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Save money for financial goals with Twine, the first saving and investing app built for two! Download today to start saving and investing for your financial future together. Working on your shared goals through easy saving & investing has never been easier. From a wedding to a down payment, save up for the milestones that matter and get there together. -- HOW TWINE WORKS -- 1. Pick your financial goal, whether it’s saving for a house, saving for retirement, saving for a wedding, or just saving for vacation. 2. Select an investment portfolio (or save in cash) 3. Connect your bank to start saving money in Twine and making progress on your goals 4. Once your new account is open, you can easily track the progress of your shared goals from the app, without multiple tools and spreadsheets. -- TOP FEATURES -- 1. With the Twine app, you have the option to choose unlimited goals. Choose individual or shared. 2. Gain smart recommendations from the app tailored to your financial goals. 3. Track your goal progress and manage deposits, all from one intuitive dashboard. 4. Set and forget using automatic deposits from the app. We have you covered. 5. Enjoy bank-level security that keeps your personal information and accounts safe. Twine helps you to make the financial decisions that are right for you and your partner. No matter the goal, our trusted and reliable service makes the process of saving up or investing money simpler than ever so you can focus on your life’s journey! * Twine is backed by John Hancock and 150 years of stability and expertise.* -- DISCLAIMER -- John Hancock Personal Financial Services, LLC (“JHPFS”) is an SEC-registered investment adviser. Clearing, custody and other brokerage services are provided by Apex Clearing Corporation (“Apex”). As with any investment account, your money is not FDIC insured or bank guaranteed. This means we can’t guarantee you won’t lose money (including the money you start with). The JHPFS fee does not include the expenses of the underlying investments in your account. Any projected investment outcomes or goal achievement dates are hypothetical in nature, provided for educational purposes only, are not intended to serve as the primary or sole basis for investment decisions, and are not guarantees of future results. Please see full disclosure for more information. By downloading our app you accept our privacy policy located here:

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I loved it at first
antoinette5000 on 2020-01-29
Here’s what my experience was during the roughly two-year period where I actively used my John Hancock account: I initially was very happy with the auto deduct savings function. I’m terrible with saving, so putting the money somewhere I couldn’t readily touch it worked out nicely. I was able to stash money away for two trips I took abroad and while I never saved a fortune (usually withdrew for the trip after about 7-8 months of saving) I felt confident in my ability to manage my finances with this app. But then, I became an entrepreneur. Money got really tight for me. Another feature I always appreciated was that if there were not going to be enough funds for Twine to make my weekly withdrawal without taking my designated checking account’s balance below $100, they would automatically skip the withdrawal for that week. Somehow, this malfunctioned, and Twine withdrew money from me that I was not expecting, resulting in major overdrafts of my checking account. I had my planned expenses covered and figured Twine would do what it had always done and not take from me that week, but because it did, three other transactions hit my account that I didn’t have funds for, and my account went into the negative. When I contacted Twine, the customer support I received was a 4/5. Very apologetic and trying to do what they could o correct the problem...but also very much pushing responsibility off onto my financial institution, and prefacing a return of my money with a “well this is a one-time courtesy.” You guys effed this up, point blank period, yet this is a one time courtesy? I won’t be doing business with them anymore because “little” errors like that can create major problems out of nowhere, and I do not need the added stress. They made me feel as if I was somehow to blame when I truly was paying attention to things on my end. They came from nowhere and took money I wasn’t expecting and claimed there was a technical error likely caused by my credit union. When you’re trying to function and your account is in the red due to no fault of your own, you don’t really care whose fault it is, just that the issue is fixed. Couple this with the pressures of building a business and the stress of it all I just don’t feel Twine had me in mind as a customer at all - they’re just another big bank. And what can you expect from big banks? In my experience, unscrupulous behavior and nitpicking to skirt responsibility. The entire experience was humiliating and damaging.
