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Our newly redesigned Walmart app is your one-stop shop for everything you need, from fresh groceries to the latest tech and more! New features you’ll love: Get what you want, when you want it Shop fresh groceries, household essentials, and more for pickup or delivery from your local store, plus millions of items available with free shipping.* *Delivery fees, restrictions, and minimum purchase may apply. One search for everything Find items at your local store and at the same time, and you can easily filter products based on how you’d like to receive your order. Personalized suggestions and quick add help you fill your cart with frequently purchased items, fast. Easy checkout One cart, checkout, and buy now ordering make it a breeze to get all your items, while saving time and money. Wallet makes it easier to check out using all your payment methods. Just tap pay and we’ll recommend how to split your total to make the most of your cards and balances. Real-time order updates We’ll send order notifications straight to your phone, and you can quickly track order status any time from the homepage. Even more ways our app helps you shop smarter: · Reorder routine items, and schedule or modify your pickup or delivery order with a tap of a button. · Check in when your pickup order is ready and we’ll bring it out to you! · Easily scan barcodes to check prices and build shopping lists. · Check out the weekly ad to stay on budget, and get convenient notifications about savings and events. Walmart+ members—our app is the easiest way to get the most out of your membership! App-exclusive features for Walmart+ include: Scan & go Use your phone to shop in-store and check out contact-free. Member prices on fuel Do Not Sell My Personal Information Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link.

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Wow Walmart W+
majorthomas on 2021-10-26
I have been using this Walmart mobile app for a while and it has been evolving into a really great way to order everything. Especially with the W+ program that is not expensive and can be billed monthly. The ability for Walmart to deliver (especially grocery type items) is made for this W+ upgrade due to the massive amount of stores everywhere. I have been a true Amazon believer and have always credited them with the first best mobile phone app that was made perfect for the void that existed and the full page website style of most other trusted vendors and stores. Remember the days when you were always worried about placing any orders on line? The huge number of items on your iPhone or smartphone that made ordering insane unless done on a desktop computer? So my super positive review of Walmart and W+ mobile app and program are due to the need for more well known and trusted stores to follow the technology that vaulted Amazon from a cool book store into the quantum leap of just creating the mobile app and then followed up by evolution to meet the demands of this easy and safe environment for buying everything. The pandemic really made the need for other companies to hear and heed the call for helping us survive. Although the nightmare pandemic still rages; the Walmart mobile app and W+ membership program have now reached a place where Amazon had really been without competition. I recommend this app so much for anyone who loves Amazon for the many reasons above; and those who have been turned off by the negative news and the fact that it has kinda become the only choice. This is always a problem in a country that expects monopolies to be seen as temporary or as issues that need more regulation or competition. Please don’t forget about the W+ membership. It’s about the same price as the Amazon prime membership is and can be paid over monthly payments or yearly. I started using the Amazon Fresh program and it was a very good new addition for getting the grocery items that were not able to be shipped the same way that other items were. I know that this W+ is superior to the A fresh option because I have now been able to get things within hours delivered to my front door. The ability to tip the delivery person is for me a must. The very low tip option is so appreciated and I am certain that even if you don’t have the extra few dollars; the service will remain above outstanding. Try it out and use both platforms in order to keep this functionality growing and saving many of the great American stores who have been hit so hard due to being brick and mortar only icons. I wish Sears could have been saved by this technology because I loved Sears. And the idea of it being gone is still not at all cool. Maybe it will arise from the current position back into another great platform and then more will follow. Blessings and peace be with all during this time and for all times. We are a place with amazing history of so many things. The ability to obtain items that are still hard for many people around the world to obtain has been with us for over a century. The more the better because the reality of losing great stores with great stuff is sadly part of our times. Okay thank you for reading this long thing!!!
New update makes app unusable
Moorore on 2021-10-26
Search feature is impossible. I’m trying to do curbside pickup, as I’ve been doing for a year and a half with minimal problems. Since the update I search “vanilla ice cream” and 5 items pop up, which includes 3 types of ice cream bars and two variations of ice cream which are not vanilla. I close the app and reopen, research vanilla ice cream. Now there are no results which match my search ??? So there’s no vanilla ice cream in the entire store. I then switch the store to another in my area. Shows me 3 results, none of which are vanilla. Is this a joke? This is just one of many ridiculous glitches since the interface update. On my last pickup order they never gave me the option to select substitutions. My pickup time was 10-11 at 10 I checked the app because I hadn’t received anything at all regarding the order, when I usually get the text about substitutions, when my order is ready etc… the app said my order was delayed…okay fine. Then 8 mins later I get an email saying my order is ready for pickup ??. With substitutions that I didn’t approve. Cool.
The new app is horrible and a downgraded mess.
