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Twitch is where thousands of communities come together for our favorite streamers, for the games we love, for the lulz, for each other, for whatever. Download Twitch and join millions enjoying live games, music, sports, esports, podcasts, cooking shows, IRL streams, and whatever else crosses our community’s wonderfully absurd minds. We’ll see you in chat. Here’s a convenient list of other awesome things about Twitch: Everyone is “about” community. We actually are one: Whatever you nerd out about, you can find your people on Twitch. Give support, get support: Find new streamers and subscribe to your favorites. Plus, unlock exclusive perks for your support. Start your own channel: The Twitch app is one of the easiest ways to start streaming. Just create an account, go live directly from the app, and bring people together around whatever you’re passionate about. You never know what you’ll find: Popular games are always live, but so are music festivals, rocket launches, street tours of Tokyo, and goat yoga. Yes, really. Dark mode: Y’all love this one. Black and purple have never looked this good together. Twitch's Terms of Service are available at For feedback and assistance, please visit our Support Center: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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Every update makes the app worse
I broke up MCR on 2023-03-27
1. You disabled whispers for no reason. Get rid of that setting that forces them to off. For those that don’t know, go to settings > security & privacy > turn off “block whispers from strangers.” Twitch should let the user decide how they want to avoid people. The block button exists for a reason. Whispers also lack the most basic feature: time stamps. How hard is that? 2. You shouldn’t have to force people to add their phone numbers just to use the chat. I don’t want to put my phone number. Me verifying my email should be enough to use ALL of Twitch and it should be up to the user what they want to share. I already get enough spam texts and calls, I don’t need Twitch have my number. 3. Since you block me from using the chat by not adding my number (which I shouldn’t have to do), I was unable to help a young boy by telling him not to show his feet to some pervert asking him to do a “statue” or “endurance” challenge to “keep the channel alive.” The boy did it anyways and you banned him instead of banning the pervert’s channel. Typical Twitch relying on an algorithm or AI instead of actually doing their jobs. All you have to do is make it so people can’t say the words like “challenge” or ask for these gross and disturbing challenges in the chat. Simple. 4. Most of the time if someone streams from their phone or a tablet, there are either black bars forcing the ratio to be in 4:3 format or the stream gets pixelated and corrupted, forcing the stream to end by itself. This still happens as of 3/20/23
Great on PC, horrible on mobile
Thalacar on 2023-03-27
TLDR; 0/10 would NOT recommend I have used twitch for a while on mobile and for a long time I thought it was fine. It had some issues but for the most part it was all good. Until I got my PC. Then I realized just how awful twitch mobile is. Half the features on Twitch PC are non-existent on the mobile version. In addition to that, the mobile version is filled with bugs that I’ve never once encountered on PC. For example, I will frequently be watching a streamer that I’ve subbed too but when I go to use emotes all of them will be locked. And emotes from other channels that I’ve subbed to won’t even be visible. This includes the default Twitch emotes that everyone has. The worst of it tho, is that despite the fact that the mobile version is an absolute dumpster fire compared to the PC version they still charge you MORE money for subscribing or buying bits on mobile. The last time I checked it was about 50% more for bits on mobile and an extra $1 every month for subscribing on mobile. My recommendation? If you wanna use Twitch Mobile that’s fine. But expect a terrible experience and don’t even think about spending a dime on their mobile app. Absolutely not worth it. If I had any other way to watch my favorite streamers I would have deleted this app immediately.
Never as good as browser
Mo the Half on 2023-03-27
When I travel, I always hate that I bring my iPad for entertainment instead of a laptop to watch twitch with. Personally, I enjoy watching vods, but this app makes it difficult to navigate twitch in order to find the most recent vods of your followed streamers. I have to go to their channels and then find the vods through further aggravating interfaces. On browser, your vods are way easier to find. I also find the player pauses while in pop out mode on certain apps, like instagram. Or it will pause randomly. Unsure if it’s the internet or the app, but it feels like the app… Finally, there is no extension support like for BTTV, which is really deflating, especially when chats will be using emotes that only bttv supports, causing me to look at nonsense text scrolling on the chat wall instead of cute or funny emotes. Hate this app… just wish I was watching on my computer. I’ll probably just give up and follow my streamer’s vod channels even though it’s a bit more work.
