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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game. #1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world. Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special" Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below. Features: - Realistic touch based physics. - Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect. - Drag your finger on the ground to push. - A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase) - Slow motion. - User challenges - Replay sharing - Global leaderboards. Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only: - Additional skateparks and locations. - Street League Skateboarding courses. Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions) - Unlock all missions. - Unlimited slow motion. - Unlimited board image changes. - Unlimited wheel color changes. - Unlock lists. Trick Possibilities: 50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

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Slightly annoyed
1268382838$:!: on 2021-01-28
I really love this game, it really helps me when i’m anxious oddly enough because it’s like fidgeting for me. I’m frustrated because: 1. The credits are maxing out at 250,000 for some reason which is annoying because my time spent in the game is not building credits anymore. 2. There is nothing new for me to buy and i don’t really want to spend anymore money on the game. i don’t care if it’s 300,000 credits i’d like to be able to get new skateparks since there’s only 2 you can get so ty credits right now (both of which i have) 3. there should be something i can buy with credits so that i never have to repair my board, that would be really nice. Anyways, thank you
To true skate creators
fatso joe on 2021-01-28
I absolutely love this game. It is without a doubt the best game on the iPhone App Store and I have had it for a couple of years. I know this would be a lot but it would be crazy if you guys made a true bike game for street bmx. Where you cold transfer the maps form your true skat account and use them in true bike. I’ve been looking for a good biking game witch I can’t find but if I had to choose some one to make it it would be you guys so it would be incredible if you made that. I know your not going to make it but it’s just a thought
Missing stuff
Gingerbr3ad13 on 2021-01-28
i had this game on my tablet and had a facebook login, i get it on my phone and log into facebook and all my stuff is here but the skatepark i purchased: mondo ramp. i tried to restore purchases but i can’t get it. not spending another dollar to get it. is there a way i can get it back without paying again? update: tried to use old school custom board and it let me and then i changed back and it removed the old school board and it made it a christmas board with purple wheels. really true skate?
Skate Boarf
some body call 911 on 2021-01-28
I love this game so much that I can’t stop playing it. But there is one thing that I want to do sometime but not all the time. I wish you guys could make it so the trucks can have color or like a cool display on it. The bottom as well I wish could be customized like the grip tape. Other then that I love this game and wish that my brother could get into this game as well. Thanks for this game and the stuff you guys do.
I see all these ppl complaining
j_cuaco_r on 2021-01-28
This game isn’t about content and millions of maps, this game is about this: You:“Oh no, I’m bored” TrueSkate: “Hi bored, I’m TrueSkate, wanna flip a board around a map while you’re bored? And in the process make some TCs?.” Eventuality you realize you have enough TCs, and then you buy yourself a new deck and that’s all. This game is like water on the desert when you’re bored. Great time killer. :)
Super fun game
hureafuhghgytr on 2021-01-28
I love this game some times I play other games but when I get bored this is my go to game and it is super fun but I wish the creators would allow you to get parks for about 100,000 tc and create your own park for 200,000 tc and your own board for 125,000 tc so you could at least have some stuff you made like some other games do
This game is horrible
vcjdxrchvyv on 2021-01-28
I do not like this game I have an Xbox and it has skate 3 on it this game is worse than that . The Controls on true skate are impossible to master pleas make better games before I spend more money on your games. Now people reading my comment. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the game but...
DA BEAST...103 on 2021-01-28
I just bought the game and I love it. I even bought a Santa Cruz deck pack. But when I payed for it, the game never gave me it. I tried restoring the purchase, buying it again, and nothing. Great game, but I got scammed. Will not buy anything else.
lololololololloololololololol on 2021-01-28
So I get an amazing trick...and my reward? It telling me my trick are good and telling me to buy more parks. ‍♂️ Trash game deserves 0 star. This used to cost money but you made it free and added insane amounts of ads like EXTREME amounts of ads
MCmykey on 2021-01-28
This game is awesome really recommend it if your looking for a realistic skateboard game or just a skate board game. Play it a lot but it would be cool if you came out with a bmx game and make some maps free on true skate.Thanks a lot!!!!

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