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The whole store and more, now at your fingertips.  Our award-winning shopping app helps you save time and money.  Shop anytime, anywhere • Millions of items available with free delivery or store pickup.  • Easily re-order favorite items purchased online or in-store with just a few taps.  • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.  • Find, create, and manage a baby registry.  • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork with Express Money Services.  • Free delivery on eligible orders $35 and up. Smart in-store shopping  • Save time shopping at your local Walmart with store assistant.  • Use Walmart Pay for touch-free checkout. • Quickly locate items and Rollbacks with store maps.    • Create and share shopping lists. Fresh groceries and more  • Choose grocery delivery or curbside pickup.  • Reserve a time that best works for you.  • We’ll do the grocery shopping.  • No markups or hidden fees. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link

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Useless app. Just go to the store
jabes69 on 2020-05-26
This app is useless. It’s okay for browsing items but DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS APP. The inventory is never correct. Choosing pick-up is worse than ordering. They’ll lead you on and make you believe you’ll be able to pickup your item and then the bomb is dropped and you learn your item was never in stock for pickup. Cancelling your order is a nightmare. Help and Support instructions lay out step by step what to do. Get through the first three steps okay. Next step and the buttons they say to tap don’t exist. No way to contact support through the app. Have to go onto the website and hunt for Contact Us. Then someone calls you. That process is great till it’s time to issue refund. Gas Pumps hold Card authorizations for 24 hours. Walmart holds card authorizations for 5 days. This as punishment for not waiting 5 days for your item to arrive in the store to be picked up. Apple really should require companies they don’t take their 30% from to have in place consumer protections to prevent crap like this from happening. In the bigger picture, I won’t use an app again that doesn’t make clear their cancellation policy’s in plain English before a customer finalizes a purchase. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS APP. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR ITEMS AS EXPECTED. YOU FACE A DELAY AND CANCELLATIONS WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY FOR AT LEAST 5 DAYS. It’s sad that the McDonalds app has the best online ordering features of any app in the App Store. Every company with an app offering same day pickup should be required by Apple to use the model and example of the McDonalds App. Screw Walmart. You’re the reason Amazon rocks!
hnst_read on 2020-05-26
Even with great internet connection, this is the most troublesome app on my phone. I use to enjoy the ease of shopping through the Walmart app BEFORE they switched it to this one. It doesn’t even work. I’ve tried numerous times to make an online order for pickup and cannot even get through the order (before my reservation time is up) anymore because it A.) erases items out of my cart, B.) every few items I search it will say it found nothing, then I will refresh and it’ll pull up all of the items available (ex: typing in “bananas” it will say “sorry, we could not find anything for your search” then I’ll refresh and it pulls up any items with that keyword), C.) *if I’m able to get a few items to stay in my cart* when it comes to checking anything out and entering my PIN through Acculynx.. I have to do it over and over for about 20 minutes before it actually goes through. It will keep saying “Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later. Thanks”. I really hope Walmart can resolve the technical glitches for this app. I really love shopping Curbside with them!
Hate the new way to do online groceries
McCreary51234 on 2020-05-26
I’ve never had an app update go from good to bad. Trying to find groceries from the new app is slow and an absolute joke. It freezes up, removes things from my cart randomly, and I can’t find several of the items I could on the other app. Also, the lettering is so small trying to search for items you can barely see what you are adding to your cart. I’m not really sure what the problem was with having two separate apps and “people not knowing Walmart offers online groceries” is a poor excuse. I never leave a review for an app but this has literally been such a pain it’s not even worth trying to use this service anymore. The first time picking up my order from the “new” app took almost twenty minutes for them to even find because their system said it had already been picked up. I’ve NEVER had a bad experience doing online grocery with Walmart until now. So disappointed in this update and switch. I have always bragged to everyone about how nice, efficient, and absolutely pleasant it is doing online grocery with Walmart, but this app update was a complete letdown.
