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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



SHOW OFF YOUR SMARTS ** Challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition, and prove how smart you are! TRAIN YOUR BRAIN ** Who says trivia isn't useful? You will keep your brain sharp with Trivia Crack 2. We have thousands of challenging trivia questions for you! COLLECT CHARACTERS ** Collect our original characters to level up and win amazing prizes! BECOME A TRIVIA EXPERT ** Answer questions in our 6 categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography, and show how smart you are! CREATE YOUR OWN TEAM ** Join a team of Trivia experts, or create your own and climb the rankings. Lots of prizes await! FULLY RENOVATED GRAPHICS ** Enjoy our beautiful animations and environments, with sharper colors than ever! KEY FEATURES - Play with your friends and family - Sharpen your brain with thousands of challenging questions - Join a team or create your own - Exchange items with your friends - Enjoy our fully renovated graphics! TRIVIA CRACK 2 ALSO INCLUDES - Hundreds of thousands of questions - More than 20 languages - Millions of active users to challenge - User-created questions - And loads of fun, completely free! What are you waiting for? Download the game now and become the smartest in town! VIP Membership If you subscribe now, you can: -Play without ads -Get endless lives -Obtain special packs and discounts. - Subscriptions start at USD 4.99 monthly. 3-month subscription is USD 11.99 USD and annual subscription is USD 39.99*. - Enjoy a 7-day free trial. Subscription automatically renews for the same price and period as the chosen package unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - You will be able to access VIP deals for the duration of the subscription. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package. - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase. - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. - You may cancel a subscription during its free trial period via the subscription settings in your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Please visit for more information. - You may turn off auto-renewal from your iTunes Account Settings. However, you won’t be able to cancel the current subscription during its active period. - Any unused portion of a free-trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a VIP Membership. Links to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found below Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: * Prices are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Pricing Matrix" determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in USD =============== For more information, visit Have questions? Need troubleshooting? Find help at Join our community! - Facebook: - Twitter: @triviacrack - Instagram: - YouTube:

