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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



The world's one and only immersion printing simulator! Make your own unique designs and coat 3D objects with them. To start, simply spill color paints on the water's surface. You can even use your fingers to adjust and experiment with the pattern. Then submerge the desired object in the water and Voila! Can you become the world's top watermarbler?

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Discourages creativity
ParadoxJan on 2020-08-04
This has a lot of potential for fun and creative entertainment, but it gives extremely limited options for colors you can use on each item - just 2 colors, unless you watch an ad, which gives you just 2 more colors. In addition to being limited to 2-4 colors for each project, the colors that you are given come from a very limited pool - black, red, blue, aqua, lime green, hot pink, and a few others. (And in my opinion, they aren’t colors that allow for the most pleasing or interesting color combinations.). There are different actions that can be done to make something, but your choices are extremely limited here as well. Sometimes you just choose colors and then swirl them together, other times it will give you a choice of a few designs you can lay on top of the colors you chose, but you never know when you start a project what options you will have. Say you start a project by choosing a color - if the next step, which you didn’t get to choose, restricts you to doing something that you don’t think will look good with the color choice you made, tough luck, you can’t go back to change anything. So much for allowing you to be creative. Finally, WAY TOO MANY ADS. I’m not exaggerating - you will spend more time watching ads to make a project and save it on your shelf than the time you spend actually making it! If you had the ability to decide for yourself which options to apply and which colors to use when making something, and if you had more colors to choose from, this app would be fantastic. As it is, it’s frustrating.
Water marbling
$!fun on 2020-08-04
This game stinks every time I tried to press the next button it froze it never let me see what somebody wanted it was in really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really reallyAnnoying zero stars yeah he wouldn’t even let me give zero stars to send so yeah and I put really a lot because it was annoying there’s so many and I can’t even do anything there’s no colors in mind I need my people I mean five things turned off the app and came back the next day and all of them are gone yep sell it didn’t even save my progress and anytime I wanted to get a color that was in it and it didn’t even give me any colors it was weird I mean it would be fun if there was no words and colors and there’s no other games like this oh yeah it gets really really really really annoyingPlease put this on your ApplePage yeah this update was so very very bad
Trash game with endless ads.
Lizzard-King on 2020-08-04
This is one of the lowest effort games I’ve ever “played” and the number of ads is unbearable. You need to watch an ad before AND after every single thing that you do. The water marbling thing is kind of fun but there’s no actual game here, a customer will come in and tell you what they want, but no matter what you do or how wrong you make it they always act like you nailed it. When you try to make something yourself you don’t have any options, all the colours and effects are available randomly. I’m not watching two ads in a row every twenty seconds for a mildly satisfying swirling effect. Don’t bother.
What happened?
Little boss bear1234567 on 2020-08-04
What happened? Like really. The update ruined the game, I knew that this was just for the money but this? This is too far! You can only choose two colors (most of them are bad) and to get the third one you gotta watch an ad, see where I’m coming from? You can’t be creative in this game, also why do you have three stars for everything? I literally didn’t color the shirt but I still got all three stars, be realistic please! The game used to be fine but now it’s horrible and even more boring. Please don’t download the game, you can’t be creative at all, thank you for reading this.
What is this update??
bananasplit730 on 2020-08-04
So when I first got this game it was REALLY fun and I played like 24/7 but when the update came where you on got two color choices and the other two choices you had to watch ads for. This was just simply a bad update. I mean it’s not the end of the world but I would like if this update could get fixed. I do like how when you get an order you get all the color choices that’s pretty nice but still I want it to be when your not doing an order you can choose from all the colors.
Used to be relaxing.....
Galtzo on 2020-08-04
But now that we can’t choose any color we want, and we have to watch a video to get the tons of color things ( you know what I’m talking about, right?) it’s not as calming and it’s like witch color do I choose? Will I regret it? I don’t normally write reviews but I needed to say this. Though no one may ever see this, please listen to me if you do. And creators, please put it back to the way it was, and the review will be five. But keep the shelving. I like it. Xoxo, me
It was a good game XD on 2020-08-04
This is short but this game is really fun but I want the other one where you could choose when u would like to mix and add colors again, and choose how many colors you wanted, because sometimes it doesn’t mix and if you don’t like that you have to do it again, I know it gives more money for the ads but at least get the thing back where you could use the mixing thing and you could add another color if it wasn’t good for you! Thanks for reading :3
Umm I don’t recommend
smoofey doofey poofey on 2020-08-04
So here’s the thing To do something you have to watch a add or you can’t do it and eventually you will run out of space and not be able to water marble anymore And like I said before you have to watch an ad for everything like if there’s a customer that wants to do something and you don’t have the right thing they want you to water marble then you have to watch a add so yeah I definitely don’t recommend this game
Do not download
hi bye but u tryed on 2020-08-04
This game used to let you pick all the colors and choices you wanted, but now it only gives you 2 choices for colors. Is this game didn’t change I would’ve gave a good review. But that’s not it, if you wanted to create a new object there would have to be a 30 second commercial. It does not give good option for your item. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
The new update is not the best
jvlYT on 2020-08-04
Alright, this game was SUPER FUN! It was, the new update is not the greatest. Now you can’t pick the color you want, you can’t mix colors (I know there is already mixed colors there) Please bring the old version back it was very fun. So, my rating is two stars for now until you can make the very fun old version come back.

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