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Jun, 2021


Jun, 2021



The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game. #1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world. Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special" Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below. Features: - Realistic touch based physics. - Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect. - Drag your finger on the ground to push. - A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase) - Slow motion. - User challenges - Replay sharing - Global leaderboards. Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only: - Additional skateparks and locations. - Street League Skateboarding courses. Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions) - Unlock all missions. - Unlimited slow motion. - Unlimited board image changes. - Unlimited wheel color changes. - Unlock lists. Trick Possibilities: 50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

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I love the game but here’s my feedback
check my Youtube EnderGod21 on 2021-07-25
I love the game but one problem I have is the tricks, it’s kind of hard for me to do the tricks and to make it worse they have a list of the tricks you’ve done but not of what you need to do for the game which makes it feel harder to complete imo. And with the trick list you can’t click on them and see how to do the tricks so you are kind of just stumped and yeah sure you can spend a dollar to see all of the tricks and gaps but then you don’t know how to do them so it’s like paying for a remote you can’t use because you need to buy batteries for it because it’s some weird battery you have never heard of. And I also hate that you are Stuck in one skatepark and have to buy your way into new skateparks, and when I say buy I mean with real money. But there are two skateparks you can buy with the in game currency but it’s flipping 400k total for both and to my knowledge the only ways to get this currency is 1.Spending time grinding and doing tricks to get this stuff or 2. Buy the required amount for 50$. And I did the math for how much it would be to get all of the skateparks unlocked including the 400k coins ones and it came out to be 33$ and then another 50$ for the last two so it’s a total of 83$ for all of the skateparks. And to do that and buy all the stuff for your skateboard like custom grips, all the tricks, all the gaps, all the wheel colors it would come out to a total of 8$ which isn’t to bad but when added tot the previous total it would be a whopping 91$ and for the custom board stuff you need to unlock it first with what I believe to be a 5$ thing that I had added to the previous total but if you don’t want to grind for 30k currency to buy the custom boards and grips that another 5$ so the total of 95$ on top of a 2$ game. And I know I am ranting about this and you don’t have to but cmon man this game is so money targeted for most of the stuff and on top of that it would take a load of grinding.
Need to fully integrate realistic mode or make it default
gg annoying bug on 2021-07-25
This game is fun and is the closest thing to replicating the feeling of skating…. BUT only if you go into the settings and turn “realistic mode” on. This makes your ollie height like that of a normal person. The problem is that with this setting on, all missions are inaccessible and you can only free skate. Would be 5 stars otherwise. If you decide to leave this setting off to do the missions, ollie height is so sensitive and powerful that you launch way over obstacles that you are trying to get onto making grinds feel totally wrong since you need to pop way behind where you would in real life. You pop about 10 feet into the air like you’re on the moon with normal pressure. And there’s no in between you either barely tap and don’t leave the ground or you’re in the sky. In realistic mode however you pop at just the right height to get onto rails where you would in real life and can skate the park in a normal fashion. Make this default or at least playable in missions devs!
Little bug and a change of map prices
PATATOS_ROCK2 on 2021-07-25
Ok so first of I love the game and the graphics are amazing for a game that has been out a long time. But anyways the point is that the top left three dots don’t work and if I click my board setting to customize it. They both completely let g me out of the game I wish for this big to be fixed. Now to the prices I wish for the maps not to cost real money. And I wish that the one map that costs 200Grand to be moved down to 50Grand I would like a different park to play in for a lower price because the default map is getting boring and I’m a type of kid who likes to explore new places. (⚠️The bug is a concern but the prices of the maps is a suggestion⚠️)
Worst skating app ever
Roblox Professional Gamer on 2021-07-25
This is the worst skating app ever because your stuck on one skate park (which gets very boring after a while) and you have to pay to get a different one. Oh and did I mention that EVERYTHING is crazy expensive? Do not get this skating app, get a different skateboard app. You can tell that it’s bad already since it’s deleted my reviews several times and it only has 3.8 stars get the top skating app that has a 4.7 stars
Hate giving a bad review bc I love this game
sourtakesalittle on 2021-07-25
You guys just put out an update that changed how you Ollie - very frustrating. Also I can’t power side as well now. My screen goes black or blank now sometimes. Lastly the board on my game is stuck looking like it’s leaning right it looks bad when I make game play videos. Can you guys at least fix the power sides and how my board is frozen. Other then that I love this game awesome concept for a skateboard game!!!
Don’t buy, waste of time and money
True skater reveiwer on 2021-07-25
So I got this game and was grinding for 2 months for the 60k token board and finally got it, and when I tied to get colored wheels it Gave me the old board back and I didn’t have the new board I got. This is not the forest time this happened and would just recommend the game developers get a inventory system where you can keep whatever items you buy. I’m uninstalling and whoever has it should too.
Good butttttttttt,
justplaincaden on 2021-07-25
this is a pretty good game especially if you skate because the physics are pretty spot on, with the right swipe sensitivity, but i wish using the camera angle changer for doing 180s/360s was better, sometimes it won't move anything and sometimes it won't rotate you even in the right direction, this game is great it just needs some more attention on the bugs and glitches.
Kid Cobras Review on 2021-07-25
This is a great game but I am terrible at it. When ever I think I do a good move I only get a 18. But when I do a horrible move and almost fail I get a 751. So in my not a skater mind I think this game is bonkers. Pretty much no adds so that’s great. That’s all for today folks. Thank you. I you like what you see please be sure to say you like it to your mom. ✌️
Good game but I’m upset
Y A K W T F G O on 2021-07-25
I grinded with in game currency to get the schoolyard skate park. I got a new phone a transfered all my data into it. I almost lost all my skate parks I already had but I lost that park. I also lost my custom board and all the in game currency I had in the first place. That’s not cool.
Need to fix glitch
toy uuu on 2021-07-25
Game is good but there is a new glitch like I can’t get on without the screen turning black when I spawn if it helps or makes a difference I play on a Iphone 8 just fix it please

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