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May, 2020


May, 2020



How long can you stay on the Twisty Road? Roll along the road and shatter glass for points. If you're courageous​ enough, jump off the road to skip ahead. Be careful and don't fall for too long or game over! HOW TO PLAY: -Tap and hold the left side of the screen to turn left -Tap and hold right side of the screen to turn right

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A fun and addictive game despite so many ads
Bmqb525 on 2020-06-01
I found this game to be easy and it's also in my black iPad. I actually have 2 iPads, the last other iPad I had besides my actual iPad got a virus because I was looking up things that was very inappropriate for my age. I'm 12. This iPad I'm writing this review in is my pink iPad. Anyways, I really love this game because it has some really cool balls, graphics, and slides that make this game entertaining rather than just being really boring. My only tiny beef is that it has a lot of ads, but I'm used to having games with ads, that's where I find an ad that's interesting and makes me want to purchase the games, I still give this 5 stars. I mean, what come stop it from having 5 stars. One of the best and addictive games I’ve ever played in both of my iPads.
It’s a good game
Slo-da on 2020-06-01
Okay so this game is fun to play while I’m bored in Quaratine but I feel like you should change it up a little. What you should do is, if it is falling off the edge of the road you shouldn’t have it go dark until you know for a fact that you aren’t gonna make it. I will be playing and I fall off and im about to land it but then it make me restart the whole thing and it makes it not fun. You should really think about doing this because I’m supposed to be doing my homework and my mom is YELLING at me while I’m writing this soooo.
Twisty Road
shanice_2006 on 2020-06-01
The game itself has a very fun to play; however, there needs to be more of a challenge added to it. I’m 14 years old and I find this game very easy to get through. In my opinion, there needs to be more levels that challenge me to an extent. It took me three days to get through all of the levels and unlock all of the skins. It’s a good game, maybe even a great one. I just get bored playing it. Thank you!
Don’t like the turning
SandCastleLandShark on 2020-06-01
The idea of the gameplay is great and all, but the turning in this game is annoying and impossible. Whenever I try to turn in this game, it’s just all jerky movement and the game barely even responds to me swiping left to right, making me fall off the edge basically every time.
Ads, to much ads.
hia h on 2020-06-01
I started playing this game and I didn’t know how to play it, of course. When I lost an ad poped up, “like once in a while and add will pop up” I thought. When I kept loosing each time and ad would pop up! Please at least put less ads in this game.
Dance pickle 17 on 2020-06-01
I just got this game and it wouldn’t let me turn the ball in the direction I wanted it too. I so I deleted it after two minutes because of that I tried over and over still nothing. I didn’t even get past level 1 ☹️#would not recommend
It is good
unionboi on 2020-06-01
It is okay because it really gets attention from us. But for an average person to play this, they would think it's hard and impossible. If only the players could make it easier, I would give this a five star rating.
This is fun, But yet to many adds.
Miyon Ellis on 2020-06-01
This game is enjoining but every time you fall of the road, there’s and add right after even when you don’t press the game that plays in the corner.The game doesn’t lag, glitch or anything!
Fun game but the ads are obnoxious
Big_D_. on 2020-06-01
The game itself is good fun, but it shows you a 30 second ad every time you start a game and every time you die. I would recommend playing on airplane mode.
Good made add something
fsfysbyuvreuygafushbsofd on 2020-06-01
Hello I think this game is pretty good but i think u should add something to where u can make it to where u can tilt your devices to move left or right

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