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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Tap at the right time to make a tower of humans.

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It’s good, but...
Dragon_Breath26 on 2020-11-24
So the game is pretty self-explanatory: you stack yourself on people and try to win. The ads don’t lie. The scenery also changes and it is very nice, (I especially liked the city and tiki ones levels I think 18-28). For me, it was somewhat difficult to accomplish 1st try all the time, so I enjoyed that aspect. However, the game mechanics don’t change after 14, and it’s the same thing over and over and over, just with different background, which look very nice. I gave it three stars because I got to level 29 in about 25 minutes and deleted the game. If you want this game, it’s not bad, but I would delete it after about 30 minutes.
Glitch in game
chicken070778 on 2020-11-24
Glitch on level 1160. I fall through the floor and keep falling until I exit out of the game
Worst game but fun
13libra on 2020-11-24
One star because it’s going fast and I can’t jump and I can’t see the blocks so unfair.

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