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Dec, 2020



Create Live Photo from videos or images for your lock screen! No 5 second limit! - The VideoToLive app is a very simple and streamlined app that turns your videos into Live Photo for your lock screen. - Share your Live Photos. - Save Live Photos shared by others with VideoToLive app. - Create GIFs from videos and Live Photos with a GIF maker! - Convert an image or a sequence of images to a Live Photo. - Convert Live Photos of any length to videos. * Live Photos can be used as live wallpaper on iPhone 6s and above. * Please send your questions or suggestions by visiting :)

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PyroSaber on 2021-01-19
I really enjoy the app! It’s awesome how I can turn videos I record of, let’s be honest here, my fav anime waifus/husbandos in just a couple of clicks! Such a great app and I’m really happy I have a phone that supports live wallpapers! Highly recommend! The adds are such a low price for all that it can do too! Most of them are just about 10 seconds long anyways and it’s worth the wait! Overall, very very happy with it! Honestly, I wish that iPhone would make the sound compatible with it as well cause that would’ve made it even better but knowing me I wouldn’t really use the sound much anyways! Thank you so much developers for creating this! ❤️
Here’s the problem.......
sweetsrose on 2021-01-19
I’ve got an iPhone XR, I used to use this about a year back and it worked wonders. Now when I covert a video into live and I set it, I just get a black screen. I follow all the steps and turn off sound and everything. It’s a live picture in my gallery but it won’t work as my wallpaper so I’m very disappointed because I don’t know any other way to get live wallpapers Some help or feedback would be appreciate
Just One Question
j i g g l e ✨ on 2021-01-19
I love the app so far. There’s no time limit, the app almost never crashes, and my new wallpaper is AMAZING! I was just wondering if there is a way I could make a photo not in the video the original wallpaper, if that makes sense? Like basically the cover of the wallpaper. If there is, please show me how to do it. If there isn’t, maybe add it? Idk. Great app, though
Great App!!
maibmai on 2021-01-19
After searching for an app to convert a 1:30 long video to a live photo this app allowed me to! The ads are only a small price to pay but it is completely worth it! I love this app and will continue to use it! It allowed me to convert a video as long as 1:30 in which other apps only allowed 5 seconds. Get this app, you can convert any video!!
Needs to be on iPad
khyleford on 2021-01-19
Ok so great app it works but it would be cool if it was compatible with iPad this is my only complaint but if this is possible please do. I would recommend downloading this app if you dont want to pay, and want a cool wallpaper,just please do if you can!
Absolutely worth the download!!!
Hailey Strickland on 2021-01-19
I love this app. It’s super simple to use, and recommend it to anyone who’s trying to make a live wallpaper/photo. It never crashed, and it made my live wallpaper really quick. Thank you!
nope not it
floridafranky on 2021-01-19
I opened the app & when I choose a video it literally took me out & I kept going back into the app to choose at least a different video and it still would take me out.
Great app
Kobe5023 on 2021-01-19
I’m not a bot and this app is actually amazing there’s not a lot of ads you don’t have to pay to get the photo or video it a amazing app
It’s surprisingly good
Zae_Savage on 2021-01-19
It’s actually really good, better than any of the other “Video to Live” apps Question..any way to have a live wallpaper with sound?
No sound
jesusisdead on 2021-01-19
It’s ok.... it doesn’t give me any sound tho it does have a option if you want to have sound or no but that does nothing

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