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Watch thousands of hit movies and TV series for free. Tubi is 100% legal unlimited streaming, with no credit cards and no subscription required. If you are looking for a way to save money, Tubi is your cost effective solution. Choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, with fewer ads than regular TV. Tubi is the largest free streaming service featuring award-winning movies and TV series from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and more. There is something for everybody; from comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series. Download now and start streaming entertainment for free on your iPhone or iPad, today! Check out our variety of well-known titles and exclusive categories – including “Not On Netflix” and “Highly Rated On Rotten Tomatoes” – always free. You can find award-winning films and TV shows that span more than 40 genres from comedy, drama, family & kids, classics and horror, to niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime and British TV. The videos have commercials, so you get everything for free legally and don't have to spend a single cent. Using Tubi is a smart way to save money. Tubi Features -Watch the biggest stars, movies and TV shows (series), completely free -Discover amazing international hits and hidden gems -Browse unique categories, including our “Not on Netflix” section -Create and manage your own personal video queue -Pick up watching where you left off -Explore fresh anime, Korean dramas, telenovelas, reality shows and more -Check out new videos added every week -Sync your account between online devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Xbox and Amazon -Cast to your TV with Chromecast and Airplay -Stream on the web at Download Tubi and free your entertainment today!

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My kind of movies!
somebodyscrazymom on 2021-02-27
I absolutely love Tubi and cannot stop telling people about it. I’ve always loved some odd movies that were hard to find even when vhs video stores were around but oh how many goodies I’ve found on here! And there have been many not regular released movies by smaller or newer artists that I’d been trying to find to watch, got them too. I’ve explored old & new & am in love. I cannot afford paid anything so this being free is an absolute cherry on top of the ice cream Sunday that is my movie junkie soul. My only “complaint” which is more of a me problem, my watch list is growing as more is added and it’s a mess. Some movies I listed had only part 2 or 3 when I started & now have the original so trying to find them is, well, a me problem, lol. Maybe a way to organize your watch list in the future? But seriously, you are my comfort & joy on a dreary day. Thank you & keep it up!!!!
Working Great Again!
Angrymonkeymermaid on 2021-02-27
Tubi has had this weird scenario where the casting works not at all or fine. In the past few months it seems that the casting as finally been fixed as there as not been an issue for a few months, so with that fix the app works great. I wish the app added the categories of "mystery," "suspense," and "creature feature." They currently dont have that category and whenever I want to watch a mystery suspense movie I have to find it on either thriller or horror, which isn't great, as those categories are different in their own right, making the search longer than it needs to be. Though I found it weird that on the last update it asked for my date of birth, which is a privacy violation and could have easily asked if I was over a certain age to be able to watch higher rated movies. That question should definitely be corrected and more appropriately asked.
I love it .... but....
Alundria1234 on 2021-02-27
Downloaded watched a couple of films ... LOVED it. Sure the ads are a bit annoying but to watch films and series that are not in prime and Netflix all for FREE - I thought it’s worth it. Unfortunately, a couple of days in, the movie would freeze on the 1st of the 3 ads, I was watching just on my iPhone 8.. so I kept having to come out of the app, clearing m history and trying again. Sometimes it worked again but mostly it went back to the ads... it played 2 of the 3 ads then froze again, so when I closed the app and went back in- it started it on the first ad again!! I’ve deleted the app and am going to try downloading again to see if that fixes it.... will come back and let you all know. It’s such a shame because otherwise this TV app is amazing ... with a great choice of films etc to watch. Fingers crossed my new download will fix my freezing issue !
Don’t listen to the bad reviews
A. Grace C. on 2021-02-27
This app is amazing and I still can’t believe it’s free! I’ve read several reviews saying that they think Tubi should have more selection or less ads but don’t listen to those reviews. You are getting hundreds of shows and movies for all ages, and you are getting all of this *for free*!!! Also, the ads are one or two 30 second ads on a movie and one on a show. That’s way less than cable or free movies on YouTube. Another complaint I’m seeing a lot of is that Tubi doesn’t have a recent selection. But they already said that in the description of the app! Don’t leave a bad review just because you didn’t read something. Plus, for people (like me) who like old movies that aren’t offered anywhere else, this app is fantastic!! So, in summary, don’t listen to the bad reviews and support this fantastic app!
Why sudden lag?
Yasdbmn on 2021-02-27
I like the selections because I can explore things I’ve never seen or heard before and I tend to try them out and find I like them. I also see shows I loved but could not watch elsewhere. The only issue I would say is that when I pause or when my phone times out, I would come back and the video would just give me a black screen with a loading icon. I exist out the app and come back in and it’s still the same thing. It’s not my Internet cause everything else works fine—it’s just the app. Could you guys fix that? Please and thank you.
Loving it!
kn0w1uKn0w on 2021-02-27
When paired with Netflix this app gives me access to almost any movie choice I could want. The “CC” option is available with most movies and helps tremendously when I have a loud background and hearing is problematic. The only suggestion I’d like to make is if there was a way to somehow pick or guide selected movies into say a playlist. That way I can choose 4 or 5 and when one ends the next begins instead of always having random / related movies as follow-ups. But otherwise, great job! 5/5 for me. Love it!
I love the movies BUT after every ad it starts the movie all over again!
IndyHorseLover on 2021-02-27
I couldn’t believe that every time I tried to either pause, rewind, or fast forward it would lock up completely and the only choice was to start back at the very beginning or stop watching the movie all together! Then it got worse! Every time Tubi showed an ad the movie would revert back to the beginning all over again!! No matter how far into the movie you may already be! Maddening! That is one glitch that should have been fixed before releasing this app at all.
You can’t beat FREE
ambey dawn on 2021-02-27
Good movies for free !! There are 3 more apps that are free plus adding this one .. you really don’t need a high end pay out of pocket app. Yeah maybe add on Netflix and Hulu or philo that’s still under 20 bucks and you’ve got Literally ALL YOU NEED RIGhT ThEREs ! 4REAL IF we ALL stopped paying for the expensive lineups like Spectrum and Cincinnati bell Or Like Dish ECT .. Maybe they could lower their prices a bit . Haha IKR .. it’s just a little thought
Like cable but free!
Ozanich1515 on 2021-02-27
I love this app! You do have to watch ads, but that lets me know it’s a legit app and that’s how they’re earning their money, and not other suspicious ways. It’s like cable, but free! I mainly use this app for anime, and it has a great selection. I’m currently watching ItaKiss which I recommend! There’re subtitles for anyone who needs them! Cant really argue with a free price with few ads. Reminds me of YouTube but actual movies and TV shows!
Great app!
evangelion.shigoki on 2021-02-27
I watched all the seasons of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on here and tons of other movies. It’s a great app. However, I wish you would tone down a bit on the ads, it’s crazy how there’s 30 second ads every 10 minutes from Amazon, goodrx, carshield, allstate etc. furthermore, I would like if you would add support for Picture in Picture on iOS/iPadOS. If you can add some Godzilla movies too, all the better. Tl;Dr, great app, works fine.

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