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Find Food Delivery On Your Budget Hungry? Find the food you crave and order from restaurants easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your food order in real-time. Get your food delivered by delivery people using the Uber Eats app. FIND YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Browse nearby restaurants and search for food by cuisine, restaurant name, dish or meal. Choose from a variety of food to order: Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. Chinese food. Skip the line and reservations. Order food using the Uber Eats app now. SIMPLE ORDERING Pick your food order from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. That’s it. Order food to be delivered by delivery people as soon as possible. Or, schedule your food order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice! PICKUP OR DELIVERY Now you can also order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart and go to the restaurant to get your food. Or, choose the new no-contact delivery option and request your order be left at your doorstep. EASY PAYMENT Pay easily with a credit card or Uber Cash. Add a different card easily. Enter a Uber Eats promo code to redeem a discount on your food order. Tip easily in the app. No cash needed for tipping. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING Track your food order on a map as it heads your way. See the estimated delivery time to your address. Get notified when your order arrives. RESTAURANTS INCLUDE: McDonald's, Subway, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Starbuck's, Five Guys, Panda Express, Denny's, Jersey Mike's Subs, T.G.I. Friday's, Hooters, Sonic, Red Lobster. Firehouse Subs, Moe's Southwest Grill, BurgerFi, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Boston Market, Qdoba, Steak 'n Shake, The Halal Guys, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, Tijuana Flats, Church's Chicken, White Castle, McAlister's Deli, Jack in the Box, On The Border, Fatburger, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Famous Dave's BBQ, and more. AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY Join the thousands of others in your city who use the Uber Eats app to order from their favorites restaurants and schedule delivery Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more. Visit for more details!

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App never loads certain screens; no favorites?
musicgenres on 2022-08-08
Updat eAug 6: Hey Ubereats! Get a UX team that knows what the user wants and keeps the user from frustration! There’s no way to see favorited restaurants..? On an APP that is usually the first thing we want to see. And now the app freezes when I get to a certain screen, causing me to restart. Frustrations and pain points as a user! Update Jan 10, 2022: haha page says there’s a new update, but look at the version history! It’s all lies they haven’t updated anything in probably over a year, it’s STILL BROKEN. No wonder the app doesn’t work, yet their dev team still collects a salary🧐 ——————————————————————Update Jan 7, 2022: issue still not resolved over a month later and now I see other reviews related to this incident. Do they even have a UX and quality team? Or is customer service so pathetic that they are not even telling them? But those working in Dev should be constantly checking for errors, not doing their job??….I will NEVER apply to work for Uber’s UX team, AWFUL! ………………………………………….————————————————————————- Update Jan 1, 2022: a month later and the app still has bugs. I decided to check and see if there was an update but NOPE. They say it’s my device? LOL but i know it’s not since I tried on 2 SEPARATE devices AND on the desktop website. Fix your platform!! It DOESNT WORK!—————————————————————————-3rd update: FINALLY my 10th help request is closed by customer support with no answer. Very unprofessional experience overall. The answer I received now is “we are working on fixing the app…” For how long? It’s been 2 weeks and I cannot place an order on the app nor website. And no promo or apology for ordering next time the app is working (if ever). Downgraded my review to 1 star. I just deleted the Ubereats app.—————————————————————————-Update: 3 days later and the app still does not work properly since the latest localization update which made things worse. And every customer service ticket I create gets ignored and they quickly close every ticket. They must not want their jobs if they don’t try to help fix their own app….? Overall good experience using the past 2 years but a few problems. Of course 10x better than Door dash (which never have background checks). But with Ubereats a few times I’ve had drivers ride around with my food for hours and never deliver! And why was it difficult to request a cancellation and refund? Now the app has been giving me technical problems saying that every restaurant 5 miles or more out is “too far to deliver”. I’m posting here because talking with several support reps for hours and troubleshooting did nothing. So it’s definitely the app because my phone is a few months new and iOS is updated. How can I use your services if your app is never fixed?
$124 loss, no food, no refund
Filipe R. Silva on 2022-08-08
Hello, my name is Filipe. My order never arrived, this guy named Donald delivered it to the wrong address, sent a picture of the food in front of a red door when my house’s door is white. I’ve tried everything, tried the chat support, tried calling and nothing works. I will seek my rights and sue Uber Eats, not because of $124 dollars but because this is the third time this has happened! And because I am still hungry and was robbed of $124 dollars! For justice’s sake! I am sick of this! If I don’t get my money back I’ll will not recommend Uber Eats to anybody, will not never use it again and will most definitely leave bad reviews of the horrible services Uber Eats provides against theft! Wherever I can and until the end of time I will leave bad feedbacks and reviews of how this Multi-billion dollar corporation and it’s delivery drivers are robbing people of their money and their food through sophisticated scams by taking advantage of Uber Eat’s poor quality refund policy and protection against delivery drivers stealing food!
