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May, 2020


May, 2020



Tap at the right time to make a tower of humans.

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I f*cking HATE it! DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!
Hidan_Akatsuki on 2020-06-05
I downloaded this game and thought that it would be fun. I hated it! First off,how tf how do you explain the glitchiness? There is so much lag,and it's hard to play the game with happiness. Second,Way too many ads. So,wth would you put so many ads on this game expecting people to watch them and enjoy it? Ads are fine if it doesn't happen too often,but you have made the ads appear too often. Is putting an ad after every single level,more like attempt that good of an idea. Whoever thought that putting a f*ing ad after every attempt is stupid! The last thing I'd like to put in this comment is the impossible jumps. On some of the levels, you can't make some of the jumps all by yourself. Going back to the topic of ads,you really expect people,who may be p*ssed by the # of ads,to watch an ad so they can get past one level. I mean,seriously,who tf would like a game that only makes them frustrated every time they try to play? FIX YOUR BULLSH*T GAME CREATOR! I will tell people to never play it because it's so bad. Bye,hope this review helped you realize how crappy this game is.
A decent quarantine game
Aphrodïte on 2020-06-05
Okay, so I’ve read some of the reviews that there’s some kind of glitch, and you can’t spend coins. I don’t know how long ago they’ve written the reviews, but if your reading this, you can now spend your coins. Although, I would like there to be more things to pay coins for other than skins. Maybe add in some shoes?(maybe they can improve your jumping altitude). I haven’t experienced any glitches yet, well, except for one. When you stack on top of other npc’s, you can see through the buildings and that kind of gets in the way. We should be able to have the option of rotating the camera ourselves, or get tie of the see-through/transparent building. Overall, I think this is a great game! And if your the developer that’s reading this, please fix these problems
Hcufjxub jvckcjxj on 2020-06-05
It’s a decent concept and fun to play but it’s unfinished. What I mean by unfinished is it’s obvious the game needs more work. Jumping is not well executed, your able to earn coins but there is no store to spend them, simple things like a redo button or quit button are not there, there are no real leaderboards (Voodoo games is notorious for making fake multiplayer games, all of them are single player. For example your playing against bots not actual people lol) this is one game Voodoo could make kinda sort of multiplayer by maybe adding leaderboards and fun challenges. Basically it’s very unfinished but good concept. Perfect for when you have no more than 2 minutes to play something.
Almost perfect!!
_xxaryxx_ on 2020-06-05
I love this game. It is very and amazing. One thing I’ve Noticed though is that the levels change depending on how many people I start with. Example: When I only start with one person, the jump blocks are one high. But when I start with 2 people, they are two high. I think this is unfair because it’s very hard to get extra people in the first place, so why make it to where we can’t have them. I understand why you might not want us to start with to many, but the limit should be 5. It’s just really annoying how I know for a fact the level would be impossible if I only had one person, so that could only mean they are changing.
Download if you like ads
vcrinvc on 2020-06-05
So this game is pretty good except for all the bad parts, and for such a simple game there are a fair bit. First of all, THE ADS. There are wayyy too many. The levels are about 45-60 seconds, and there is a 30 second ad between every level, and if you die early they just give you an ad. There was no tutorial, so I had to figure out all of it. It wasn’t worth it. Also, when you get to levels that take place in a city, your camera clips through the building, and blocks your view. ( the city levels start at like, level 20.) this game is not worth it don’t download.
737363663636262 on 2020-06-05
I played this game and here’s what I think about it. First,there are way too many ads! Every time I mess up, an ad gets shoved in my face. It annoys me. It’s also too laggy. The lag makes the game no fun. If you remove all the ads and lagginess, I’ll maybe play it. Another problem I came across is that some of the jumps are impossible. Who wants to play a game with way too many ads, lots of lag, and some things are impossible? NOBODY DOES! Don’t shove your stupid game in our faces because it’s unenjoyable and annoying
Not good at all
mymeepmakedreamscometrue on 2020-06-05
It might just be me or it’s this very stupid game but I was on level 300 or around there and then the next day it restarted the whole game for me to level 1. A whole 4 months work for nothing. It might be my phone or it restarted by itself or it might just be the very stupid game again. Would never recommend to anyone. Even if it’s free don’t waste your time downloading this, it is not worth it. Also have a wonderful day to whoever is reading this.
What the heck is happening
Mariam1210 on 2020-06-05
I downloaded this game because it look fun. What I didn’t know was that I wasn’t going to be playing a game more like watching 20 ads and then playing a little bit. Not only that but if I spend more then ten minutes on the game it starts to shake like literally shake and glitch. It also tends to be the only game that over heats my phone. This game has good potential just please fix the bugs and get rid of some adds.
Has potential
Jazzy-A1 on 2020-06-05
so, overall, this game is pretty good. it does have some bugs ((like how if you get a perfect jump it still only gives you 2 people out of a 4 people jump)) and a bit too many ads ((but if you are having a problem with the ads just turn on airplane mode)). maybe if you could buy more from the store and get accessories that would be AWESOME! overall, this game has a lot of potential and i like it!
nivdnjgjfgv on 2020-06-05
when i downloaded the app it took me straight into an ad and when the ad ended, you could still hear the ad while playing repeating over and over again, plus the coins are useless. USELESS. there’s no shop, nothing. It’s also very laggy. whenever i jump, the game either crashes or it doesn’t let me jump. just a boring game that doesn’t work and is laggy. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP! IT IS HORRIBLE!

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