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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



With 42 million users, Vivino is the world’s largest wine community and the ultimate destination for discovering and buying wines. HOW IT WORKS • Scan: Take a photo of any wine label or restaurant wine list or search by wine • Learn: Instantly see detailed information about the wine and all available purchasing options • Review: Community powered wine ratings, reviews, average price, food pairings and more provided on every wine • Buy: To purchase, tap the green buy button and have it shipped to your door - always buy the right wine • Rate: Add your own ratings and reviews to build your wine profile and enhance your personalized recommendations • Track: Easily keep track of wines you have tried, including personal rating, notes and date consumed • Store: Free cellar tracking to always know what wine you have on hand in your collection STATS • 42 million users • World’s largest wine library with 11.9 million wines • 2 million wines viewed daily • 1 billion wine labels scanned to date • 220,000 wineries featured KEY FEATURES • Buy the Right Wine: Vivino is the ultimate online destination for all your wine buying needs - the largest wine selection, personalized wine recommendations, free shipping options and honest community ratings and review • Crowdsourced Ratings & Reviews: Leverage reviews and ratings from the world’s largest community of wine drinkers to always select the best wine. • Restaurant Wine List Scanner: Always select the best wine from any restaurant wine list menu • Quick Compare: Pick the best wine right at the shelf by scanning multiple wine labels to instantly view ratings, region, price and food pairings all on one page. • Taste Profile: Track and organize your scanned and rated wines to determine your personal taste profile, discover new wines and see how you rank against friends and the Vivino community. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Please note that we are not able to reply to comments or questions left in App Store reviews. If you have any support-related inquiries or need assistance, please contact [email protected]

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Too much advertising
FastBT on 2020-09-30
I have used the app for several years. It has improved tremendously. I am surprised how quickly and accurately it identifies wines from a photo. The only reason I won’t give it a 5 star is that it is constantly trying to get me to order wine even though no one can ship wines to individuals in Delaware. I do prefer to support small local stores so I wouldn’t have my wine shipped even if the state of Delaware allowed it.
Vivino the perfect wine app
P struhsaker on 2020-09-30
I have used vivino since it’s inception. Reviews are generally spot on. The ratings in your area is very helpful in telling what great wines are available and selling from local wine shops in your area/state. This is also helpful to discover new wine. Finally, the new market area can provide the ability to buy great wine and hard to find wine at generally great prices. Worth a look every day .... so enjoy
Delivery service is terrible
Noah Bears Dad on 2020-09-30
I have been using for a while and have placed around 20 orders. Never has the delivery been easy, they use UPS where I am and it’s always terrible. Last five or six deliveries we have been home and they still stick the card on the door and don’t deliver. A new update, am officially giving up after another shocking delivery experience. I ended up paying $134 for a bottle. Use this app at your own risk.
New app is better but keeps crashing
L Train 2 on 2020-09-30
Gotta stabilize new app first and foremost. Much more on community and ratings and that algo. Your ability to recommend wines should be 2nd to none. Why are you showing me CA cabs??? Look at my history. You have all the data. Commerce comes from great experience and trust. From great community and engagement. In context. Organically.
Accurate wine assessments
nonniNancy on 2020-09-30
When wine shopping I “Vivino” bottles that I am not familiar with but have interest due to its price point. I find that Vivino is very accurate with the description and price point. I never buy a bottle without checking first, exception would be the shop owner’s recommendation.
Giving a review
ric bux on 2020-09-30
I’ve been using for Vivino for the last few years hands-down it’s one of the most comprehensive informative review were the app I have ever been able to find I’ve learned a lot I was able to share my reviews with other like-minded individuals who have a passion for wine
Just get into it and see what you’ve been missing on...
Gabriel Britto on 2020-09-30
Easy, straightforward wine ratings for dummies. Use it, abuse it, and start buying good a decent wine everytime you walk into the wine store. Pull the app, snap a picture and see if that fits your style. Eventually you wipl understand what you like.
Helpful app for wine enthusiasts.
[email protected] on 2020-09-30
Vivino’s wine app can make choosing a wine much simpler. It has helped me increase my knowledge of all wine varieties. I just wish people only rated each bottle/year once, instead of a dozen or more times. Unfortunately, that can skew the score.
Have always loved the app but is crashing consistently
airander on 2020-09-30
I have had this app for years and always loved it. But lately it has been crashing every time I tap on “Friends” or “Profile” which makes the app almost useless unfortunately. Been waiting for a fix but no updates lately have addressed it.
A bomb
Moonka31 on 2020-09-30
This app used to work great. I’ve had this for 4 or 5 years without any problems. However, now when I go to my profile, the app quits. Please fix this! I can’t look at any of my wines or reviews. Thank you.

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