Annoying app and obnoxious refund issues
jeaniln on 2022-08-08
Payment info on the app was confusing. The user interface needs more search refinement options. Getting help through a chat took a lot of sleuthing and their automated help system gave me the runaround for a long time before I was actually able to chat with someone. The whole reason I had an issue was because we placed an order at the wrong location, immediately realized our error and cancelled the order within seconds of placing it. It stated we would still be charged, so I had to go through about 45 minutes of searching for a help option and waiting in line to chat with someone. The chat rep would fall silent for minutes without saying anything and I couldn’t tell if we had been cut off (I have done many a customer service chat and they ALWAYS tag your responses with something like “just a moment while I look into that”. Not so with Uber Eats). The whole user experience just left me feeling frustrated for an experience that was meant to make life easier and more convenient.
Will let others eat your food
Hojo da finest on 2022-08-08
I have been using the service for a while, so often that I even had the Uber one subscription. Over my time, I’ve had a lot of bad experiences but there was never really Uber‘s fall or even the drivers. It was always with the restaurants, and the service was always fast to help me if something was wrong with my order. But this time, they decidedAfter someone had taken a bite out of my food and delivered it to me like this, that this is one they decided to stop trying to be helpful. I’ve asked him repeatedly if I’m going to get a refund of any sort and they’ve essentially told me that they’re not going to give me anything because I’ve had too many “ Price adjustments” as their excuse. So you know, if you’re OK with people taking bites out of your food and then just giving it to you like that after spending like $30, then use this app.
Shameless theft from Uber Eats
Aaaadfghhddfjjhfds on 2022-08-08
We ordered food from a steakhouse. They dropped someone else’s delivery at our door. (The photo they took even shows Popeye’s giant orange letters on the bag) Driver did not answer about 5 attempts of calls. We contacted Uber, explained the situation, waited on hold and they explicitly told us they would not give us a refund due to their “policy.” They provided no other reason, just kept repeating the “policy” that apparently is just theft they are cool with perpetrating. Luckily our payment provider immediately refunded it after seeing proof of this. Criminal. There’s a lot of blatant false reviews going on this app as well, I recommend looking at recent reviews, they are all 1 star.
First order was stolen
AntonL132 on 2022-08-08
Delivery guys Joseph fooled my. He called to me and asked the pin. It was my first ever order here, so I wasn’t cautious enough and told him m my pin. After that he ended the call and blocked me. I have never received my order. And more, i was hardly able to reach a support person(not a stupid chat bot who kept saying that my order was delivered and wished me to enjoy), and when finally I reached out to a person, he said that refund is not possible and closed the dialog. I made another attempt and reached out to another one. And only after second attempt and more than 2 hours of fighting I got my refund. Uber eats should pay more attention on who they hire and how to monitor their work.
Absolute trash support
Ch246emr on 2022-08-08
Ordered an $80 meal. Didn’t receive the food. Support refunded the charge, but I’ve gotta wait 10 days for the refund according to them. Then almost two hours later and after two chat support agents (one ended the conversation prematurely) we were told that we weren’t able to get an additional credit for our time despite it now being 11:00pm and us being out of an entire meal. Additionally there are THREE charges on our bank statement and they’re all negative and not one looks like any type of pending refund. This support was a joke. The delivery was a joke considering we didn’t even get our food. The entire app is a joke. Ridiculous and a pure garbage experience.
Atrocious customer service
hannahlmusic on 2022-08-08
If you’re fine with paying for an order you may or may not receive, then Uber Eats is for you. And if you do end up missing items, they will do little to nothing to help you. This has happened a few times now and it’ll be the last time for me as I’m done using this service. They completely ghosted me after I had issues with my last order but then came back and said it had been resolved. It was absolutely not resolved. Atrocious customer service, and the sad thing is I can honestly say after years of using Uber Eats, there hasn’t been even one time where the customer service was even somewhat good. Moving on to a more reliable platform.
Poor customer service
MaliGeorge on 2022-08-08
I use this service more than most because I don’t drive. Most of the time my orders are wrong and missing items. The restaurants or business never marks stuff as sold out and I’m not paying for stuff I haven’t received. I received an email from Uber eats that I requests too many refunds…way more than the average customer…maybe because I order more than the average customers Uber ?? Maybe hold the business and restaurants responsible for fulfilling orders to full or cancel orders they can’t fill. I stopped using DoorDash because of the same issues. Maybe it’s just my location but these apps are definitely not benefiting the customer.
Always late
Giovanni Sciarappa on 2022-08-08
I have been a customer of Uber Eats for years, and every single time I order something, there’s a problem. Not with the restaurant(s) I’m purchasing from but rather from Uber Eats and it’s employees - both drivers and customer service, alike. Tonight I had an issue with my order and rather than assisting me with finding a resolution, the “conversation” was “ended” and my problem was virtually dismissed. I am so displeased with my Uber Eats experience time and time again. There is a complete lack of accountability and genuine customer support. I am both disheartened and disappointed with this company at nearly every level.

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