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Make every day more rewarding. Download Upside to earn cashback on what you need, so you spend on what you love. >>>WHAT Upside is a platform that lets you shop as usual and earn cash back, but in a way that makes sure businesses earn too. Claim an offer and get the most value on gas, groceries, and restaurants. There’s no limit to how much you can earn, and you can even use it with other coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs. We’re not your average cash back app. This is a win-win for you AND the store you’re buying from. So buy what you need and feel good about it. When we’re all better off, communities thrive. >>>WHERE - Gas stations: Up to 25¢/gal cash back on gas at 25,000+ gas stations across the U.S. (including all the big brands like Shell, Valero, BP, Phillips 66, Circle K, Speedway, 76, Racetrac, Conoco, Mobil, and Exxon). - Restaurants: Up to 45% cash back at 17,000+ restaurants, cafes, fast food joints, and more. - Grocery stores: Up to 30% cash back on groceries in select cities like Minneapolis, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, and Raleigh. Download the app to see locations near you. >>>HOW (1) Claim your offer through the app (2) Pay as usual with any credit or debit card (3) Either Check In, or snap and submit a photo of your receipt (4) Cash out whenever you want! It’s really that easy. Buy anything you need and earn real cash every time you shop. You can cash out whenever you want via PayPal, e-gift card, or bank transfer. We partner with local businesses (gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants nearby) who want to win your business. >>>WHY With Upside, you earn cash back on what you need so you can spend on what you love. Upside users earn 2 to 3 times more cash back compared to any other app out there, and merchants are earning more profit than ever before. When shoppers get more value and businesses earn more profit, communities grow stronger. Too good to be true? Download and see for yourself.

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They should call it DownSide
AppAttack on 2023-03-21
I downloaded the app on 02/22/23 and everything worked as described. Then on 03/11 on the App Store I downloaded the update and after doing so I closed the app on 03/14. Today 03/17 I open the app so I can use it. I get a message that I have to sign in. Ok well it didn’t recognize my password. So I go to reset password and after entering the email and clicked the reset button. I get an error message to try again later. I finally get it where I can reset my password. I go to sign in and same thing error message email and password don’t match. Ok so I had repeated the reset password 3 times and I still can’t get into my account. And forget about support all I received was a generic email all were identical. Very generic with no solutions. Take my advice do not get this app and store your credit card(s) info. Why because once you can’t get into your account and from a secure standpoint you can kiss your credit card information good bye. And the generic support emails don't help as it never answered my issue. In the end I now have to cancel my credit cards because I have no access to my account. I have no clue what happens to that information that’s stored on an unaccessible account??? BEWARE AND READ THE REVIEWS
Easiest way to find a crappy gas station
J. S. Taylor on 2023-03-21
I got this app several years ago when I was working in the nicer end of town and because the gas station nearby honored the offers daily. I got a false sense of what kind of places make these offers by this one location. My mistake. Usually, I find, a run down dilapidated gas station that’s a bit too far off of the road agrees to participate to draw people in.(read they don’t want to spend money on their establishment to actually entice customers in) It never fails, you go to the service station indicated on the map, select the offer and get gas. The place is usually such a dump you have no interest in going inside. You complete your purchase and print receipt… nope, always inside, always see cashier for receipt so you will have to walk in to get the receipt. The function the app had to find record of your purchase by credit card number hasn’t worked in who knows how long. I got so fed up with the app’s inability to find records of my purchase I quit using it. Who wants to buy at the nastiest gas stations on earth if they won’t pay out. Keep it, I’ll skip getting robbed.
False advertising
Rcr1029 on 2023-03-21
So this is the second time this has happened to me. I’m about to get enough for a pay out, and it signs me out, the first time I forgot my password so I couldn’t sign back in because it kept saying an error had occurred when trying to reset my password, the email I had used was an old one that I didn’t really use that much anyway so I just made a new account. This time I run into issues where it promotes let’s say .19¢ a gallon, but I got to fill up, and only get like .09¢, whatever I still need to fill up my tank so I continue using it, then today I’m about to make enough for a payout, and then I somehow get signed out of my account again, I remember my password this time, try signing in, it says my password is wrong, I try resetting it again, and wouldn’t you know, I can’t. I get the same error after trying to reset it for a while, leaving it alone, then trying again a few hours later. Definitely not what they advertise, not sure how they’re still on the App Store after basically scamming people.
