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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



This is the most realistic truck game in market. Deliver heavy cargo from one place to another. If you want to became a truck driver and this is imposibble for some reason for you you have to try this game. Beat challenges to earn money and upgrade your car. Make it stronger, faster, look more awesome! Earn xp to level up and get cool rewards.

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The insufferable ads!!!!
RandyWalrus on 2020-10-27
Too many ads!!!! Do you money hungry developers really not know how to make a game???? Give people the option to watch an ad to double or triple their money. Give them the OPTION to refuse the ad opportunity so they can keep playing. THAT’S how you make a game! Forcing players to watch an ad after every level regardless of whether they want to or not shows that you’re only in this for the money from ad revenue, not because you want to make a good game people can enjoy. Other games are able to do it! Why can’t you?????? You can’t even come up with original concepts! This is the EXACT same game as the train one! Except it’s trucks this time! How long did it take to come up with this game? A minute? Minute and a half? You people have no shame! I hope you go bankrupt!!!!!
LavenderLeisures on 2020-10-27
Overall, the game is actually surprisingly good. It’s an easy to master concept and a good time killer. But then there’s the question on why I gave it two stars. Here’s the answer: Too many ads. After every level (which takes about 10 seconds to complete each one), they give you a good five second video ad and for me, it’s always the one for Coin Master. On top of that, pop-up ads at the bottom of your screen are found throughout the entire game. I understand they need profit but enough is enough already. It’s a playable billboard. Good concept, poor execution.
So oh so bad
sy_ty on 2020-10-27
This game is so bad it give and ad every 2 “missions” it’s dumb I can’t even listen to Pandora while playing it and the game overall is just bad stuff is so expensive and the physics are no realistic I get it it’s a game but still and you run out of gas or “oil” really fast and yr forced to watch a ad or keep doin the same mission over and over again to upgrade it.
Not very good.
no telling name on 2020-10-27
First of all the ads for this game do not look anything like the actual game. Secondly some of the screenshots of this game are from a game called BeamNG drive and it is only a available on PC. Lastly the levels only take a few seconds to complete and aren’t even that fun, not to mention there graphics aren't very good either! Would not recommend.
Not as advertised
Sikers88 on 2020-10-27
When the clip is showed for advertisement I was interested. Upon playing the game is nothing like what you see in the short clip. I give it one star because it is not as appealing as all the other truck games. I was under her impression it would be something like an Outback Truckers kind of game but really it’s you hold your thumb down and that’s it.
Total Waste of Time
SIKhDaddy91 on 2020-10-27
You can’t do anything without an ad. All of the free games have ads but this one is extra. In order to complete a mission you have to fail enough times to earn the tokens to buy more fuel or power to make it. This is where the ads are overwhelming. Don’t waste your time.
Honestly crap.
D_watson7604 on 2020-10-27
You’ll spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. It pretty much forces you to watch ads to get anywhere in the game. No real challenge to it. You could play this game with almost zero though. Over all just not good.
Do not download.
Josue Ogando on 2020-10-27
Chinese spying app. They tried accessing my phone for whatever reason, I was quick enough to not allow it. This app also mess with your location, this also interfered with some personal accounts. Please stay away!!!!
Highway star
turlock blue ballz on 2020-10-27
Retired truck driver 30 years, logged a tad bit over 2 1/2 million miles .made the CTA honor role in 1996. I love this game. Walker back, so don’t be a cone head get the game. And I’m back quite
pablo 713 on 2020-10-27
Don’t waist your time downloading it, they show really cool trucks for their commercial but u have to buy everything if u have money to spend with cheap graphics go for it .

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