!YAY on 2023-03-27
This latest👎update👎ruined the whole smooth FUN, fast, intuitive and great interactive experience the app used to have and turned the AppleTV Twitch app into a Horrible😵‍💫Jittery🤢Laggy🤮Buggy🤕 Glitchy👻Stiff and Shallow💀nightmare experience🚮 This is even worse than the firetv🤢twitch app👎 The app was FUN, brilliant, smooth, fast and intuitive smart: You could see what was on over any channel even before selecting to watch, now just a random CLICKBAIT THUMBNAIL🤮image from many minutes ago that got nothing to do with what’s happening when you select a channel👎 We had FILTER OPTIONS to BROWSE the categories like languages and now we got random channels with not even (high to low viewers)order option🚮 I used to watch Twitch more than YouTube because of how brilliant this app was for AppleTV. Now its just impossible👎This new “update” gives me anxiety, nausea and vertigo at the same time🤮👎
Latest appletv update broke the app
ElijahScott82 on 2023-03-27
Not sure how this got passed but the old app software was fine. Could actually open the chat if you wanted to see it. Had the left off feature of your streamers you watched and also let you click on a persons page if they where not online. To now you can’t open the chat side anymore, you can’t even go to a click on a streamers page if they are live. There’s no icon for that person because it only shows offline streamers. So I have to click on their live video to even see their page. Like what? Where’s all the left off videos, did you guys decide to not include them anywhere? I don’t understand how this stuff gets sent for an update. The old software was fine
Never again
So I was trying to link my account to my PlayStation so I did well I had to do it couple of try’s till I got it and when I log on it on my phone it log me out and I didn’t even log my self out so I was try to log back on it but it wouldn’t let me so I made a new account and I try to delete it but guess what I need my password so I did and it says it was incorrect and I know it wasn’t so I had to make a new one but it didn’t even ask me what password I want so I keep on trying but it wasn’t working so I deleted it never use this crappy app again
app is broken
cowinfield on 2023-03-27
app stopped fixing the aspect ratio when rotating the screen between landscape and portrait. so i went to update the app and now the rotate button doesnt work at at all. Also the new choice to no longer adjust the aspect ratio so you can see chat and the whole stream at the same time is frustrating. i dont want 25% of my screen to blocked at any time. app used to be bearable even with heavy ads but now i cant even watch a stream properly outside them 🙃 edit: they fixed it for a while but now they broke it again
AppleTV app is a disaster after latest update
ozoneic on 2023-03-27
Since I can't review on AppleTV, I'm doing it here. App no longer lets you see small streamers in your following list. No longer clears the informational display below the stream when viewing without the chat panel. Lags so hard that it can take several seconds for remote input to take effect on screen. Some streams, likely on strange bitrate or resolution settings, simply won't play at all in the app even though they play fine on the web. What a disaster.
The rating this app deserves
Ceyeclops on 2023-03-27
Twitch is great as an idea at start, but you sign up and start seeing the ideal change. Too many times now I’ve had to watch ads MULTIPLE TIMES not because of the streamer, but because TWITCH WANTS THAT MONEY BABY AND JUST SHOWS IT TO ME MORE TO GET THAT SWEET AD MONEY TO SHOWER IN. Too many times I’ve been cut off of a streamers time to SHOW MORE ADS. I wish didn’t have to use Twitch to watch the content I like.
Why I only give twitch two starts
Addsrbad on 2023-03-27
Twitch is by far the best streaming service when it comes to live streaming but getting a 4 minute add while there is two minutes left in a tournament stile game is my biggest issue. I really think you should implement some kind of skip button and maybe not stack as many I would love to sub and not get them but when you have multiple streamers to watch $5 a month times say 5 streamers adds up quickly

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