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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



"A must-have app for anyone interested in the latest VC or PE news." *** What you get in the app: (All news sources can be individually turned on/off.) - VC/PE News Section: 20+ VC/PE related news sources & 70+ targeted news searches for major VC/PE firms. - Business News Section: 80+ business (& some general) news sources to choose from, including audio/video news updates. - Technology News Section: 70+ technology news sources. - People Section: Blogs and Twitter feeds from top influencers and deal-makers. *** You can: - Individually turn on/off any news sources. (Slide right) - Listen to news updates & podcasts. (Slide left) - Filter news in the list or search the web with new keywords. (Search bar) - Highlight your favorite sources to make their articles stand out. (Tap on news sources) *** There is nothing in this app that you cannot get for free on the Internet. *** We made this app to conveniently keep ourselves abreast of the latest in the US VC/PE industry. We intend to keep it up-to-date but no promises. *** We are very keen to add good sources. Please email us if we are missing your favorite VC/PE news sources or Twitter accounts. We will add it on the next update cycle. [email protected]

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