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May, 2020


May, 2020



■ Features: - Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited bandwidth - No registration or login required - No Log is saved from any users - Simple, one tap connect to VPN - Protect your security and privacy - Support for multiple devices for the same account - Support 9.0 for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) ■ What can I do with a VPN? - Enhance your online privacy and enable you to safely and anonymously browse the Internet - Protect you when using a public WiFi hotspot - Allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet ■ Suggest: * In most countries, it is recommended to use the IKEv2 protocol first, for better stability and connection speed. * When the connection fails, please switch to OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP protocol in turn. * Switching to different countries may also increase access speed or connection success rate ■ Privacy Policy: *When the user is in normal use, we will not log any logs related to the user. * Only when the user actively fails to connect the connection (requires the user to click the feedback button), we will collect the necessary user connection failure log. *The connection failure log collected is limited to the success rate of our engineers to improve the VPN connection, and will not be shared with any individual or organization.

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Beats NordVPN!
Bob Mutch on 2020-06-03
I had nothing but trouble and hassle trying to use a competitor’s paid version while traveling a couple of years ago. Connectivity issues, having to restart too many times, etc. I’ve not experienced any problems at all with this app. Fast, easy and free. Three words that make this app well worth the change from other, similar apps. Kudos to the development team for making data security so easy.
First time ever !
Traekas5 on 2020-06-03
I’ve never actually used a VPN. And while I have no idea how it works, or what the he’ll I’m doing, here,...I’m excited to jump right in an get my hands dirty, so to speak. If I have to come back here to complain, I will. Bet on it.
sO good
ishdhdgehehege on 2020-06-03
In my opinion if this app stays free the sales will sky rocket plus this app is amazing it actually works and now I can get my tiktok content out to other states thx to this! I appreciate the developer(s)
dre24_7 on 2020-06-03
Thanks for the hard work in putting this together. It works like it’s intended to; and exceeded my expectations. Very glad to have come across this very useful app.
Good Good
Nunnya Bizznus on 2020-06-03
It's a good app it works and I'm glad because I have an iPod and you don't get wifi everywhere and this is an easy fix. Too many ads tho.
ganillo on 2020-06-03
When you change the location it doesn’t last very long which is a negative for me but if that could change that would be awesome!!!
So far so good!
Brown Falcon on 2020-06-03
Been using it out of India for over a few months while being stuck here on a lockdown and pretending to be back home in the US
Filled with Ads
Mr.MatthiasSootlife on 2020-06-03
Doesn’t seem secure if I’m receiving ads. But probably good for not letting information out as opposed to letting it through
Yes the TikTok told the truth
Cranky curls on 2020-06-03
I personally had to select the first choice from the left instead of the other one for it to work but it does pretty good
Best free vpn
ImmaDieSongs on 2020-06-03
I rarely use this app not that I have nord vpn but this app is comparable to it and it requires a monthly subscription

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