Touch ID confused on 2021-10-26
The old app was much better than this absolute hot mess of an app primarily because it is less user friendly and gives the customer less control. 1) The ability to approve substitutes is gone which brings less confidence in the competence of the business model and ability to deliver what they stock. It also only allows substitutions or not. In my case it has me considering other options for shopping because I love their sparkling water but because of the lack of knowing substitutions I am afraid to get like Fuji Apple or a really bad flavor. 2) This has been mentioned in other reviews but the need to go to the website in order to make a pharmacy order is asinine. 3) Don’t order anything from the deli as it may not be there. I have tried to order subs from the app that it does not say are out of stock and guess what-always unavailable!!🤬🤬 4) I have only tried once but it looks the ability to chance orders after they are made is drastically reduced or not available. I will keep trying to this but it seems a mess.
Please Please Please Bring Lists Back to the App!
cdmathew on 2021-10-26
The new Walmart app is awesome! I love the new design improvements and the consistency with the Walmart website. However, you guys removed MY most used feature of the app - shopping lists! I use to love using them when shopping at Walmart since it gave me the aisle numbers and a map of where my items are in the store. I could check it off as I shopped. Now, I have to use the Walmart website and it isn’t very intuitive as it was when Lists were in the app. Please please please add this back - hopefully you guys are working on this. Other than that, great app (even after the major design update since I’m writing this review October 2021). Also, where’s Store Assistant? It’s like we’re taking design and sacrificing core features to the app! C’mon Walmart! Hopefully these features will be added back since they were really useful (at least to me). Anyone out there agree or is it just me??
Pick up shopping
Maetiffy on 2021-10-26
I do pick up because my family is health compromised, so this is a valuable service to our family. We have been using it for over a year now and haven’t had any issues. That is until the app was changed and now you can never find groceries. You have to hunt for hours to get your grocery shopping done because items will not show up in the searches and it will show you off the wall stuff you wasn’t searching for, ex. searched potatoes and got results for canned beans. Sometimes you can luck up and find it in the previous orders so you can add to the current order. This service used to take a few minutes and now it takes at least an hour to complete it, sometimes longer simply because your are having to figure out how to find items you are shopping for. Please fix the app back to the previous version, it worked GREAT! This app is terrible!!!
Bring back old version
limarie3 on 2021-10-26
This new version is horrible. Combining Walmart pick-up and makes it so hard to easily shop! I can no longer keep my grocery order separate. I’ve also had issue adding groceries then when I go to check out it wants to ship half of them! I’ve had issues ordering, getting charged then end up getting my order canceled. The app now automatically goes to my selected store so when I’m trying to shop/search for things I have to constantly change it to shipping to see all products, where before it showed them all then under the item showed if it was in stock at my store. Also the layout is absolutely awful to navigate, no more easy drop down list find the category you want to shop, now clicking and scrolling multiple things and screens to find the category you want! So frustrating!!!!!
9287628384926 on 2021-10-26
For the love of God, PLEASE go back to the old app. The new update is horrible. I’ve been doing all of my primary grocery shopping through Walmart pickup for over a year and loved the whole experience—including the app. Since the update about a month ago, I am frustrated every single week while trying to order groceries. My latest complaint is that the app can’t find cream cheese. Cream cheese! It’s giving suggestions for nacho cheese. Come on, people. Get it together. The app trying to include everything ( + groceries) in one search feature was a horrible idea. Please let me JUST search for groceries while I’m doing my grocery shopping in the app. And please fix the search algorithms. This is incredibly frustrating and disappointing. :(
What happened??
SanRosMar on 2021-10-26
What happened to the app???? It was fine and then the updates came through and it’s horrible now. The money doesn’t pull from my bank for a week after the last order. When you search you don’t get what you need. I searched for cream cheese and got all the queso Walmart offers and port wine cheese spread. I searched for sour cream and got powdered milk and chips, when I clicked on great value sour cream it took me to corn chips. I searched for milk and it never came up. I had to use the my items to actually get stuff that I had ordered before, but if I hadn’t ordered it before then I was out of luck. This is horrid and I’m so disappointed in it. Put the app back the way it was.
Hot tweety7 on 2021-10-26
Terrible ever since I got this new update it won’t even find the food in the store. It won’t show me half of the stuff that’s in my store. I haven’t liked it change the format of how it was before all this. No it won’t even let me buy things without putting half of the stuff that I want in shipping even though that it says it’s in the store and I can open it put it in pick up but it doesn’t let me. This is really terrible whoever makes this app worse needs to try to make it better because I hate this app. It was fine before I don’t know why are you guys think you have to change it it was fine. Now is the time that you need to change this for better for worse.
Terrible Update
angmaries on 2021-10-26
The app was perfectly fine so I don’t understand why it needed to change. The previous version of the app made shopping easy, especially when I was in the actual store. Since I don’t know every Walmart layout by heart, the new update makes it difficult to locate where and item is within the store. Another issue is the “in store” option. It was easier for me to search for something and find which stores had the item with the previous version. Now the only way I can see if a store has something is if I were to pickup or ship the item. Extremely frustrating and annoying to the point where I despise going into Walmart.

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