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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Discover reliable, real-time and hyper-local weather information: with data from over 250,000+ personal weather stations and a proprietary forecast model, Weather Underground gives you the most accurate and hyperlocal forecasts at a microclimate level. Find out about current conditions, interactive nexrad radar, and get customizable alerts and much more. You’ll always be prepared for whatever the weather brings. 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD WEATHER UNDERGROUND • Local conditions: get current weather conditions from local weather stations and hourly/daily summary forecasts up to 10 days in the future, which include chance of precipitation and daily weather summaries. • Most detailed weather data: stay updated with the best weather data including temperature, “Feels Like,” wind speed, wind directions, today’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and pressure. • Weather alerts: set weather alerts for your exact position, so you can always be prepared, rain or shine! • Other geographical data: discover our air quality index, UV index, local flu outbreaks, sunrise & sunset and moonrise & moonset. • Customized experience: set your app with light & dark modes, various map types and units. DISCOVER THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF WEATHER UNDERGROUND Interactive radar maps & severe weather: • The most interactive weather map on mobile allows you to select from different weather overlays, personal weather stations, nexrad radar, satellite, heat maps, and rain accumulation. • Sophisticated weather visualizations with hi-res satellite & cloud cover imagery from GOES-16, powered by data from NOAA. • Keep an eye out for extreme weather and always be prepared with severe weather alerts. Accurate hyper-local forecasts: • Over 250,000 personal weather stations report the most accurate local weather conditions. • Made to fill in the gaps between the airport weather stations that other weather services rely upon to generate forecasts - meaning our data is generated from actual data points in your neighborhood. Subscribe to Premium! • Upgrade and remove all ads from your weather app by purchasing an annual subscription. • Access Smart Forecasts: set your ideal weather conditions for your outdoor activities and we’ll tell you when to go. • View Extended Hourly Forecasts up to 15 days in the future. You can cancel your Weather Underground subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings, or it will automatically renew. This must be done 24 hours before the end of any subscription period to avoid being charged another fee. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. ----- Privacy & Feedback • Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: • Our Terms of Use can be viewed here:
 • If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

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Oh well
Bwackensquork on 2020-02-28
For many years, I was happy to pay for Wunderground. Now I pay for Carrot. Im actually coming back to the app now after ditching it post-redesign, to see if it’s improved. It seems like it hasn’t much. So I’ll likely be giving up now. Redesign made two critical mistakes: 1) Business: when you changed your pricing structure, you removed the features and benefits I’d been paying for, and then asked me to pay more for similar but less useful features and benefits, rather than offering me a grandfathered period or maybe a limited offering for my same rate. So instead of keeping me connected to the app as a paying customer during this “transition”, you deliberately terminated our business relationship without notice and pushed me off in search of an alternative (bizarre retention strategy). Did you actually expect I would stay on board? 2) Design: You suddenly and unexpectedly broke all sorts of usability rules. Hidden content. Complete lack of visual priority. Complete overabundance of visual noise. Excessive taps required to access commonly used features and functions. Using vertical output for horizontal data and vice versa. Confusing left-right/right-left priorities. Oy. If I were managing the dev team on this one I might actually say, “OK, wipe it. Let’s start over.” But since that’s likely not practical, I guess you might want to start by getting a new user experience chief, or at least rethinking that part of your strategy completely. And hey - was there really NO way you could find to show that you valued my decade-plus of patronage by keeping me on board somehow? Really? I get booted out after being one of your most loyal customers for that long? Needless to say, it will be more difficult for you to win me back than it would’ve been to make some effort to keep me. Good luck!
Why Oh why did you fix what wasn’t broken?!?
krmaine on 2020-02-28
I’ve been using this app since it was first available. I relied on it for years back when I was guiding my charter captains on day trips for my sailboat business along the coast of Maine—even down to the hour for fog, wind, and precip. It helped me make informed, reliable weather decisions which in turn allowed me to design great trips and of course to keep people happy and safe. When I needed more info, I regularly checked Jeff Master’s scientific discussions for the last word for any pending storm the other forecasters just couldn’t seem to pin down. WU was simply something I couldn’t live, work, or play without. Once upon a time WU was the most reliable weather app ever, and I shouted it from the roof tops to anyone who would listen. It was ONLY weather app worth using, and if you had half a brain and wanted data to make informed decisions, it was totally indispensable. Sadly, those days are gone. I feel completely lost...relegated to the likes of the Weather Channel and being spoon-fed inaccurate BS forecast cartoons that I wouldn’t trust to keep me dry to to walk the dog. I keep checking in, though to see if things have gone back to being useful again. Would love to see the old school WU return.
A disaster. Still......