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What an awful successor
Elitricity on 2020-05-27
Trivia Crack used to be the bomb in high school. Sure, sometimes it asked incredibly obscure questions, but you got to learn something new. It was a nice Free To Play game that was fun to play. Now? Hooo boy. It is an empty shell of its former self. Where to start though? Oh, and get ready to read for a bit. There’s a lot to read through, because there’s a lot wrong with this app. Probably the first and foremost thing would be the ridiculously pervasive and intrusive ads. You can’t go 30 seconds without getting an ad that lasts just as long as the break between them. I get it, you need ads to make revenue, but I’ve seen and played plenty of other free games that don’t need to endlessly shove ads down your throat. Want to spin the free prize wheel? Hope you’re ready for a 30 second ad that falsely advertises a game that plays nothing like what the ad suggests. Want to spin the bonus prize wheel? Repeat step 1. But, I suppose there’s a bright side to the ads. You can end them if you pay $4.99 a month for premium. Oh, did I say bright side? I meant HORRIBLE downside. Yeah, get ready to pay $5 a month on an AUTOMATICALLY RENEWING SUBSCRIPTION if you want to get rid of ads. The only actual upside to premium is that you get access to the deluxe events and unlimited lives. It also makes the prize wheel ad free. Now, this may actually just be conjecture about the positives of premium. Because I’m not stupid enough to give money to these lazy schmucks, I have no idea if premium even works as advertised. But if it’s anything like the games that are advertised in the app, it probably doesn’t lol. That’s not even the worst of the freemium though. It actually gets worse. See, there’s a piggy bank that fills up with gold and power ups as you earn more and more crowns. But there’s a problem with it. It ISN’T covered in the premium package. So if you want extra gold and abilities, you need to cough up an extra $7.99. So, the devs are clearly incredibly money hungry. Now let’s get to gameplay. No real innovations from the first game. There’s a new real time, head to head trivia battle that’s neat. And there’s the event modes that incorporate ever so slightly different mechanics, but it all boils down to random questions about a specific topic. Now here’s the kicker about this “gameplay” though. It’s broken. Like, an IKEA set put together in 5 minutes broken. A lot of questions appear in the wrong category. I’ve seen art and entertainment questions swapped, history and geography swapped, and even art questions placed in science. But that’s not even the worst part. I can answer a question correctly, even if it’s in the wrong category. But there are some questions where the “correct answer” is completely wrong. This only gets worse when you’re playing any mode that isn’t classic and CANNOT report said question for having a blatantly false answer. And here’s the most insulting thing. In the recent update, they introduced a new feature in classic mode. This feature shows you what the next question will be if you got the current question wrong. But the question it gives you is so stupidly easy that a toddler could get it right. That’s not even getting into the fact that every redo question has the first option as the correct answer. Every. Single. One. But I guess my question is, why have these ridiculously easy questions if they’re hiding behind ludicrously hard/obscure ones? Why not just mix them up? Why not do away with questions with a low percentage of correct responses? Do something that makes SENSE. Is that so hard to ask? Everything about this game makes me wonder in amazement about how this was ever published. Tl;dr : it’s a freemium cash grab that is super buggy, full of ads that false advertise, and is an overall mess that shouldn’t have made it onto the App Store. 0/10 would not recommend.
Too many ads and cheap tricks to steal money
sndkdkdkd on 2020-05-27
Used to love this game years ago, decided to download it cause I’m bored in quarantine. Of course it’s fun but it’s fun while it lasts. Before it gets cut off by an ad or some stupid offer that they have to try to get your money. They lock up all your gold bars that you own (in trivia crack 2) in a piggy bank and try to get you to buy it to receive your own gold that you earned? How dumb! Can’t even get through a tower dual or whatever without being interrupted by an ad which is so annoying considering that thing is based on time! I understand that app developers need to earn revenue from their apps somehow but this is just too much. Please calm down with the ads and cheap money plots.
Fun game—frustrating bugs
Marissamilkshake on 2020-05-27
I like this game so much I bought premium membership. I’ve been playing for months. It’s fun and I like the graphics and games. One thing though is extremely frustrating... playing with your friends Towel Dual real-time! My mom and I tried back and forth for almost 30 mins texting back “did you get my request” “cancel it and let me send one” “try restarting the app” “try restarting the phone” and although we were both on the app real time, neither of us ever received each other’s requests to play! Extremely frustrating! Another thing i wish would change is the questions which are ONLY about US history and sports. As a Canadian, I don’t appreciate that.
Avo simply Avo on 2020-05-27
I thought It was awesome at first! Until I figured out this app was poorly rated, I mean do you even check the people who rate your app? The usually rate it 3 and below, you should really get rid of the ads, the ads are like really 24/7 I timed how much we see ads more than playing, and guess what? Since the ads are like every 2 seconds, we lose more of the gaming time, and watch more ads, SO GET RID OF THE ADS, this is why I like Nikki dress-up more than both of your games, poorly rated, and even sometimes wrongs answers, TOO MANY ADS, games! NO ONE LIKES ADS. NO ONE. That makes us wonder, WHY DO PEOPLE ALLOW AND EVEN CREATE STUPID ADS?
Unfocused money grab
schrismartin on 2020-05-27
I got this game to play with friends and was bombarded with constant notifications to play against people I didn’t know, with no obvious way to opt out of this. I was continually encouraged to watch video ads even after purchasing the subscription, and was constantly bombarded with popups and tutorials leading to content that requested that I spend more money. I’m truly appalled by the blatant disrespect to users this company has toward its users. I doubt anyone will read this but this game is a cancer on the iOS gaming landscape.
Love this app but the ads are sooo annoying
makena raye on 2020-05-27
I absolutely love this app, and it’s so fun to be able to play with friends, but the ads are almost ruining it for me. Every. single. time. you finish a round you have to see an ad! So annoying! And to continue your round if you answered wrong, you have to watch an ad, which is fine because I get to not lose my turn, but it’s literally the same ad every time, literally! Something needs to change about that because everything else about the app is awesome!
Sarah's 1010202 on 2020-05-27
My family tried making a team just for us and it has created more issues than fun. There are several children in this group (age 10 and up) and we have random people joining our group. These people have cussed as well as pretend to be our family. Our team was meant for us and these people are ruining that. I enjoy the game but do not like to have to deal with these people. Please make it so the teams can at least be private.
Oh My God the Ads
Nico1e on 2020-05-27
The most ads I have ever experienced in any game. Was excited to play this but deleted it after two days. Couldn’t handle the excessive amount of disruption from ads. Got an answer incorrect and want to continue? Watch an ad. Got 3 answers in a row correct? Watch an ad. After an ad ended another one started! Can’t handle it. Nope. Find another way to make money or balance it out better. Not enjoyable, at all.
Amazing!! But...
aIght iMmA hEaD tO deL tAcO on 2020-05-27
I really Like this game!! It’s a great way to pass time! It will last a while and probably teach you some facts. But: I played it for a long time. But I’m not sure if this was just my phone, or a bug. So I tried to go into the game (and this happened then I had to delete it then download again) and it got stuck on one part of the loading bar. Other than that, this is a great game. Keep up the good work!!
Riddled with ads
MLG iIgnite on 2020-05-27
I literally get an ad after every turn I take, without fail. It’s gotten to the point where I exit the app altogether when the ad pops up. In an era with short attention spans, a 30 second ad after every single turn is pretty ridiculous and turns me away from exploring other parts of the game. I’d suggest lowering the frequency of the ads, or shortening them to 15 seconds instead of half a minute.

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