Unable to get hold of shopper
foxmulderjr on 2020-05-26
How come other apps let you cancel an item if a substitute item is not what’s needed. Other apps let you talk or chat with the shopper to see if the substituted item is good or not. I tried to call the store to cancel a substitute item because it’s not what I wanted but instead I have to go back to the store and return it after I received the item. This defeats the purpose of not going to the store and have items delivered. This app is flawed. It should be allowed to cancel a substitute item before the shopper buys it. Or at least be able to chat with the shopper. This app is feckless if I have to go to the store and return the item I could’ve deleted before it was purchased. Please fix.
Could be a 5 star w/a few tweaks
00_jackie on 2020-05-26
5/24/2020 - I’m afraid to update my app after seeing the hundreds of 1 and 2 star ratings today. My original review: It would be great if we could pull up the reviews we’ve written. I spent 15 mins writing a review to find out, after I hit send, that I’d already written one. I would like to be able to go back and update/edit a review if something changes my mind, good or bad. Also, when I receive my text or email letting me know my grocery pickup order is ready, it asks you to click when you’re on your way; so why does the link take me to the app store to download the app when I already have the app and am signed in? Frustrating. Other than that I love the app and the convenience.
I hate this app since the merger
Meredickson1307 on 2020-05-26
I LOVED the convenience of the Walmart grocery app alone. Ever since they’ve combined the two I’ve had nothing but problems. It shuts down mid what I’m doing, it couldn’t process my payment that has more than enough on it, & now after updating my cart that I had waiting to process is GONE! And my substitutions are terrible! I order a 4 pack of yogurt (because it’s cheaper that way), they give me a different 4 pack of a completely different flavor. When I go in the store before picking up there was plenty of the flavor I ordered in individual cups. What happened to substitutes that are the same product packaged differently or a BETTER product? Not impressed lately at all.
Separate was better
Frondfondler on 2020-05-26
I’ve been trying to checkout for the past two hours. Yes, I did the update. I hate this combined app. But what’s really steamed my buns is that the stock is neither accurate nor complete. I know for a fact that more flavors of Hot Pockets are sold in my chosen store than can be found in the app’s grocery inventory. It’s expected that one or two items might be off but it’s starting to get ridiculous. Some items (ex: Campbell’s Chunky Roadhouse Chili) don’t come up in a search...even if I’m standing in the store with the can in my hand and have just scanned the barcode on it. What the hey? The separate grocery app had problems but the combined app is super buggy.
Frustrated Shopper
Tjjag on 2020-05-26
Very frustrating, especially during this time, to go to app before shopping at local store and see that items are in stock and then consistently arrive at the store only to find items are not in stock. One would think that if an item is in stock then when it was purchased it would then be removed from inventory and therefore also be changed on the app. However, this does not seem to be the case. Unsure if disconnect arises due to the local store’s inability to properly track its inventory or the apps capability to recognize changes in inventory. Either way my experience as a customer, especially during this pandemic, has been terribly frustrating.
Stop changing things!!
dissymama on 2020-05-26
Maybe it didn’t work well for y’all, but I was quite happy swiping my own EBT card when picking up a mobile order. Now I can’t place an order and I’ve been trying for 12 hours - watching as my pickup time gets later and later and more and more items are now sold out!!! I’m ready to tear my hair out or throw phones. I’ve tried using the app on my iPhone, both before and after updating. I tried forgoing the app and using Chrome. I tried Safari too. Then I tried my son’s Android. Nada. So I get that this isn’t necessarily an app issue but that doesn’t change the fact that I have sick kids and can’t get groceries!!
Not user friendly at all
fudgewatersnaples on 2020-05-26
The Walmart app is great for seeing what isle the things you need are in, but that’s about where it’s usefulness ends. Ordering anything off the app is a nightmare whether it be a delivery order or for pickup. I’ve had my pickup orders confirmed then cancelled last minute, and on my delivery orders I’ve had them delivery it to the wrong house or have the packaging it’s in completely destroyed with things missing. If by some modern miracle I was able to contact someone through the app, which feels like running in circles, the representatives are less helpful then staring at the home page of the app.

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