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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



“…there's no easier way to remove unwanted items from your images...” — The Guardian “It's in my Top 5 "must have" photo apps.” — Michał Koralewski, Photographer of the Year 2015, IPPAwards “TouchRetouch is a terrific ‘remover’.” — Life In LoFi TouchRetouch is an app that offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from your iPhone photos. What magic can you do with TouchRetouch? • Remove telephone wires and posts, power lines • Remove surface breaks and scratches — both straight and curved • Remove photobombers • Remove pimples and skin blemishes • Remove human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans • Remove whatever you feel is spoiling your photos ONE-TOUCH FIXES Make unwanted objects vanish right before your eyes by just marking them. With Blemish Remover, you can touch any minor blemish once to remove it forever. SINGLE-FLICK LINE REMOVAL — INNOVATIVE FEATURE Mark only a section of a line to remove it whole; no need to be precise — the app will find the line. If you need to erase only a part of a line, use Segment Remover. Set Line Thickness to Thin, Medium, or Thick for better performance. EASY-TO-USE RETOUCHING Eliminate distractions from photos with the Object Removal tool — select either Brush or Lasso, mark the content to be removed, and then tap the Go button. Remove defects or duplicate objects by using the Clone Stamp tool. Adjust Stamp Size, Hardness, and Opacity as desired. Use Eraser to wipe out what has just been cloned. Set Eraser Size, Hardness, and Opacity as needed. EASY-TO-FOLLOW TUTORIALS Watch the in-app video tutorials for guidelines on how to use the app. Read some tips and advice on how to get more out of the tools the app offers. Download TouchRetouch now and have a bit of magic in your pocket. TouchRetouch is brought to you by ADVA Soft — a developer of Handy Photo and AntiCrop. We are doing our utmost to create apps that would positively affect your photo-editing experience. Visit ADVA Soft website at to learn more about the company and the apps it develops. For any assistance with TouchRetouch, contact ADVA Soft Support at [email protected] We welcome all your inquiries, comments, or suggestions about the app. Love TouchRetouch? Would you like to become our beta tester and help us beta-test the app? Let us know by sending your feedback at [email protected]

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When Ineptness Meets A Good App
unidyn on 2020-04-09
It’s sad to see negative comments that blame this app for not working as they hoped. I’ve used this app for almost three years and it does work very well. When you choose an object to remove and it is surrounded with similar background this app works beautifully. There are scenarios where an object to be removed borders two or more dissimilar backgrounds and this is a problem for any removal program I’ve encountered because it relies on surrounding pixels to replace the object. It stands to reason if you have multiple backgrounds around the object you want to remove you will see them in the replacement. I have worked at spending time with problem scenarios like this and had pretty good outcomes but we’re talking patience, trial & error, and maybe up to 30 minutes to get there. If you’re lazy and can’t be bothered to work through tough removal situations don’t blame the app. Have a chair on the beach you need to remove? Easy and 100% effective because the sand around the chair fills in for a perfect cover. If you want to remove a guitar next to a person you can, but if the person is wearing the guitar, this app, or any other, can not do that and replace the body where it didn’t exist before, nor can it avoid filling in without adding whatever is around the guitar. And lastly, people fail to get a result when they’re heavy-handed and get poor results. Reasonable people see that some tasks require more finesse and patience to get good results. This app succeeds well at its claim. It’s a tool as good as the user’s ability and judgement at what’s reasonable to accomplish. For every 10 pictures you edit you’ll be amazed with at least 7-8 of them where as 2-3 may be unhelp-able because of the photo’s surroundings. I give it an enthusiastic 5 stars for the dozens of photos it turned from mediocre to unbelievably great because of what it reasonable CAN do.
Does an exceptional job for a few bucks, but
iphonereviewer#2 on 2020-04-09
I’ve used this app for over a year. It removed power lines, unwanted people, stupid stuff you didn’t notice when taking a pic, and just about anything that you don’t want to appear in your finished photo. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because if you launch the program, clean a photo up, save it back to your library, then return to the home screen of the app, then take another photo and want to clean it up, the app doesn’t reload your photo library content so it won’t offer to edit the new photo without force-quitting this app . If there is a way to make the new library content appear without a force-quit I can’t find it. I wish the developer would add a button – or make this feature more obvious – so I didn’t have to resort to force-quitting.
natemm18 on 2020-04-09
DO NOT GET THIS APP. It doesn’t make photos look normal when objects are removed. It doesn’t even fit in with background or objects near/behind. For example ( when stuck is removed from grass it will not make it look like grass. When stick is removed from grass it would be a weird green that does not take grass color or shape. It would look smooth and ruin the photo.) in some cases this app does work but rarely it ever does. I would recommend not getting this app. It would be a waste of money. Even though it isn’t that much money don’t get it. You might be wondering if this is a computer person but it’s not it is a real person trying to help you save money before you waste it on a app that doesn’t even work!
This app is easy but...
Proud SDA on 2020-04-09
I really like this app and how easy it is, but if you don’t shade the object correctly, it messes up the lines. So you have to be precise or even sometimes touch the next object so when it gets removed that part doesn’t look distorted. Just wish they would fix that part so when you remove the object that part of my pic looks seamless. Otherwise I would give this 5 stars just for that reason, other than that this app is great!
layla ❤️❤️ on 2020-04-09
It’s a great app, definitely worth the money. It doesn’t work on some photos, especially very detailed ones, but that’s because the app doesn’t know exactly what the rest of the photo looks like. The app takes other parts of the photo and covers the parts you don’t want. Overall, the app is good for small fixes, but erasing an entire car, or wall would be difficult. Great app, I definitely recommend.
This app is great!!!
Noahbk24 on 2020-04-09
At first I didn’t think it would reach my expectations, but as soon as I used it, it worked amazingly with erasing unwanted objects, people and more. And the smaller the object the easier to erase. NOTE: This app is mainly meant for not too big things to get erased, the larger the object, the more skill in understanding how the app works is needed to erase it without it looking bad. :)
Not Worth The Money
This App Doesn't Work!!!!!!!! on 2020-04-09
I had seen this app featured on TikTok and when I seen the results of other people, it looked pretty good. I downloaded the app hoping it would work the same but turns out it’s not. I’m disappointed and I wish I could get my money back. When you remove the item that you choose, it comes back worse than the original. Although some reviews of this app are good, it’s honestly not.
Distorts and Destroys Pictures
CyberTechnology on 2020-04-09
When editing any photo this suffers from the same issue Android app has. When you edit photos it clones random areas around where you trying to remove and smudges the photo. This has been an issue for as long as I remember and was hoping when I switched to IPhone they had it fixed in but both platforms apps will not properly edit photos.
Love this app!
19729273792 on 2020-04-09
I know this app advertises getting rid of objects but it works really well with people as well! Like if their are lines on your body that aren’t flattering like maybe when you’re wearing a dress or a shirt this app helps a lot with removing the line. It also works for wrinkles, lines and pimples on your face.
5 stars for Apple Camera. 0 stars for any other Camera
Avg Guy on 2020-04-09
1. Once a project started if you switch to another app for several minutes and then come back you will lose all your changes 2. Photos will be resized if you import shots from a camera with files bigger than 18mb you will loose data. 3. Cannot open albums or pictures in Light Room Mobile

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