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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Avoid the enemies and get the highest SCORE possible!

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Made a man out of me
Gloak24 on 2020-10-27
When i found this game, i was in a sad, lonely place. My wife just left me and took my kids, and i was out of a job. house payments were due soon and i was running out of options. one night i stepped out onto my porch alone, wearing a sleeveless white tee shirt with a beer stain on it and some athletic shorts, smoking a pack of cigarettes and eating some beer, when i looked up into the night sky and saw a bright light, falling from the stars. my eyes grew wide and i felt tears swell up in them, knowing this could be my one true savior. it reached me, and i couldn't believe my eyes. i saw an angel looking at me, smiling. i was so happy i couldn't think, and then suddenly it left, without saying a word. i went back inside my small two room house and sat down at the table, where a stack of bills was laying. i got onto my phone and went to the app-store, barely aware of what i was doing before i found this app. when i came to, Vegan run was downloading and i was starving, knowing that days had past since it started. finally it finished, and i clicked it. that's what changed my life. suddenly i was in the bahamas, my wife and kids next to me and my phone in front of me, as i was playing Vegan run. the sun was shining on my face and i was in a bathtub, bathing in money out on the beach. Vegan run solved all of my problems, and i knew i had found god once i downloaded it. You should as well. who knows, it might cure your entire life as well. couldn't be happier
My Eyes Have Been Opened
Rowan02007 on 2020-10-27
Before now, I spent my days searching desperately for something to fill the hole in my heart. I felt empty inside. (possibly from the lack of fruits and vegetables but that’s not important) I could feel that I was missing something. Something that was so close, yet so far away. Something that was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then one fateful day while folding my dishes, I stumbled across in iPhone sitting upon my kitchen floor. I was surprised to see that it had no passcode and that the home screen was empty save for one app. Vegan Run. The moment I clicked the app icon my eyes were opened to a whole new world I never knew existed. I have truly been enlightened by this spectacular game. Words cannot come close to expressing how much my life has been changed... in just one click.
life changing, honestly
dumbho22 on 2020-10-27
before i downloaded this game, i was depressed and i didn’t want to eat, drink, or sleep at all. i hated life. i was planning on moving to africa and wait for a hippopotamus to kill me. but just last week, when i found out about this game, it honestly changed my whole view of everything. it taught me to become vegan and i loved my life. for the past month, all i’ve been doing is play this game, day and night. i’ve honestly become addicted to the point where i can’t go a day without playing this game. i even asked my pet snail to play with me, but the elephant in my backyard was being too loud, so i used the power of being vegan and launched vegetables at it. i wish i had found this app earlier, it truly helped me overcome my sickness. xxx
Rye Bread on 2020-10-27
So this app was made from the fellow app Tik Tok, and if you had the app you would know that the face is @thatveaganteacher. She wants everyone to be vegan, no matter what you religion is, or if you can’t because of conditions. She doesn’t give a bad bleep about it The vegan teacher always comes back to hate videos saying that it doesn’t matter if you have a condition, you should switch anyways. It’s serious, but a joke at the same time. And a lot of people dislike her because of her strong opinion. So having this app be made, this was a very good laugh! @thatveganteacher even made a video saying it was “illegal” and that she would sue a minor, which was equally funny cause we all know she can’t do that Overall, amazing game!
Saved my life
Surface Theory on 2020-10-27
Hi this game very much changed my life and I am so grateful for this amazing way to be happy! I was living in a shack by a dollar tree well... in the dollar tree for free WiFi cause I could not afford the McDonald’s WiFi poop on u my Donald’s WiFi ‍♂️ anyways vegan run changed my family’s life first my dad downloaded it and we got a check for a 5 dollar Gucci gift card in the morning in my dollar tree vent room I got close to the WiFi vent !!! and then i got the app and I actually put it by the music thing ring ☝️☝️⚡️⚡️⚡️ and you here pee pee pooo pooo check but I also loaf the graphics! I know longer live in dollar treeeew I live in jail for stealing that vegan teacher and putting her IN A HOLELELELELLE
definition of amazing
toenailsforbreakfast on 2020-10-27
this game has given me a reason to love life. after living under a broken lamp for 234 1/2 years, this has finally given me a reason to enjoy life and have fun while eating raw chicken wings. now i can not be ashamed to eat dust because this game has given me confidence. the only thing i would add is more characters, such as maybe some broccoli, or other vegetables. i would also add mickey mouse, or kermit the frog. my only friend was a turtle named uno, and now he has ran away to china, on the other side of the world because i’m “scaring him” because i haven’t stopped playing for 78 hours.
✨favorable hats✨
✨favorable hats✨ on 2020-10-27
I downloaded this game to get over my intoxicating fear of the vegan teacher. But now I realize that some people are just meant to be feared. Like dumbledore and Barney. Vegan run is now all I live for. I even go to the store sometimes just to collect meat, and whenever I see someone old I tell them that I will not in fact eat my vegetables. I soppose that is why my family don’t look me in the eye anymore, even my dogs friends fear ME now.. . But I am not ashamed. Vegan run for life. I can now confidentially say vote cyan
Life changing!!!!!!
spotify you on 2020-10-27
One of my friends told me about this game and I knew I had to download it. On my way home to school I was waking and an old man jumped out of this van with intentions to kidnap me but he sooner realized that I was playing this game and started to just wanna plays with me. As you can see this game has stopped me from being kidnapped and even killed. With this game I no longer sit at home alone. I play vegan run with my new friend Chris Peacock. Thank you for this game without it I wouldn’t be where I am today
I have been woke
Emma1468 on 2020-10-27
I used to spend my days lying on the bathroom floor eating the roaches, but after I found this game, it had taught me so much about myself. One, I have a phobia of the vegan teacher. Two, I love shrek. And 3, Beetles are yummier than roaches. After spending weeks straight playing this game, I have gotten enough strength to crawl (like yoonbum) to piss. I will forever love this game, and I hope they make a h0t shrek
Mark_Belton on 2020-10-27
This game gives a great message to young chuldren tgat being vegan is not good. Dont be an angry karen. Being vegan is ok, but dont force others to change religion is an amazing message to give kids. The characters have a great design and beautiful map designs. The “eat your vegetables” scream when you die is beautiful. This game is amazing. It’s the best game you will ever play, and is life changing. Five stars.

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