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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Forget what you know about common Unit Converters. Undoubtedly, Converter ∞ (Infinity) offers unique features & greatly new user experience!!! ◉ Featured: Converter ∞ greatly supports huge Database with 50 available categories and over 1000 units (Include mixed unit such as ft + in, m + cm,...) so Converter ∞ can help you solve almost every conversion problem in your Work, your Study and also your daily life. You can, moreover, add your regular conversion to Favorite Section so that your conversion task would be as fastest as ever! ◉ Perfect Design: Converter ∞ has a shape of arc combined with sci-fi style offering convenient & interesting user experience. ◉ Ultimate Converter: More than a normal Unit Converter, Converter ∞ can help create your self–made conversion units to the converter. It makes your converter become Unlimited !!! ◉ Official Website: Http:// ◉ Features: ▸ Support Widget ▸ Universal Converter App ▸ 50+ Categories &1000+ Units ▸ Currency(Money) Exchange ¹ ▸ Price Conversion ▸ Luminous Conversion ▸ Retina Display Support ² ▸ Global Favorite Section ▸ Category Favorite Section ▸ Create your own unit ▸ Turn On/Off Units ▸ Turn On/Off Categories ▸ Mixed-unit Support ▸ Fraction(Mixed) Support ▸ Scientific Calculator ▸ Support Widget ▸ Online DB Update ▸ Online Update Currency Rate ³ ▸ Online Tutorial & Documents. ◉ Featured Conversion: ▸ Mixed Unit Conversion: Met - Ft + In. ▸ Fuel Consumption: Km / Lit - Mil / Gal. ▸ Price Conversion: USD / Gal - EUR / Lit. ▸ Luminous Conversion Tool: Convert Among Luminous Flux, Intensity and Apex Angle. ▸ Electrical Conversion Tool: Convert Among Electric Current (A), Power (W), Voltages (V). ¹: Source: Yahoo! Finance (85 Currencies) ²: All iPhone (Incl. 7/7+) / iPad Retina Display ³: Manual & Hourly Auto Update. New Data Base Update available weekly. No Ads & High Performance. ◉ Categories: Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Acceleration Linear, Acceleration Angular, Angle, Calorific Value, Data, Capacitance,Conductance,Conductive, Currency, Data Transfer, Density Common, Electric Field, Energy, Entropy, Force, Fuel Consumption, Heat Capacity, Heat Flux Density, Illumination, Inductance, Linear Charge Density, Luminance, Linear Current Density, Magnetic Flux Density, Moment Inertia, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, Radiation Absorb Dose (Rate), Resistance, Price, Resistivity, Speed, Surface Tension, Torque, Time, Thermal Conductivity / Resistivity, Thermal Expansion, Typography, Temperature Velocity Angular, Viscosity Dynamic / Kinematic, Volume Flow Rate, Volume Dry.

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