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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! HOW TO PLAY: • Tap any glass to pour water to another glass. • The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there’re enough space on the glass. • Try not to get stuck - but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time. FEATURES: • One finger control. • Multiple unique level • FREE & EASY TO PLAY. • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

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If you put one ⭐️ your confused.
Molly Hug on 2021-09-19
I lover this game and it’s very fun and challenging I play it a lot (especially sense it doesn’t require internet). I find the game fun and I often see questions in what stars that have a reasonable answer. 1: I have to admit there were a lot of adds at fist but it was a quick 3$ and I don’t regret it. After you play you only have to watch adds if you want an extra bottle or more redos if you can’t figure it out. I think that is fair. 2. After you play a certain amount of levels you start getting levels where you can only see the top of the liquid and under is ?. This is not a glitch it is just for an extra challenge. For all those people who can’t figure out and blame it on the developers: it is possible to beat these levels. They are not hard that hard, I do prefer the non ? ones but there definitely not impossible. I love the game but I don’t have some complaints: 1: You can’t play previous levels. I think it would be fun if you could back and play easier levels, especially if your friend want to try. 2: The store. In the store you can buy new bottle looks and backgrounds with game coins but you have to watch like 3 videos to get one be bottle and 5 to get a background. I wish you could earn coins from playing instead. 3: In adds I see that you can drain liquid from the bottom in adds and I haven’t seen that yet and I’m on level 175 and it’s not like you can get with coins (I got all the bottles). Maybe you just earn them in the future like the ?, I don’t know? I hope this review matters to someone. I hope you enjoy the game.
Was fun till it wasn’t
Ninjahippo8 on 2021-09-19
Water Sort Puzzle was a really fun and simple game that I enjoyed playing on my free time. I got into Sudoku so I hadn’t played this game in a while and came back eventually to a puzzle I was stuck on. This puzzle went from harder to unsolvable unless you are lucky. You can only see the first color in a vial until you pour it and then you can see the next color, and I should mention every vial has four colors so on my level (115) I can only see 12/48 colors when I start. It does not take a genius to tell you that’s unfair. This makes the game actually impossible to just solve, and actually unfun to play. This is not a glitch either, they have a question mark on every color and it fades out after you pour. I am not sure why they added this but until they change this mechanic I will keep my review of this.
Ads and glitches
mmod516 on 2021-09-19
Update: I’m going to write a negative review every time the app glitches and I lose progress. First I made it to level 200 and then the app glitches and brought me back to 191- after a week I finally got it back and made it to 202- oops no! App glitches and I’m back at 201 again. Prepare for more negative updates. I like the game and am even willing to put up with the annoying ads but the game also glitches all the time. I will pass and level and then the ad causes a glitch and I have to do the level all over again. Sometimes it sets me back multiple levels. There is no customer support for the game either. Annoying.
Still not fixed with new update
keoneal5 on 2021-09-19
I love this game. It’s challenging and a good way to pass the time. I paid for the ad-free version and played all the way to level 1530. However, one of the recent updates changed gameplay to have only the top color blocks visible on the tubes and question marks covering everything else. I did an image search and found that this has not always been this way. I’ve emailed feedback several times asking if there is a way to turn this feature off or if one could be added, and have gotten no answers. I have not played a single level since this appeared. I’d love to play again, but won’t until this is changed.
Best use of psychology in a game
DominusTemporus on 2021-09-19
This game starts out super fun really easy and then progressively gets more difficult. That’s where the psychological operation begins. Obviously if it continued getting more and more difficult people would lose interest and stop playing it. So at some point it begins giving you a really easy puzzle that makes you feel smart when you solve it quickly. Followed by a puzzle that’s nearly impossible to solve without asking for an additional vial requiring you to watch an advertisement. It was fun, it’s a brilliant way to get people to watch ads but now I'm done with it.
Don’t bother!
MissingNola on 2021-09-19
I see the ad for this game regularly while playing another. It’s one of those that hi jacks your games- meaning you have a very hard time closing the ad, even after the time has ended. If the developers think this will EVER get me to play one of their games they’re sadly MISTAKEN. I would avoid it if I were you. If the ads for it are this annoying and time consuming on other games I can only imagine what the game itself is like! FORGET IT! I only downloaded it to write this review and now I’ll immediately remove it from my phone.
Scam!! Pay to remove ads? Guess what MORE ads for you
Hhdjgtjvfk on 2021-09-19
Paid to remove the ads because I GENUINELY liked the game! Guess what I watched lots of ads even after paying to remove those ads! If someone is paying for something y’all better deliver!!!! Anyone who is thinking of paying for this DONT! You’ll loose your money with ZERO satisfaction.. do not fall for it. And for the developers, can you please fix this??!!!?! It’s ridiculous! Making people pay for something and not delivering what they’ve paid for , that’s called STEALING! So stop it! Fix this madness.. happy customers = more money..
Sneaky Ads After Paying for No Ads
fyrgirl1 on 2021-09-19
Don’t bother paying for no ads, because you’ll find that you then have to “opt” to watch ads just to get another empty tube to complete the puzzles. Prior to buying no ads I could complete about 3 out of 5 puzzles without having to watch ads to get an extra vial. Immediately after purchasing I couldn’t complete more than 1 out of 7 puzzles without being forced to watch ads to get an extra tube. AND, the commercials and spin time increased to 40-60 seconds or more. This was deceitful, sneaky and greedy. Deleting now.
Paying for no ads is not worth it.
Elly Lizabeth on 2021-09-19
The game is fine. It’s a decent pass time. The ads aren’t over whelming but it does get tiresome if you play long enough. So I paid to remove ads. However, while the pop ups stop, there are still levels that make you feel forced to watch an ad to add another empty glass in order to pass the level. It’s highly annoying. I thought paying for no ads meant no ads at all. That is not the case. Felt a bit misleading. If you don’t mind this then go ahead. I just wanted to give a fair warning I didn’t get.
GREAT for anxiety
Itsmelikewhoa on 2021-09-19
I’m a 35 year old woman with anxiety out the wazoo and found this game by accident. Saw it advertised and the ad relaxed me a little so I downloaded it… I’ve been playing it every time I feel anxious or panicky and it’s incredible. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is the number of intrusive ads that freeze my phone and that you can’t click out of without it trying to take you to the App Store. Otherwise this game is SUPER relaxing. I’ll recommend it all day for anxiety relief.

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