Useful, but recent changes have us leaving
Geemariek on 2020-01-29
My partner and I have used Twine for several years now. We used it to save for our wedding, down payment on a house, and several vacations — but today are switching our money off this platform entirely after a long run. The key reason: they made a change to accounts recently (within the last year) where I can only withdraw the money that I put in, so it defeats the purpose of saving together and fully sharing access to the entire fund. We’ve repeatedly run into the asinine situation where I purchase something for our vacation, for example, but have to ask my partner to withdraw the money and send it to me (so why even use Twine?) When I reached out to customer service about this change, they told me they changed it because some people were having issues with their partner or awkward breakups and so now the accounts are actually two individual accounts that Twine makes “look” like one account — to which my response is, awkward breakups are their problem, not yours, and you’ve made the product 100x less useful for your actual target market of couples sharing their money. Other small things that have seen no improvement or updates over YEARS: you can’t set exact dates for when your automatic withdrawals happen, nor do they consistently happen on the same day of the week, so we eventually turned that feature off entirely because we kept getting surprised by seemingly random withdrawals; you can’t add memos to your withdrawals so you remember what it was for; you can’t reset a recurring goal and instead have to create a new account (e.g., saving for holiday gifts each year); you can’t change your profile icon; and recently you have to re-provide your login credentials, including a text message verification, if you don’t login for a day or two, which is just annoying. It’s a shame; this app has some gorgeous visual design and shows so much promise to meet this market need for couples savings, but it feels like they launched the product and are just not investing any more into improving it — and have actually regressed by changing to individual accounts that “look” like joint accounts. It’s been a good run; we saved over $50k using Twine, but it’s time to go.
Twine is getting worse.
Hguydave on 2020-01-29
Twine used to be much better but has been going downhill for awhile. There are all kinds of app problems and support takes FOREVER to respond. It almost reminds me of when a project loses its most talented devs. I’m actively searching for an alternative. UPDATE: So we closed all of our cash accounts and switched to Wealthfront for our joint savings. It’s not ideal but their app is much less buggy, we can open multiple cash accounts, see each other’s savings, get a much better apy, and hopefully access the same joint accounts in the near future. I’ve never tried investing with Twine but my wife did by accident. The fact that you can’t find any detailed information on portfolio performance or allocation is extremely concerning.
Terrible Customer Support
sageransom on 2020-01-29
First off, I like the design of the app and how friendly it is to people new to money markets. My partner and I opened an account to save for holidays together and the lack of fuss is delightful. Unfortunately, I am still unable to access any parts of the app on my end, essentially. My partner is able to contribute to our shared account, but Twine has been telling me the account is being opened for me for the past several months (and the message in the app says it should take less than an hour!). I’ve contacted Twine support a couple times but it seems nothing they’ve done has helped. It’s become frustrating to the point where I may just open a joint account the old-fashioned way.
Wish I could give 0
DaniS825 on 2020-01-29
Setup is impossible. Couldn’t access an account I previously made with my primary email because I didn’t set up the account (even though I had a username and password???) so after being locked out twice and dealing with customer service, I made a new account with a different email. This one I set up fully and thought I was good to go. Then I try to invite my partner and now I’m being told I could only have one partner. Or really my partner could only have one partner I guess. Because he has a pending invite with an account thats not set up. And even though I made the goal. Just unreal.
Good until it became buggy
ttennison1 on 2020-01-29
Please fix the issue several other reviewers have mentioned - the app now tells me I haven’t logged in for a while (I log in at least 3-4 times a week) and makes me re-enter credentials and then sends me a code via text message I need to use to log in. Touch ID will not work. This is very annoying and support told me I needed to check my settings...which is untrue. This is the message you’d get if you didn’t log in for a long time or logged in on a new device. It’s clearly an issue within the app.
Twine is getting worse.
Hguydave on 2020-01-29
Twine used to be much better but has been going downhill for awhile. There are all kinds of app problems and support takes FOREVER to respond. I’m active searching for an alternative.
Logs out every time
Sandra182 on 2020-01-29
Keeps logging me off. I have face recognition on and still has me log in each time. App needs to be fixed.

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