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Download the mobile app & discover how the possibilities are even more beautiful. Find your favorite makeup, skincare & haircare products—plus play with new looks in the GLAMlab, our virtual beauty try-on experience. Then check your Ultamate Rewards account & redeem points anytime, anywhere. • Book an appointment at your nearest Ulta Beauty Salon in a snap! Treat yourself to beauty services for hair, skin & more. • Shop by category & filter by brand, price, best sellers & new arrivals. • Easily find a product using our barcode scanner to view product info, ratings, reviews & save your favorites; QR codes supported. • Use voice search to search for a brand or product, simply by speaking its name. • View weekly ads, gifts with purchase & special offers. • Check out the new & improved GLAMlab! Virtually try on your favorites for eyes, lips & cheeks from top brands including Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, NYX, MAC & more. • Send eGift Cards or Gift Cards by mail from your mobile device. • Feel the love! Sign up for Ulta Beauty’s free Ultamate Rewards Program. • Access your existing Ultamate Rewards account to view bonus offers, current status & points balance. • Learn more & apply for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card—another exciting way that beauty loves you back! • Get the latest skincare tips & trends with our monthly Skin-fatuation feature & haircare tips from our monthly style roundup, Hair Heroes. • Opt-in for push notifications to be the first to know about exclusive offers on your favorite products & brands, as well as upcoming events at your nearest Ulta Beauty store. • Review your account order history and order tracking. • Use the store locator to get directions to your nearest Ulta Beauty store, view hours & even book a Salon appointment! • Share your favorite products & looks on your favorite social networks. • Search for and quickly find recently viewed products using Spotlight Search.

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Ulta Prices
Expensive Makeup on 2020-01-29
I am a makeup fanatic & could spend all day in Ulta & feel like I’m in heaven, however I know it’s the manufacturers prices maybe Ulta has some play in it, but the downfall is the prices for name brand makeup is ridiculous! Not a lot of women these days can afford $32 for mascara, I’ve seen prices for everything that has a name brand & it actually gives you a sense of well I’m on the wrong side of the fence in this store & can be quit embarrassing as you move to the left where makeup is more affordable with it being Ulta brands, cover girl, maybeline, things like that! I don’t feel that women have to suffer & not have the same access as women who can afford name brand makeup & have to shop on the cheaper side of the store! I would love to create makeup and make it affordable for women who don’t have wallets like some in which I am not on any grounds disrespecting women who are financially secure I think it’s great however women who struggle to make ends meet should be able to walk into a makeup store such as Ulta & not feel she has to move to the left! I’ve said enough & got carried away with this but to see mascara cost over $20 coverup cost $20-$50 eye shadow pallets seriously some are between $50-$80 & up just because there’s a familiar name on it! I would love to create make up so if anyone’s hiring HMU LOL 4 real in the NH area! So MAKEUP CREATORS COME ON YOUR MAKEUP WAAAAY TO EXPENSIVE FOR US POOR WOMEN WORK ON YOUR PRICES PLZ SO WE CAN SHOW OFF YOUR SIGNATURED MAKEUP LINE THANK YOU, Mrs. CIN O
Uh oh! Something went wrong...
kok079 on 2020-01-29
EVERY time I try logging in I have to change my password. EVERY. TIME. Not because I have mistyped or forgotten it but because the app gives me the “Uh oh...” message. I haven’t forgot my password from resetting if LAST NIGHT. And this has been going on for months. At first I thought it was me, because after I get frustrated I don’t come back to the app for a while and I just go in store. But I literally changed my password, less than 5 hours ago, and accessed my account, only to get the message again a few short hours later when I tried logging in again this morning. This is ridiculous. But it’s ok with me if you don’t want my money. Cause I’ll just spend it at Sephora. I don’t have this problem with their app.
Love the Convenience!
Luv2CUsmile on 2020-01-29
I haven’t had any problems with the Ulta app on my iPhone XR. I rated it a 4 star though because it is not very user friendly when wanting to see the actual “free gift items” up close with a description. Also when wanting to search items by brand easily as well as category. I also don’t think all items are necessarily listed in the correct category. Otherwise, I use it quite frequently to shop. Even in store when an item is sold out, I order on my app. I do wish the app and website had a link to “online only” items. I miss out on things when I seldom see what items are available online only.
Shame !!!!!
karen889 on 2020-01-29
60 points away from diamond status. Had to travel abroad on a family visit for the holidays. But during my travels, I cannot use Ulta app, website or even phone call to place (or browse) and reach my diamond status. Ulta has restricted my account and would not allow me any access to it. Thank universe my account is paid in full otherwise I would be charged a late fee and not my fault BECAUSE ULTA IS NOT ALLOWING ME TO ACCESS THEIR WEBSITE. Seriously it’s almost 2020. Get a better server as I have had no problem ordering from any other website during my trip other then Ulta. Shame !!
Nothing but problems
B.N.Drew on 2020-01-29
I tried on several different occasions to make purchases (since Black Friday) and every time I go to check out I’m told my already saved Ulta credit card needs to be verified for payment or use a different payment method. My card works fine in the stores. Contacted Ulta customer service and nothing, contacted the credit card company and nothing. I can’t even use a different credit card. Went on today and was told the same thing as before so I finally checked out via PayPal only to receive a email an hour later stating my ENTIRE order (8 different items) was canceled.
Review on Alta
Mckenzie(Aka) kenzie on 2020-01-29
Alta is a really good makeup and beauty store, I would definitely recommend it to someone who has never been there before or just random people, I really like Alta I get everything as far as makeup,skin care,hair products,etc from Alta beauty, I find one thing a little bit of a struggle Alta beauty’s prices are a bit expensive and it can get kinda pricey on my bank account because before I know it I’ll have done bought like 7 different items and spent $100 dollars but other than it being so expensive I really love ulta beauty.
MimiRass on 2020-01-29
I went into our Ulta around 4:00 pm the Monday after Christmas to stock up on my makeup that I needed. Was dead and only a few people working. Understandable. There was about 10 people walking around. One girl working which was not my issue. Was in the area for about 15 minutes. Not once did she ask me or anyone else if she could help. The whole time she was doing her hair and makeup. Do they pay her to come to work and get ready? Don’t they pay her to service the people. I walked out. They lost a sure sale.
seraty on 2020-01-29
Every few days, the app will just automatically sign you out of your account. I obviously know my password and at my annoyance when I have to sign back in, it says my password is wrong so I have to reset it!!!!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!!! This is not me at all. Really makes me hate this app and not want to use it all after I’ve loaded a whole shopping cart and I have to spend time to sign back in, reset the password etc... It’s so unnecessary. Fix it
Ulta is truly wonderful!
IamTiffieB on 2020-01-29
Long story short, my package was stolen. I was just about distraught. I contacted the delivery service and all the did was send my a pic of the package in front of my door. I contacted Ulta, and within a few hours, they issued a gift card to replace my items AND added rewards points to my account. That is truly going above and beyond! I am going to keep Ulta number one, and look to buy my makeup, hair and other personal items from them!
Please fix
PJenkins616 on 2020-01-29
This app is great, dont get me wrong But, when making online payments I just wish the sign in option was a bit more easier. Example: Victoria’s Secret App. Literally scanned my face and I was in Ulta- takes a little bit (I have the absolute worst Mom brain ever and I can’t lose my face like I do everything else ) Get with their software programmers and designers and pay them. Please.

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