Garbage App!
GiJose on 2023-03-21
Once again…I get to a gas station after claiming the offer with no issues and the app stops working. Open the app and it closes two seconds later. Eventually I get signed out of account and asked to log back in. Problem is it keeps saying my email/ password are incorrect. So I reset the darn thing…just to keep getting the same message. Of course- conveniently UPSIDE will refuse to credit you with a claimed purchase during an “outage” even if you have the receipt. It’s a great scam if you think about it. Gas stations pay them for advertising and UpSide finds every way possible to get out of paying us. BBB here we come!
Accrued $83.44 in 2 months! (Long Island, NY)
Jon389407 on 2023-03-21
I’ve used this app to check-in about 16 times between Feb and March of 2023 and I could not be happier, making back money on purchases I was going to conduct anyway! (4 times on gas and 12 times on food takeout! “$73.44” if you do not count the $10 referral bonus to friends/family!) I hear they are expanding for groceries too! This app has been wonderful and customer service has been top-notch in resolving any issues and crediting my account too (ie, merchant receipts not being found when using Apple Pay etc). My only hope is a full-on expansion moreso in the NYC-area! Let’s make it happen 🙌
App does not work
Pocelainnnnn on 2023-03-21
This app sucks…. I tried to use it - went to where it said - uploaded my receipt -it said to check back later and when I did they rejected it🤣 no reason why - its just not there anymore & my claimed offer is no longer there of course & there is no one to contact for support- well I couldn't find anyone- I knew it was a scam! Not to mention if u go off the screen in their app at any time while doing all this it logs u out… that in itself is annoying because on this app and only this app it takes forever to catch a signal for some reason to log in… idk im not using it again and erasing
System is down, plus other issue
ELF6313 on 2023-03-21
As of this moment, neither me nor my family members can get in to get upside, and it’s a weekend when we are all fueling up. The other issue is when you have to upload a receipt, it often doesn’t accept the receipt, even though the entire receipt is in the pic. It’s not our fault when the receipt printed isn’t a good quality. Often you will go inside to ask for a better receipt but they won’t give it to you because it’s still visible in their opinion. Great app idea, and we have made a lot of money off this app (hence the 4 stars), but too many issues that need to be fixed.
Not good business practice!!
Opinions/***holes on 2023-03-21
I’ve been trying the app for a little while and was pleased at first, but then I realized what the catch would be. My regular gas purchases go through just fine, usually get anywhere from a few cents to a couple dollars back depending on the offer. BUT when we get diesel and we should get back several dollars and more, nothing. It just says processing for over a week then when that 10 days is up we’re screwed out of it. I think it’s crappy that you pick and choose when to pay people. And there isn’t any response from customer service for help with the matter.
Never received GiftCard
ArmyGuy101 on 2023-03-21
Update: their solution after bad review is to leave a fake email response to make it look like they did something. No they did not respond after sending them the 11th email. FAKE SCAM APP. After religiously using this app for over a year I decided to cash out and get my son something for his birthday. Chose the Amazon card. So NEVER got it. After multiple emails and complaining they just stopped responding. I never got it and now I have wasted my time using this app and now I have to figure something out for my son. Thanks for the waste of time.
Increasingly scammy
Bman368633789 on 2023-03-21
I have had three restaurant purchases rejected in the past two weeks. One because the receipt had the last four of my debit card on it, but did not say “VISA”. One had both things listed and Upside still said it did not. And a third which had my last four but Upside said it was paid with an excluded third party app, which it clearly wasn’t (my last four are on the receipt!). Why have offers at restaurants who do not provide adequate receipts? I bet upside is still getting paid for their referrals, though.

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