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Control your television using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod with the TV Remote app. * As featured on 9to5Mac, MacRumors, MacStories & more* TV Remote combines a beautiful and simple interface with advanced features that enable you to control your television without the need for a physical remote. Add all of your televisions to TV Remote and you’ll be able to customize the layout, apply themes and interact through Widgets and Siri Shortcuts. TV Remote contains these great features: UNIVERSAL REMOTE TV Remote supports many brands of TVs (see below) and makes it easy for you to setup each one in a single app. You’ll find the buttons you’re used to seeing and there’s even the ability to launch apps and switch sources too. WIDGETS Remote commands can be added to your Home Screen or Lock Screen for quick access to your remote when you need it. There’s supports for launching apps, sources and changing channels all from a Widget too! SIRI SHORTCUTS Without even opening the app, you’ll be able to perform commands, change channels, launch apps and more with the Siri Shortcuts integration! For example, you’ll be able to configure a string of commands together to change a specific setting on your TV without even lifting a finger. LIVE ACTIVITIES Get access to a set of configured commands on your Lock Screen or Dynamic Island that allows you to quickly change channels, adjust volume and much more! CUSTOM LAYOUTS TV Remote gives you the ability to fully customize how you want the remote for each TV to look. Using a set of pre-configured layout components, you’ll be able to choose which buttons go where so you get the exact look you’re after. THEMES Gone are the days of a plain remote! With TV Remote, you can be bold and design the exact look and feel of your television remote - even down to the icon tint on a button, and whether buttons are round or square. Each television has its own theme and there are plenty of presets to choose from too. You can even lock the app to light/dark mode. KEYBOARD No need to use arrow keys to navigate round an on-screen keyboard. With TV Remote, you’ll have access to a full keyboard you can use to search for programmes and more! APPS & SOURCES TV Remote will load the available apps and sources available on your television and allow you to launch them with just a tap. WAKE FROM SLEEP TV Remote supports Wake-on-LAN to allow you to power on your television when it is asleep. TOUCHPAD Control your television using swipe gestures on a touchpad instead of the standard directional keypad for a more fluid experience. SYNCING TV Remote syncs with your iCloud account to allow you to access your TVs across all your devices. ACCESSIBILITY TV Remote has been developed to enable VoiceOver and Dynamic Type users to take full advantage of the app. TV Remote supports televisions from these manufacturers and operating systems (+ many more!): - LG/webOS - Samsung/Tizen - Sony - Roku - Sky Q - TCL - Hitachi - Sharp - Hisense - Philips - Toshiba - JVC - Bush Get in contact:If you like this app, I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a positive review! Having issues? Please get in touch: Email: [email protected] Website: Please note that a supported television is required to use the app and the manufacturers listed above are a guide only. A more comprehensive list can be found within the app settings where release dates and versions are listed too. Some features may require a TV Remote Premium subscription which can be purchased in the app. You can cancel at anytime. All brand names, copyrights and trademarks belong to the companies and not the TV Remote app. Terms:

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