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Save money. Live better. The Walmart app is the easiest way to shop for everything on your list, including fresh groceries, household essentials, the latest tech and a lot more. Plus, our convenient pickup, delivery and shipping options make it a breeze to get your order exactly when you want it, whether you’re shopping in-store or on the go. Convenient ways to get your items: Pickup Swing by the store to collect your order curbside—we’ll even load your car. Delivery From a local store straight to your door. For those need-it-now moments, choose Express delivery to get your order in as little as one hour.* *Restrictions and fees apply. Shipping Fast two-day shipping, dropped off by FedEx or UPS. Eligible orders over $35 ship free! Even more time-saving features you’ll love: Store maps When you’re in-store, open the app to find items fast. Real-time order tracking Get live order updates sent straight to your phone and track order status any time from the homepage. Reorder your essentials Quickly and easily fill your cart with frequently purchased items. Shopping lists Create, share and add to lists to prepare for any occasion. Walmart Pay Easily check out using all your payment methods. Just tap "Pay” and we’ll recommend how to split your total to make the most of your cards and balances. Curbside check-in Check in with the app when you’re ready to pick up your order and we’ll bring it out to you. Barcode scanner Scan items to check prices and build lists. Pharmacy Refill, transfer, manage and pick up your family’s prescriptions. Plus, schedule vaccinations, locate testing sites and more. Walmart+ members—our app is the easiest way to get the most out of your membership. App-exclusive features for Walmart+ include: Scan & go Use your phone to shop in-store and check out contact-free. Member prices on fuel Get up to 10¢ off every gallon at 14,000+ locations nationwide**— including Exxon and Mobil stations! **Fuel discount varies by location and station, subject to change Walmart Rewards for members Earn rewards on eligible items online & in-store to use on future Walmart purchases.

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nuñabeesnest on 2022-10-07
The pick up app is nothing but a joke I placed an order at 4 o’clock in the afternoon I pick the time slot that was available from 8 PM to 9 PMThey kept delaying it and delaying it and they laying at finally one of the employees said it would probably be ready-tomorrow. as that did not work for me I ended up getting all of my groceries by myself and so I canceled the pick up order I still have not received my money back when I asked manager when I would receive my money she looked as if I bothered her and said well it’ll be back in a few days, I do not have a few days I have stuff that’s been taken out now and because of the crooks and the incompetence of this pick up nonsense I am now overdrafted I gave them several hours to get my groceries there is no excuse Walmart needs to get rid of the whole pick up nonsense because what’s the point of ordering pick up when it ain’t ready for you to pick up I picked my pick up time for a reason If it was not gonna be ready they shouldn’t of had that slot open they need to get rid of the pick up thing until it’s a bit more organized and they have the competent employees to do it
Very good, but could be great!
dlwintermia on 2022-10-07
Thé sélection, delivery and services are very good;however, too many items are always out of stock. Unfortunately, the stock shortages are normal and not exceptions. With the US economy already in a bear market, a recession looming and high inflation a given, companies in general need to focus more on meeting consumer needs and loose the notion that the customer will always return because prices are lower and competitive. Pricing, if lower doesn’t mean as much to the customer if after digging through an app to make a purchase, then getting to checking out discovers that 30-40% of the order is out of stock. Checking out shouldn’t be a wishful thinking list. It is understandable to be out of one or two items, but I have had it happen that Walmart is out of more items than products they can actually deliver. This simply isn’t good business.
Please fix the EBT issue
SunKrux on 2022-10-07
UPDATED: 10/5/22 EBT issue still not fixed! Canceled my order. Guess I won't be using the pick up option anymore. This is ridiculous! Same issue with EBT as before. In order to add anything to an existing order when my EBT is out, I still have to remove it, make the order, then add it back when it is full again. Unacceptable since the past several months this has been an issue! Four times now I've had to delete my EBT card because the app can't seem to recognize that when it gets low, there are TWO debit cards in my wallet as well. Before the late start couple of updates I didn't have to do this. If my EBT was low or out, the payment came out of the main debit card. Now I have to delete the EBT until more money is added to it.
