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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Create your own world and play out any story you like with Toca Life World. You’ll get all the fun of your other favorite Toca Life apps such as City, Vacation, Office, Hospital and more, all together in one place. INTRODUCING TOCA LIFE WORLD Want to give grandma a wild hairstyle? Bring a sloth to the Skate Park? Or just hang out with friends? If you thought it was fun to dive into a Toca Life app and do whatever you want then you were right. Anything is possible and the choices are all yours. Go even further by creating stories with your favorite characters in any location you want. Want to take a pet to School? Go for it. Take the doctor to the Salon and dye her hair green? Rock on. In Toca Life World you’re the boss and you create stories the way you want. WHY YOU’LL LOVE PLAYING TOCA LIFE WORLD​ FIRST 8 LOCATIONS & 39 CHARACTERS INCLUDED You can visit Bop City, a vibrant city area with 8 different locations for you to explore, like the hairdresser, the shopping mall and food court, or even an apartment. It’s a great place to start building your own World! KEEP THE TOCA LIFE APPS YOU ALREADY HAVE Are you already playing with apps in the Toca Life series? Great! When you download Toca Life World, we’ll help you bring all of that stuff into the mega-app. Then you can start mixing and matching locations and characters however you want. BUY NEW LOCATIONS AND CHARACTERS If you want more locations, that’s cool. Toca Life World has a shop where more than 50 locations, 300 characters, and 125 pets are available for purchase. With different prices from small to big, you can decide to add a little or a lot. We’ll always be updating with more locations, characters and crazy things to do. GIFTS EVERY WEEK Guess what? You don’t need to make purchases in the shop to get new items to add to your world. Check back every week to get exclusive surprise gifts! About Us: At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Definitely Recommend
Turtle0604EBPG on 2020-07-13
There are a lot of things I love about Toca Life: World. The gameplay itself is very smooth and cleverly designed, so that even my 5 y/o cousin can navigate through it with ease. It provides a virtual dollhouse-like space for kids (and adults too, the game isn’t babied down to that point) to let their imagination run wild. The game gives you a lot for free, and honestly, everyone complaining about prices is just upset that they can’t get everything they want for free. But the game actually offers every ‘additional’ location for a low price, so the user can pick and choose what they want on their world, and spend less than they’d have to if they bought all the other games. Plus, anyone who’s purchased the other Life games can simply upload their data to Toca Life: World and have everything they bought in the other games, in World, for free! For the amount of free stuff they give you, and the fact that you can merge the other apps, I think the prices are perfectly reasonable, and would 100% pay again. Something I love so much about this game is the diversity and availability for it. The characters it provides are diverse and it’s wonderful: there are characters with vitiligo, characters of all skin colors, all ages; characters with piercings, tattoos, and crazy hairstyles; pregnant characters, sick / bald characters; there are characters with prosthetic limbs and hearing aids, and wheelchairs are available at pretty much every location; every kid can find themselves within this app, which is so important to me, and it’s something not a lot of companies can say about their products or apps. Plus, there’s a character creator— it comes for free, the in-app purchase simply lets you buy more characters to create— allows kids to customize their character, from skin color, to size, to birthmarks and prosthetics, and more. Plus, it still has the diversity of imagination which kids enjoy. There are ‘non-human’ characters in the game like the Abominable Snow Monster (but in a cute doll form, of course), little pets galore, these awesome little things called ‘Prumpets’ which you can find hidden all over different places like ‘Easter eggs,’ and more. Toca offers an unbiased world filled with opportunities for kids to not just let their imagination run wild, but for them to learn a little bit, too; my cousin learned all about how money really worked in stores from the app, as my very surprised aunt was surprised to find out, when he came up to her with a dollar bill (who knows where he’d found it) and asked her to ‘give it to the lady with the ringing box at the store’ to ‘get him some ice cream, please.’ The game offers different buildings which mimic real life places in an easy way for kids to understand, which I can appreciate. In the end I definitely recommend this app. They are constantly updating and improving it, and any bugs that I’ve seen so far have been fixed within the next update (so about a week). They’re currently adding much more customization options, like the ability to create your own houses from scratch; and they’re adding new places and characters every day. One thing I, personally, really like about the game is that it has a lot of fun secrets. Exploring every location and tapping or moving around items might reveal a secret Prumpet living in the wall, a diamond hiding in the vents, or even a sloth of some sort just chilling wherever. I really love this game and it’s such a relief to be able to simply get an app to let kids play, instead of having to buy all these expensive dollhouses and dolls, if I’m being perfectly honest; because the kids are even happier with this game than they were with Barbies in any case. After all, the game is made with kids’ ideas in mind— you can do everything from turn on and off lights, to feeding your characters food and drink, to changing their clothes, hats, and glasses.
