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Save money. Live better. The Walmart app is the easiest way to shop for everything on your list, including fresh groceries, household essentials, the latest tech and a lot more. Plus, our convenient pickup, delivery and shipping options make it a breeze to get your order exactly when you want it, whether you’re shopping in-store or on the go. Convenient ways to get your items: Pickup Swing by the store to collect your order curbside—we’ll even load your car. Delivery From a local store straight to your door. For those need-it-now moments, choose Express delivery to get your order in as little as one hour.* *Restrictions and fees apply. Shipping Fast two-day shipping, dropped off by FedEx or UPS. Eligible orders over $35 ship free! Even more time-saving features you’ll love: Store maps When you’re in-store, open the app to find items fast. Real-time order tracking Get live order updates sent straight to your phone and track order status any time from the homepage. Reorder your essentials Quickly and easily fill your cart with frequently purchased items. Shopping lists Create, share and add to lists to prepare for any occasion. Walmart Pay Easily check out using all your payment methods. Just tap "Pay” and we’ll recommend how to split your total to make the most of your cards and balances. Curbside check-in Check in with the app when you’re ready to pick up your order and we’ll bring it out to you. Barcode scanner Scan items to check prices and build lists. Pharmacy Refill, transfer, manage and pick up your family’s prescriptions. Plus, schedule vaccinations, locate testing sites and more. Walmart+ members—our app is the easiest way to get the most out of your membership. App-exclusive features for Walmart+ include: Scan & go Use your phone to shop in-store and check out contact-free. Member prices on fuel Get up to 10¢ off every gallon at 14,000+ locations nationwide**— including Exxon and Mobil stations! **Fuel discount varies by location and station, subject to change Walmart Rewards for members Earn rewards on eligible items online & in-store to use on future Walmart purchases.

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Unhappy customer
bizzybeebizz on 2023-03-27
I’m tired of the app not specifying if an item is in fact out of stock or not. I do almost 90 percent of my shopping online because I cannot drive. So when I do an order for over $300 and HALF of my order ends up coming back “out of stock” I end up quite a bit frustrated. And don’t get me started on the substitute. Back when Walmart didn’t charge you extra for the more expensive item I was okay with allowing substitutions. But it seems like these days Walmart would rather you pay for the higher ticketed item by claiming the cheaper version is literally AWAYS out of stock? But when I send a friend to the store directly I get told the item is in fact IN STOCK. I don’t know if this is Walmart trying to scam people now because of inflation but it is getting very ridiculous. If I could give Walmart zero stars I would!
resourceful app to shop online for store products
Bella's brother Tristan on 2023-03-27
i’ve never had a problem with this app… the only issue i had was with walmart +, other than that the walmart app has helped me several times with ordering various items from the nearest location. the option for curbside (which is easy to figure out for those who are new to that method of picking up stuff they ordered) is available as well as delivery. customers can even check to see if what they are looking to buy is in stock or not depending on which preferred store address they enter in. its not much different from using the walmart website but its quicker to open if the app is downloaded and you can choose to stay logged into an account if preffered!
Incompetent - 0 Stars
thehart27 on 2023-03-27
Incompetent. If I had to pick 1 word. Here’s some numbers for you Walmart. 1 Flagged me for fraud. Locked up $1800 of my bank, they canceled 3 of my orders. Spent 4 individual hours on the phone with “Customer I know everything service”. Reached and spoke with 0 Managers. Customer service cancels orders, and tells you everything different from what your confirmation email says. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, to successfully order something through Auto Center. I was going to order all of my parts through them, but they messed up on the first order, 3 TIMES. Lost my business forever.
My Walmart delivery
laurie4420 on 2023-03-27
I was very impressed and satisfied with my delivery today. Out of all my experiences with Walmart delivery this is the first time that the delivery person called me and asked me where I would like my items be placed at he was very respectful and very helpful he made sure he asked if I needed help bringing them inside the gate. And if there was anything else I needed him to do and also made sure I had help bringing them the rest of the way as I had pet food that I could not carry. Walmart needs more delivery people like this. No complaints here
The Walmart app needs updating
Fontsohard? on 2023-03-27
The Walmart app has a place for “special delivery instructions “. I live in a gated community so you need the gate code to deliver to my house. But when I click the “add special delivery instructions button” the keyboard does not come up on my phone. Today is March of 2023 and I have a iPhone 14pro running the latest software, so I can’t believe that the problem is Apple. Walmart, your app need to ALWAYS work right. If you need help, call Amazon. They seem to be able to make it work.
Every order I have to back and forth for
Chrissy2222 on 2023-03-27
Ok now today I get my order of one package of 12 pocket knifes for men. Novelty favors. I get one In a huge box no less. Where is the other 11. I sent a message. It takes days to get response. When I go to the store I get grief from poor personal. That don’t care how they treat their costumers. Now I will have to go back to the store. To take care of this issue. They will say go on line. I will say I did and no response. This is what I go through.
Shopping online
4144 gd npl on 2023-03-27
Since I deal with a disability I thoroughly enjoy the ability to do my shopping online and have it delivered to my home. When I go shopping on my own, I am limited to what I can carry in a small basket. With the ability of having it delivered, I can order my full complement of groceries. I like the idea of Walmart, making money, the driver making money, and I have my goods delivered to my home. It is absolutely worth the tip!!
Walmart App
Chuy’s Reviews on 2023-03-27
The app is actually great, prices are awesome and it even lists the per /oz cost to see what a better deal. It’s very straight to the point. The deliver on the other hand can be tricky. In my area I always have to double check my order. Sometimes they forget stuff or get the wrong thing. But it’s actually gotten better on that end too. I haven’t had to submit a refund in the last 4 orders so they must of cracked down.
Always happy
GotLegos? on 2023-03-27
We’ve been using curbside pick up since before the pandemic. The orders are very very rarely inaccurate and unavailable items, also rare, are noted before the order is completed. I hear both of these are issues with other retailers. Produce and meat are always fresh. If there is a problem with any item, a phone call to a person who only handles returns gets you a refund quickly and cheerfully.
App Order Nightmare
jvining on 2023-03-27
Can not get an order enter to ship to my house. The system wants me to pick a time and date , that is an extra charge. I do not want this. Tried to get help through chat and I know more than them. Kept asking useless questions just buying time! Amazon here I come! I will not be aggravated by a dumb app. Note: you should train the people in the help area before you put them out there!

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