Walmart Baldwin park ca on big dalton street
Infinity G35Girl on 2022-10-07
Best Walmart ever the kindest people work there they care about you they greet you with a big smile workers managers there awesome I literally go to Walmart everyday (swear it’s true) I like there clearance sections if I can savethe even more that’s great news for me. I love there prices these prices i can afford I’m sure others do too. Thank you Walmart in BALDWIN PARK CALIFORNIA IM SURE U WILL KNOW WHO I AM AS SOON AS U READ THIS REVIEW. WALMART HAS EXCELLENT PRICES AND ON LFOOD TOO ….. …. All staff employees at Baldwin park Walmart on big dalton are so sweet and friendly thanks for making me n my family feel welcome god bless blessings t all who reads this review iKatherine :Infinity G35 Girl/ The Clearance Lady !!!!
App gets more and more complicated
ScrewedbySamsung on 2022-10-07
There’s someone at Walmart corporate that hands down a list of new “additions” to this app weekly, and says “get it done now.” Now people keep getting “technical difficulties” and can’t even view their cart. In a cost cutting decision, it appears that Walmart has decided to cut a ridiculous amount of the free shipping/delivery items from the app. Walmart+ members are forced to do a $35 order now to get basic things that they could have ordered for free shipping before. I feel bad for the app developers because they must work them 24/7. Hopefully someone at Walmart corporate reads these and realizes they might be the issue. (lol no. they don’t care)
Jesse is a gentleman
suenewby on 2022-10-07
Today 10/04/22 around 5:00 pm at the Rockwood, TN Walmart, I pushed my cart up to a checkout lane manned by a pleasant young man named Jesse. I am an almost 86-yr-old woman of small stature and was having a little bit of a struggle with the cart. Jesse came around and helped me with it and said, “Never mind…I’ll put all your items up on the belt, bag them up, then reload them into your cart.” He then checked me out and did everything he said he would do. I thanked him and shook his hand. Jesse is a gentleman! I hope you will recognize and reward him. Better hang onto this guy! My name is Sue Newby, Spring City, TN.
app glitchy
12:03 on 2022-10-07
instead of getting the update through the app to check in for my pickup order, i get it through email. ive had to turn on email notifications in order to see those on time. when i go to app a few mins til i don’t see any updates but one minute after i was supposed to get the notification, i go to app and it says i need to update it. the next week it’s the same deal. even if i go to app a few mins til it doesn’t require me to update the app but one minute after, BOOM! not a coincidence, it’s a glitch for sure. i can reproduce these same results every week, it’s been months like this. wth.
Walmart is getting to much for the higher ups
smkyler on 2022-10-07
Walmart needs to do better for the employees & consumers. Walmart use to replace items if they were out of something you ordered of same value or upgrade higher price w/out charging the difference when ordering on app . Now they charge the difference and many of us pay a monthly fee for this service & are on a budget that only allows us to be able to afford so much . When we expect to pay say 80.00 & you now charge more for substitutions and we may end up being charged 102.00 . That hurts many of us and then are families have to go w/out the essentials because of this .
Refreshing while I’m using the app…
Memom53 on 2022-10-07
Covid changed the way I buy groceries-probably for good! Walmart’s app has been a lifesaver when it comes to online ordering & I’m very thankful you provide this service. The only complaint I have is when the app will refresh -while I’m ordering! I take my time & do searches while I’m ordering. Almost every time walmart will refresh the page & then it goes back to the top of the page again. I have to scroll down to get back where I was. It doesn’t create a problem with my order, thank goodness, it’s just aggravating.
12 hour delivery inconvenience wait no thanks.
Juiceman3000000000 on 2022-10-07
My order was set to arrive 9am today they had 2 days notice they picked it and did the substitutions then delayed after?? So I wait 4 hours, then I call and they tell me “the cut off time is 9pm it’ll be there by then mind you my order is done and substitutions picked and the Walmart is 5 minutes driving distance so I’m waiting 12 more hours for what??? Canceled my subscription. Word on the street is priced gone up anyway so more expensive and more inconvenient than anywhere else??? Canceled!! 😂

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