Citty_lover_123 on 2020-07-13
So here’s the thing. This game was super great until it started to reboot what I had done. That’s cool and all until I got the neighborhood version too and I was decorating and then it would all disappear. I would have to go all over Toca world just to get back the things I needed to make it look the same. And every time I got close to finishing it just rebooted again. Another issue I find is that you can’t customize the babies in the hospital or get more of them. I think that weird. Also I believe that there should be more blanket swaddle things for those babies and things like cribs and highchairs for all of the houses. Now let’s step on the newest addition the home designer. That must be the most upsetting when it comes to the rebooting. Every time it reboots it erases the design i come up with for the house not to mention that the house is to small so I have to cram shelves in there like there is no tomorrow and then it looks like a mess. And the way the furniture is set is no help. Also I think that something fun to have would be doors that lead places inside homes like a house could have a door on the back wall that leads to a backyard or something. I also think that something cool to add would somehow be vehicles like cars and you have a navigation system which will give the map. I also think that there should be a multiplayer option because it gets boring being by yourself. Finally I think that there should be a way to give characters tattoos and earrings. Sorry for ranting but I used at least $30 on this game and it makes me so so so upset when it reboots what I have been gathering all day just to really start the gameplay.
Best game ever...but...
gracie137 on 2020-07-13
I love this game. I used to just play the single games by themselves, but lately (within the past year) I have gotten this game which I find to be an amazing combination of the singles. I’m a teen and I still find time to play this game. The one thing that I HATE(and I rarely hate anything mind) is that every other month, this game will crash and in the process deletes all of my progress, which I HATE because my stories are quite complex and take much time to set up. I get that you guys are busy with your however many other games that you have going on, but I have noticed a lot of other people complaining about this issue, so if you could PLEASE fix this issue I would give this game an infinite amount of stars. Pls fix this issue!! Also, I love the updates that you guys have done lately, but I have a few suggestions. 1: Could you make it so that we get gifts from the post office more often than once every week because it gets rly annoying that i only get a gift once a week. 2: Could there be an option so that we can customize clothes like characters? 3: In the “build your own house and interior” option, there is only one option of a house to make. Could you up that number by at least 3? That’s all for now! I love this game but I NEED you to fix the crashing issue because the game is becoming increasingly less and less fun as it crashes. I have had it crash at least 10 times already. Argh!!!!!!!! Pls!!
This is an amazing game!
123SGW on 2020-07-13
This game is amazing It’s really cool how you are able to create your own world and act it out. ThereAre a few suggestions I would love to make though. First of all is all 3 of my kids are foster kidsThey have come to me saying that they would want to see an orphanage or something to that aspect added to the game. Second my kids have also told me how cool they think it would be if you could transport your characters in cars around the world. Third my kidsHave said that they thought it would be really cool if they could like play with their siblings and friends.My kids have asked me multiple times to ask” Toca Boca” to make it so they could play together on different devices. Fourth I think it would be really cool if you could choose your height when you were making a character. For instance when you’re creating a character there are only three heights you can have a kid a teenager adult and an old person which is the same height as a teen.These are just some suggestions that me and my kids think would be really cool for the game and would make the game better. This game is absolutely incredible and you should totally get it because it teaches kids about the world and what they can be and your kids will have tons of fun with it. I Absolutely love it!!! Great job
I have a suggestion and a question
clawdeenqueen1203 on 2020-07-13
@Medhorn, Hi medhorn you said items go missing or return to there original place in the game! Go to settings and click toca world, see if Force reset is on then turn it off. I had that problem too but if it is on that is why, I hope you found this helpful. Hi I want to start off by saying I love toca boca and if I could I would get all the apps for toca world but my tablet is very limited so I was thinking you can put like toca coins in the game and when people find them They can use them in the shop and get new everything! This is for parents that are unsure if this game is appropriate for there child: toca boca is a game where children can interact with items and characters in the game there is no nude or bad language I t’s a fun game your kid will like, I want to thank toca boca for keeping me busy . Now here is my question, can we write our own story and how? I like to watch the mix on toca and I have a couple of stories myself. Thank you I love this game all I have to do is get different apps and BOOM it’s there.
