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Dec, 2021


Dec, 2021



Your pocket app for removing unwanted stuff from photos on the go. It gives your photos a clean look while saving you valuable time. An accidental object, even though it may look tiny and harmless, can completely ruin the entire composition of a photo and make it worthless. However, it’s not a pain if you have your favorite TouchRetouch at hand. Here at ADVA Soft, we never stop creating. We are constantly developing new technologies and features to improve TouchRetouch both functionally and visually. The most recent additions, such as the mesh removal feature, new algorithm for edge-aware object removal, and a few more great new things, reflect the needs expressed by you and reveal our appreciation of your loyalty. Below you'll find more details on what features TouchRetouch has to offer. ADVANTAGES: • No subscriptions, ads, and in-app purchases • No personal information requests • No quality and EXIF data loss • Professional photo edits with ease NOTE The automatic object removal algorithm works best on uniform backgrounds. What magic can you do with TouchRetouch? • Remove wires, power lines, and other linear objects • Eliminate objects like street signs, trash cans, stop lights • Get rid of meshes in the foreground • Remove background people • Erase pimples, skin blemishes, and wrinkles in the most natural way • Clean up travel photos • Remove text from Instagram and Snapchat posts • Restore old photos How will you create magic in your photos? SINGLE-TOUCH RETOUCH The app works great for quick retouches. Make minor imperfections disappear just by marking them. It takes seconds for the app to remove small details that ruin your photos. If the task is to erase a line from your pic, mark only a section of the line or just tap it to remove it completely; no need to be precise — the app will find the line! In the manual retouch mode, all lines have control points, thus giving you more control and flexibility over adjusting curved segments. OBJECT REMOVAL LIKE MAGIC The app declutters your images in a matter of seconds. That could either be people or other background details you may need to erase. Use automatic content removal with the Brush tool or, when the result is not that perfect, manual retouching with the Clone Stamp tool to repair a photo. AUTOMATIC MESH DETECTION AND REMOVAL If you think that "getting past the mesh netting" is quite a challenging task, you probably haven’t tried using TouchRetouch yet. The app offers a way to deal with the problem in two simple steps. Select the tool from the main menu and tap the Go button to have the mesh removed just like magic. The whole detection and selection work between these two steps is done by the algorithm; no action is required on your part. HELPFUL TUTORIALS Check out the in-app tutorials and play around a bit with the app to learn how to get the most out of it. Little effort and experience are needed to become a pro in using TouchRetouch. The interface and layout are clear and intuitive enough to make you feel comfortable the very first time you use it. Download TouchRetouch now to harness photo magic from your pocket. TouchRetouch is brought to you by ADVA Soft — a team of like-minded professionals and enthusiastic innovators committed to designing intelligent yet simple apps that create magic in your photos and save you time. Visit our website at to learn more about the company and the apps it develops. For any assistance with TouchRetouch, contact ADVA Soft Support at [email protected] We welcome all your inquiries, comments, and suggestions about the app. Love TouchRetouch? Would you like to join our huge community of beta testers already involved in helping us make our products better? Let us know by sending your feedback at [email protected]

