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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! HOW TO PLAY: • Tap any glass to pour water to another glass. • The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there’re enough space on the glass. • Try not to get stuck - but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time. FEATURES: • One finger control. • Multiple unique level • FREE & EASY TO PLAY. • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

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Caicee on 2021-04-20
I give this a five star for the game. After playing it nonstop (it’s addictive - it should come with a 12 step program) for a day and paying for the ad free version (the ads were mega annoying! Way worse than other games I play! Two ads, no visible X’s to get out of the ads! But I don’t mind paying for a game I enjoy). But I digress, after playing the ad free game about a day...getting to level 97...the screen went black and a wiggling white box showed up with bells and there was no way out. It stains something close to PayPal users Pay $35.00 one time. Of course I am a dunce and don’t know if it was a virus. I closed the app because I was married to a software guy long enough to know NEVER click on this boxes. Not even on the “X” that looks like you would be closing or minimising the box. NEVER do that. Trust me, I know from experience. I deleted the app. I likes the game and paid for it. I don’t think it is worth risking a virus by reinstalling. I hope the developers see this review and do more beta testing and re-release it. Virus-ey software is not past beta. Not fit for humans :-p I just went and read some other reviews! Most people love the game. But many complain about it using so much battery (it does. I have a brand new iPhone 12 and no other app uses battery so fast. I reviewer said it made her phone hot enough to burn her after 15 min of using this app. She had an older iPhone. Uh, if your phone is getting real hot, stop playing the game. Delete it like I did.
Horrible game, no creativity, too many ads
dynig depression on 2021-04-20
I’m not just a hater, this is a great game for kids! My little sister enjoys it a lot and it can distract her, in turn making me money. The thing is that all ads are really annoying, every time I beat a level for her it shows an ad about make-up (something she’ll never need) and weed. Like seriously?! This isn’t worth it saying it’s just a simple sorting game that’s existed since Vietnam, and that’s no exaggeration. You can buy an actual one for like $10.00 at most, and you can make any puzzle you want with it. Instead of actually using the technology that can make anything reality, you decided to copy something older than you.
Older iPhone on 2021-04-20
Ok, I admit, I love this game. It’s fun and relaxing. But I’m giving it a lower rating to get the developers attention. The ads are absolutely ridiculous. They are 10x or more the volume of anything at all on my phone. If there were a way to mute them I wouldn’t mind much at all (though the content is also obnoxious for a chill game) but as soon as a level is over, your phone becomes an amplifier blasting out some kind of jingle with a beat. Honestly, this makes the game not playable. If the game makers want to keep this one around, they’re going to have to get less greedy and/or more savvy and fix the ad problem.
Small bug from new version
TrustIsALie on 2021-04-20
The only reason that I’m rating it 4 stars is because something broke in the last update, to where I have a permanent white banner at the bottom of the app where the ads would be. Even though I’ve paid to remove them. It takes me out of the game every time because it’s such a stark contrast to the color theme I have going. If that can be fixed (I already emailed support about it), I’ll edit my review to 5 stars; because other than this new issue, this is by far my favorite game to play on my phone right now. It’s such a chill game to lose myself in for an hour or so.
Entertaining yet disappointing.
jasdelane on 2021-04-20
Just to be clear, I really like this game. Which is why I’m so disappointed to only give this two stars. I usually don’t care about ads but nearly every round ends with an ad before you can start a new round. And these aren’t short 10 second ones, I’m talking 45 seconds to a whole minute. Luckily you can pay to get rid of ads for 2.99, but tell me why after paying I STILL GET ADS after every round. I literally paid 2.99 for nothing. Therefore I can only assume you lied for a measly 3 bucks, which is childish and why I’m removing your app from my phone.
Quite a big of ads
EnglandFamily2003 on 2021-04-20
At least an ad about every other level (or every other time you reset your current level). But its only $3 to buy the ad free version if that bothers you. And not some ridiculous $9.99/month for ad free. And the game is exactly what the advertisement for it says it is (unlike other games you see advertised). The only thing I don’t like about it is that, as far as I can tell, you can’t repeat levels.
MossyNovels on 2021-04-20
I saw an ad for this game on Instagram. Should have known better than to try it. The ad looked a lot nicer and had cute music, but the actual game looks and sounds boring. The pouring sound is annoying, especially having to hear it so much. Its a simple concept that could be really good if the aesthetics were updated and there were a bit less ads.
It’s a nice relaxing game, but
kiddingmyself on 2021-04-20
This is a nice game, very relaxing and easy to waste time on, but I just reached level 30 and I don’t feel like the difficulty has increased at all. I wish there was a way to change the difficulty, the current state of the game is boring and not challenging enough. Because of that it really isn’t worth sitting through an ad every other level.
Good game somethings wrong.
awsome sauce lilac on 2021-04-20
Hi, I would like to say you did a good job! But I have a problem you guys won’t let me get the vials wrong. And I mean that I can’t pour a vile if it’s wrong and would mess me up. But if it was right then it would let me pour. It’s kinda boring that way. I want to solve it my own way. Or if I messed it up even more it would be more fun.
Its ok too many ads
saerenAK on 2021-04-20
Its rather simple and the puzzles seem to be most of the same with very little difficulty increase. Every action reults in an ad after first level and the differences between eaxh level are minimal its really just same thing over and over. It can be a bit fun tenporarily but it wears thin too quickly. Stopped after level 15.

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