147 IQ on 2020-07-13
I love this game and I finally found the reset button it is great but I would like for there to be more secrets in the new locations because that’s one of the things that makes this game exciting for people who aren’t usually into this kind of game (like me) I would really like this and I have a few problems with the glitches like sometimes it won’t let me see the news or no matter what location I’m in when I leave the building I’m at the floople area other than that this game is amazing! I totally recommend it for people who don’t like action games and if you do like action games (like me) you might want to try it out because If u like puzzle games or action games this is an ok choice if you are a hard core gamer (like me) in need of some game to play to calm you down or to get into another kind of game then I recommend this. It’s a pretty good game that is good for people other than 5 year olds if you are creative with it. Sincerely, A satisfied gamer
please listen :)
#IveSeenIt on 2020-07-13
So I love this game so much it’s so fun!! But this thing keeps happening to me, like I’ll put a bunch of outfits in one place and they’ll just disappear once I leave the location, sometimes I find it in the dump place and sometimes it’s nowhere to be found, not even in its original place. That also happens with other things not just clothes. Also sometimes when I leave a character their clothes will change into the default white t shirt and pants. Other then that the game is SUPER fun!! I love it so much :) Oh so I have some world ideas and fun suggestions! -Option to change weather(like clear, rainy, thunderstorm) -Make a world that’s a CONCERT! -An updated high school(maybe like the one from Victorious) - Customized clothes just like how we can customize characters and houses - Library(that would be on a rainy day like the after school world) Thanks for reading this whole thing
Love it but.......
Melessa123 on 2020-07-13
Now don’t get me wrong this app is amazing but there is some things I don’t like and some bugs to complain about now let’s start off by saying why can’t everything be free for the people who can’t afford the locations I had to ask my mom for more than three Apple gift cards to get all the locations to have fun and play now for the bugs i don’t know if this happened to anyone else but sometimes when I want to make a character in the character creator it doesn’t show up and sometimes when I get an item from a different location and leave for something else I look and it’s not there anymore and just restarts but I hope the creators of this app can fix the bugs and make their locations be free beachside I am tired of asking my mom for money to get all the locations I have all of them now but I wish they were free to spend my moms money
Help me with THIS PLEASE
devinpiper on 2020-07-13
OMG this game was my FAVORITE GAME BUT AFTER WHAT JUST HAPPEN TO ME MADE ME HATE THIS GAME!!!! first thing first i wrote to toca sooo much for them to try and change it so that things don’t randomly disappear because that makes it really hard to play but when i was getting all the clothes and other things i lost it sent me out of the game so I joined back into then game BUT IT RESTED THE WHOLE GAME DON’T PLAY UNLESS YOU LIKE TO GET MAD OR STRESSED ABOUT ALL THIS CRAP. please fix because I really don’t want to start playing a new game please and thank you! this was my favorite game! but after a update or something it keeps getting ride of things i used in my house or like clothes it makes it hard to play when all my THINGS DISAPPEAR PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!
I am seeing something that needs to be fixed..
Gamer Kitty >w< anime on 2020-07-13
I love the game and I have been playing it for about a year but now, the game resets and it makes me super angry . I love playing games on my phone but this is very frustrating. hope you understand that I like playing games like this but I think you need to find a solution for the “ reset” problem. I also think that maybe a multiplayer option will be good so I can play with my friends. It will make the game more fun and it would get more people to play it! I also think there should be a zoo in the game. I love animals and it would make me happy if you put a zoo!! Thank you so much for looking at my ideas! Sorry that is a bit long but these tree are my top ideas I have for the game and how I think it would make it better!!!

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