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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Use your Voodoo Doll to get the revenge!

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Not Good at all
Sumeone on 2021-04-12
Alright first off, who in the world makes a mobile game 18+? Really, it’s stupid. But anyways.the game is horrible its just getting mad pressing a spot on the voodoo doll which for some reason has the person’s appearance and then watching them get hurt or get saved.. Also you have a karma rating that generates all the fun, And you feel like a jerk ripping peoples arms off, inflating peoples heads to squish other people, (even a dog gets killed in this game) And the “New Skin Dance” or at least what I call it, the. Girl twerks and does 18+ stuff, that’s why it got its. 18+ rating. Please do NOT play this game..
Not the best game that said not horrible
ban132321 on 2021-04-12
The game is well made and put together pretty nicely and has lots of background detail and designs that’s the only reason I’m not giving a one star. A for effort am I right. The game is the definition of repetitive you will get bored of this in less than 1 minute. Also there a ton of adds. I would recommend that the developers put a lot more into the game to actually do. also if you don’t like blood they went a bit crazy with it.
Laggy and Crashes
MilkiiReviews on 2021-04-12
It’s an okay game, but it has some major issues. First of all, that diamond over their head is obviously a ripoff from The Sims. Next, it’s just the same 3 stages that you play and always crash when you play it. The skins are glitchy and we need more characters. On top of that, the girl we play as gets mad over little reasons. I really don’t like this game at all.
No just no
Megosh on 2021-04-12
If you like repetitive games this is the game for you so that’s the bright side for people who like those types of games. Now this game just dose the same thing over and over and over again i literally just got it played some rounds enough to give it a rating and it’s the same thing just different settings don’t download if you dislike repetitive games!
Quite strange
Tiny star in the sky on 2021-04-12
Okay I saw and thought why not play it.But the second skin you get is well a little...uhhm ya get the point.But also you get mad over very dumb things like on a level a guy just walks up in front of you and you get mad. It’s so weird the situations are quite unrealistic not trying to be rude.As again it is a decent game but the things I said are true.
I don’t have to even play the game
Ryan hunte on 2021-04-12
I already know that it is horrible because of the ADS I GET ON YOUTUBE. You kill people because they took the last hotdog or stole your seat. WHYTHE $&@& WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT? ALSO STOP ADVERTISING YOUR GAME ALL OVER YOUTUBE! ALL I WANT TO DO ON A SUNDAY NIGHT IS LAY ON MY BED AND WATCH YOUTUBE WITHOUT SEEING ONE OF THIS GAME’S ADS!
Gets boring and way to much blood
JonseyBlox on 2021-04-12
First of all there is was to much ads in the game also why in one day you have to save a guy from a dog and then the dogs die from the guy head becoming to big and squishing it to death and blood comes out and there more! Just maybe come down with the gore stuff because kids might download the game.
Lifeaftercritic on 2021-04-12
It Seems really stupid also please get rid of this and similar games and apps cause it’s not just older aged people that download stuff I’ve seen some people who are like 16 or even in some the reviews in elementary school still which seems stupid!!!! PLEASE GET RID OF THIS GAME AND ALL OTHERS!!!
Is this even a kid’s game?
Cailynn's great reviews on 2021-04-12
I get that this is supposed to be fun.. but there’s a lot of blood. I would not recommend kids under 14 to play this. It’s really overrated, and it’s really just boring. For the last 3 rounds I’ve played, there’s not a lot of settings. The only one that I’ve seen is the bus stop.
It’s cool but here are some things I hate about it
St3172 on 2021-04-12
Day three. you see an old man giving attitude to the lady. But here’s a problem. The way that the positions to hurt the man kind of shocked me because you can’t be rude to old people the man didn’t know his language. You in real life should respect all people not a kid ok

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