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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Can you perform the ultimate rescue in VIP Guard? Time to switch on close protection mode and become a master of security! In this challenging, yet amazing and fun game, you’ll need to use all your skills. Here’s how to play. 1. Look for threats from your enemies. Spotted one? It’s time to spring into action. 2. Just the distance between you and your charge. Can you dive to make it in time to protect them? We hope so. 3. Wait! Did you just stop the bullet and level up? Go you! With cool graphics, satisfying and smooth gameplay, you’ll wonder what you did with your time before you discovered VIP Guard?

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More ads than gameplay
on 2020-09-23
30 second ad before every level (levels take 10 seconds to complete). even when I opt out of watching an ad for extra money or tries I get hit with an ad. If the creators want to make money they should make a game people will download not ad wall the few people that download it until they deleted it. Deleted after 5 minutes of playing because of how ridiculous the ads are, the 5 star rating is definitely spam reviews.
Good MAGA game
Jejeudhbsjdhe on 2020-09-23
It’s fun killing the libtards that hate Trump in the game. With all the riots going on by them, I need to get my practice in and make sure when Trump wins the house, senate and White House, we can defend our elected president. I hope you libtards understand, we will allow you to destroy your own liberal towns, but you will never destroy our conservative ones!
Developer Please Read!
Deirdre0605 on 2020-09-23
Ok... so I LOVE THIS GAME ITS AWESOME AND SO FUN! There is actually not very many ads! But the one problem is the levels repeat :( This can be easily fixed though just update it and a more levels please! I might make a follow up review on this! Yup that’s it thanks for reading I would totally recommend!
Great game but some issues
veggodblue on 2020-09-23
When I play the game and I get back to the main screen when I level up fast and once my moneys done the video button pops up and I accidentally click it could you make it so it pops down below so I don’t accidentally click it. And there should be a remove ads feature
Money grabber
on 2020-09-23
Good game but there are way to many ads u spend more time watching ads then playing the game I choose an option where it gives u for extra life’s and I say no and always gives me an ad after in the middle of a game after the game and before just a money grabber
19Ry19an on 2020-09-23
This game is great and addicting. I thought it was pretty fun until j got to around level 15. The levels just repeat and the game gets repetitive. If you add more levels where it doesn’t repeat, this game is a 4-5 star. Very much potential
trump4prison4ever on 2020-09-23
I hate this game. They make the first few levels very easy to bait you, then they make other levels impossible without watching and add or paying irl money. Don’t download this game, it’s a scam. Horrible game, I’d rate it a 0 if I could.
CHICKABOOMIEZ on 2020-09-23
The game is cool, yeah, I saw Coryxkenshin play the real version (go subscribe to him please!) I love the game! It’s kinda sloppy, WAYY too much ads, I’m begging y’all to stop them ads please, other than that the game is fine to me!
djdbrbdbdhdhd on 2020-09-23
it is a really fun game overall but there is WAY to many ads i don’t even want to play the game anymore, it’s add after add. For example after a round you get like 2-3 ads that are 30 seconds long and you can’t skip them.
billy006937295727 on 2020-09-23
It said i had no tries left and i chose not to watch the add and every time it still gave me an add. If there was a gap at all between every add i got i would understand but that’s just too much definitely uninstalling

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