-designed levels in the new "Flight School" mode • iCloud support (even syncs your game between the iPhone & iPad versions)

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Amazing Game!
clseabus on 2021-09-28
I’ve had this game for years and I always go back to it and play it. Controls and everything about it is great and a classic. I wish and hope they had abilities to customize your main bird (not the babies) and give him clothes and change his color and stuff. Also to add more levels and worlds to choose from on the main story (again not the babies lol) but that’s just extra stuff, still amazing!
Brings back good times.
Jakob Dimick on 2021-09-28
As a kid I had this game on my iPod, and I just found it a few days ago, and I have to say, it has definitely held up for all these years.I love this game, from the music to the art style to the gameplay itself! This is the best use of 2 bucks if you want some fun!
Everything about this game is amazing
adrie lilliette on 2021-09-28
I used to play this when I was a little kid on my dad’s iPod and I always was just fascinated with the colors and music and how cute this game is. I love it so much it’s totally worth it.
It’s still great!
Hjxhcjxu on 2021-09-28
I remember when I my brother introduced me to this game in I believe middle school. It was amazing then and years later is still amazing now.
What an app should be
Beef Wellington, 69 on 2021-09-28
It’s minimalist, it’s fun, you pay a small sum and it’s not ridden with ads. What more can you want?
Lordoftherings16 on 2021-09-28
I have been playing this game for years and I, in all sincerity, can say it is one of the best.
nostalgia, classic ios game :)
anonymous39r7239w87024 on 2021-09-28
this game makes me feel like a 6 year old again :’) still perfect after all these years
I love this game!
Kit -Cat on 2021-09-28
This game is amazing and thx for finally getting out some more levels :)
Always been amazing
GangstaCheesecake on 2021-09-28
This game is a childhood memory i’ll never forget

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