Etball01 on 2020-02-28
Apparently, my running review is still true..... It is clear you just do not care what your users want. You failed again and I am still happy I had the old app on another iPad See you guys are still doing a great job ignoring your customers. Luckily, as I have stated before, I reloaded an older app version—back when people loved it. I am amazed that you keep a version that is continuously hated hourly in reviews. This was the greatest app once. On iPad no longer does broad screen and I have pay for smart forecasts (the most valuable part) or they are gone. They were the reason I went to this app instead of Accuweather. Great job, not!! I thought I would use something else now. Who’s idea was this? Fire him/her. Thank goodness I have the old app running on another iPad. I am deleting the new one. It is horrible. Luckily, there is a difficult way to reinstall the old version from one of your iPad backups. So I am happy using the old version again.
Terrible Update
06437 on 2020-02-28
I used to love this app; it was so different from others. But this recent update has taken all the great away and now it’s like a slightly worse version of other weather apps. You used to quickly be able to see the high and low for the day when first opening the app. The best part was, it would tell you if it was going to be colder, warmer or the same temp as the day before. I loved that as a frame of reference when getting dressed in the morning - plus no one else has that. Also, you used to be able to view the actual weather from the day prior in the weekly view, which I also used to compare to the day prior. Plus the sunrise/set wheel was very interesting and helpful; but now it’s been flipped and sunset is on the left and sunrise on the right. Who did this to you? Was it IBM? Please don’t sell out. We loved you the way you were.
I’m sad inside
Big Antler 1968 on 2020-02-28
I have been using this app/website forever. I can’t even say when I first started using it but it must have been in the 1990’s via my web browser on my desktop. It was soooooo much better then. You have had at least one or two giant overhauls over the years like this recent one. I’ve hated them all. The app got worse every time. No improvements. But this last one made me delete your app from my iPhone. Crying. I used to love, love, love your app. I would tell everyone about it. I used it for hurricane info (but you killed that usefulness a few years back.) Now you’ve even made it difficult to see the high and low for the day. Y’all are idiots. Unbelievable. Now using Weather Bug and NOAA. I have never left such a negative review before but really people!!! Just go back to the beginning.....PLEASE.
$72/yr to get rid of billboard-sized ads???
michaelheggen on 2020-02-28
I used to be able to pay once and have no ads on Wunderground AND Storm Radar. Oh, but you don’t have to pay.... True, but the stupid ads are so big now that they have their own zip code. So, now I have to pay $1.99 a month for Storm Radar and an additional $3.99 for Wunderground? Oh, just use one app! Well, I would except the big user interface change for the Wunderground app did away with daily total precipitation forecasts. (That’s kind of a Big Deal here in Oregon.) I can only get those in Storm Radar now. So, $72/year for an ad-free weather app that takes two apps to do the job of one? A three-fold increase in price for a weather app that depends upon DONATED data from thousands of people who spent hundreds of dollars on personal weather stations? Nope. Nope. Nope.
Ruined UX
B_rathen on 2020-02-28
Finally done with Weather Underground... they’ve completely ruined the app with the new design. I have no idea what user goal they were attempting to solve with the new UI but it ain’t the common sense user. The primary graphic is exhaustive with extraneous visuals that don’t convey the most basic information. Try searching for a forecast in another location, and it’s near impossible to understand their cryptic listings for the weather station, I’m surprised they didn’t go with longitudinal coordinates! Now I’m off to find a weather app that is designed for the user... so many to chose from, so few good UI’s... sad to leave weather underground but they’ve driven me away as they clearly don’t care about the user anymore
Don't bother - bad Weather Channel copy
Bearcreekmom on 2020-02-28
Revised to 1 - really starting to dislike you people. I won't bother repeating what everyone else is doing in their 1-star reviews. And can't find an airport by their code ... SERIOUSLY!!!! This revision took a long step back from clearly presented information. Key elements were removed completely. Very disappointing that TWC seems to be taking over again. Or that IBM, who can't do anything right in the computer world now thinks they know how to present weather information. How much are you paying for the sound-bite positive reviews? They look just as fake here as they do on Amazon. FWIW - I'd pay to get a truly ad-free version of your previous app version. Would also go back to a five-star rating.
Dissapointedall of these 1 star reviews are SPOT ON.
All the new changes are terrible. I loved this app for as long as I can remember having an iPhone. Literally, I used this app every day & recommended it all the time !?? What happened?!? IBM is an amazing company, I cannot understand how they had a negative impact WU. The current version is 1/10th of what WU was for so longs. I spent hour editing my forcasts, now they are gone & they expect us to pay an outrageous fee. Not ok. I delayed writing this review to see if there would be an update, nothing, it’s worse ! Everyone I know who uses this app are passionate & WU & weather safety, EVERYone is disappointed.
Mtm18293938383 on 2020-02-28
Why make such drastic changes to a app that worked so well? I used this app in my classroom a lot to look at daily weather changes, long term forecasts, phases of the moon, and hours of daylight. Now it is not so user friendly! So frustrating that you can’t see long term forecast all at once and have to scroll with the graphs below. I find myself having to scroll up and down from the graphs to see which days/times they’re referencing. Also the temperature gauge that looks like an odometer? Just why. I don’t need an ~artistic~ weather app. Currently looking at other apps, I purchased ventusky, and might just abandon this one.

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