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Updated Review: the New Version
girlfromthemountains on 2022-01-21
I have to say that I am super impressed with the developer response. You can tell they truly care about the users of their app. After following their suggestions I am happy to report that my user experience with the new version has greatly improved. Personally, I am still not in need of the mesh removal but I am sure there are those who find it useful. Retouch is definitely going to stay in its place as a go to editing app on my phone. I thank the developers for their attention and help. My Original Review: … please, please please. This app used to be amazing. I truly relied on it for every day editing. Now however it has tools that just don’t make sense. Who needs to remove mesh over covering a blemish. Really?!? I hate to leave negative reviews as I know how hard you have worked on the update- however, this one was a fail. Please bring the app back to what it was. You had an amazing product already. Developer Response: ‘We are so sorry to hear you didn't like the update. If you mean here you are missing the Quick Repair tools, we want to assure you that we didn't remove them.They are still in the app. Now Brush under Objects can function either as the Quick Brush/Blemish Remover or as the standard Object Removal tool depending on the active retouching mode (AUTO or MAN). If you want to use the Brush tool as the Quick Brush or Blemish Remover, go to the AUTO Retouch mode (tap the AUTO/MAN button in the lower-right corner of the screen to turn on the AUTO mode) and tap any tiny item with it — it will get removed; you could also remove bigger items by selecting them. Please let us know by email whether that makes sense."
This Update Is Not So Hot
Vintar on 2022-01-21
Sorry, I know you guys think you really improved this app, but I used this almost every day, and the performance now is so disappointing. The previous quick fix option is gone and now we have only “object,” but I can’t perform simple fixes. Things I used to remove immediately with one try are now no longer easy to change at all, the program is somehow too sensitive, too “smart,” bringing in colors and textures from all over the picture when I simply want to erase something. I can’t stress enough how much more difficult it is to use this app. What used to be one quick erasure now is a struggle, and I have to keep trying again and again to just get it to erase something without replacing it with bits and pieces of other objects. I mean, it’s shocking to me how much less effective this is. Unless things change I will have to find another app.
Not real impressed
Zanesworld1 on 2022-01-21
First- after I PAID for this app, I came across an app with the same name fir free . Idk if it is in fact the same, but it would have at least been nice to see it first. Second, it seams the tools are a little primitive - they aren’t as good as the old ‘photoshop fix’ tools and the tutorials on tool functionality read more like ‘hacks’ than instructions I.e. it suggest to just ‘mirror’ half a bridge obstructed by objects. Personally, I don’t find value in creating fake pictures and don’t Appreciate that answer as a solution. With all that said, I’m an optimist- so I will continue to play around with the app (at least because I bought it already) and think I will eventually find its advantages . When and if I do, I will update this review and list my findings.
Better Than Ever - A Bulletproof App
America's App Advisor on 2022-01-21
QUICK INFO: I’M GLAD YOU NOW KNOW THE RECENT UPDATE WAS ‘OFF’ The 5-Star App I once knew is back and better than it's ever been! This App is like having a magic wand on-hand as you edit ... to those reviewers stating their photos were ruined by this application, I say; the application is a tool. And in the hands of one who knows how to use the tool properly, great things can be accomplished. There are some who do not take the time to learn, practice and then use the tool properly. To the Developer, thank you for the update - perhaps in the future avoiding a lengthy gap between updates would please your customers a bit more. Highest Recommendation!!
Simple, useful, non-intrusive. 5/5 bananas.
theBleuWolf on 2022-01-21
What more can I say that hasn’t been said about an app before? I love that it doesn’t have intrusive ads that disrupt the experience. I love that it has a simple, intuitive UI - It’s all streamlined very well. But what I respect the most is the transparency about their privacy policy on the App Store. When something like that is so surprising to see, it sort of says something about developers and publishers alike today. This, and the fact they actually list new changes/fixes with every update here. Lord chungus christ, somebody deserves a raise for that much more work alone. Heres some bananas for your effort 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Charles Gerasimek on 2022-01-21
I have had this app for years, I love it. We were at Universal Studios taking pictures last year. Later on when I looked at the pics I was shocked to see my mask hanging off my ear and my husbands black mask shoved on his neck. I wish you could how bad it looked. R touch to the rescue. It looks great. Thank you Retouch for not ripping me off with this subscription based service.
Absolutely LOVE TouchRetouch!
BAR112 on 2022-01-21
This has always been my go-to app for removing unwanted items in my photos. I use it multiple times per day. I did suspect something odd was going on with the previous update; leave it to this excellent developer to explain and fix things. Looking forward to what's in store! Highly recommend TouchRetouch for all your digital needs!
Absolute no
Fold hair jcfjrksjsjckfkdkdkc on 2022-01-21
Right when I downloaded this silly app when it on Tik tok I got charges to my bank immediately of $4.25, then $9.99, $9.99, $12.74, 5.00, $6.25 all within 1 minute. I was so confused so I deleted the app and it STOPPED, I’m not sure if it was the app or something else but I mean… Proceed with caution
Joyalam on 2022-01-21
This app was awesome before its resent updates. Now it’s amazing! This update takes this app next level. I apologize for my previous review. Because I didn’t understand the app very well after it’s updated. I can say this app is the best in the market place of its kind. Thanks for this amazing app!
Suddenly won’t save any photos? App is now useless
Maria5589 on 2022-01-21
I’ve used this app for at least a few years now and suddenly, any time I try to save a photo, it says “photo not saved”. This glitch or whatever it is makes the app completely and entirely useless and I’m really bummed about it. If someone could reach out and offer a fix, that’d be fantastic.

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