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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Enter the world of Very Little Nightmares, a puzzle adventure game that mixes a cute and creepy universe. Help the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat survive in a hostile house and find a way to get her out. As she awakens in an unknown mansion, you must guide her through each room. What a fate to fall here, a place where everything wants to see her dead. Her life is in your hands, avoid enemies, discover intriguing puzzles to finally pierce the secrets of this strange house. ===== EXPLORE The Nest, a vast maze filled with life-threatening traps. SOLVE The challenging puzzles that bar your way. Use your wits and any resources at your disposal. SURVIVE The frightening enemies that will do everything to capture you. DISCOVER A dark universe in this original prequel story of the events in Little Nightmares. Keep in touch & unveil the mysteries of this world: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: - SUPPORT: Having problems? Let us know at - PRIVACY POLICY: - TERMS OF USE:

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Nice expansion of the universe, but way too short
Caitie-Beth on 2021-03-03
VLN was enjoyable, has some cool puzzles and familiar mechanics to the first Little Nightmares game. I didn’t accidentally die nearly as much as in the first game, so less frustration lol. Cool to see new villains, again with similar powers though to what you experience in LN, so a bit of a retread bummer in that respect. I’d love to give this higher praise, but with how insanely short this game was, especially for $6.99!, I can’t. If it was like $2 ok, but I expected more for that price, especially when you compare against other mobile games in that price tier. Really the only reason to go back after completion is if you missed some rewards items or if they decide to give some free DLC (YES please). I missed 2 jack in the boxes on my first go through, so if I’d have tapped everywhere I could have feasibly gotten everything on first try (that gets annoying though). Unless you are diehard into this universe, I’d wait until the price drops or is on sale (surprised it isn’t with the 2nd one just releasing). Overall a good experience, just wish there was more of it and that it was Apple TV friendly. Getting more picky about buying iOS games in general due to lack of tv support. Many of these games (not this one) can be purchased on switch, PlayStation and Xbox, making it a more fun & immersive experience. I always check them first.
Good not great
Jaymax84 on 2021-03-03
As a fan of the series, I enjoyed having a little taste of little nightmares to play anywhere. However, if you are looking for the type of story or mystery that comes with the console games, you won’t find that here. If you are looking for a puzzle game to keep you occupied with a familiar protagonist and some new villains, you won’t be disappointed. The game was a little pricey for how short it was. And if you do not do well with trial and error and learning from mistakes, this game isn’t for you. I can see where the tap style could be annoying, but I played on a tablet and had no issues with the mechanics of it. I could see where playing on a phone could be challenging. Pros: fun puzzles, familiar characters and feel, new villains Cons: price point a little off for how short it is, low replay factor, controls potentially wonky for smaller screens
Awesome Game!
Eastwood87 on 2021-03-03
This was a very fun puzzle game. First of all, I highly recommend you buy it and try it for yourself. It has excellent puzzles, great graphics, requires some timing and coordination in a few places. It even made me jump once it twice. As much as I loved it, it did have a couple shortcomings. The controls are very annoying at times. Finally, I got the feeling that there was a really good story underlying the game, but its origins and endings were never revealed. Bottom line, it’s worth your money.
About this amazing game!
Liz_B UwU on 2021-03-03
I’m about to finish this game.. I’m really sad about it ending. Please you have to make a part 3!! This is my favorite game and nothing will ever ever ever change that! If you agree to make a part 3, I’ll be so happy! I can’t wait to hear the news that it’s coming back if it does come back. It did scare me quite a lot of times.. but I still I’ve it! Keep up the great work! Sincerely, your biggest fan
I love this, but...
kimiyuuu on 2021-03-03
In one of the levels, the bed absolutely won't break. I've gotten all the gnomes, all the stuff needed, and it just won't break. I spent $6.99 on this, so i'd like to actually be able to continue playing.
Achievement not popping up
Kr Sami on 2021-03-03
It's a really good game but There is an achievement where the protagonist have to die 40 times.I tried every possible way but still it's not popping up and it's need to get fixed ASAP.
Crashing problem. I want a refund
Negan is awsom! on 2021-03-03
I love the Little nightmares games and was looking forward to playing this game. Unfortunately I can’t even get into the first level because the game keeps crashing. Worst $7.00 I’ve ever spent
Bobby on on 2021-03-03
I am huge fan of little nightmare games. Including Xbox and expansion. I love their puzzle and creepiness. Their taste of darkness and creep factor is amazing.
Best mobile game yet
TheTasteOfRegret on 2021-03-03
A lil challenging but that’s what makes it fun! Played this after little nightmares to get a bit of the story. Now to play little nightmares 2 lol
Awesome game
taokaka777 on 2021-03-03
I freaking Love little nightmares. I also played the first and second one on switch hoping there’s more to the story great job guys!!

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