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Deceitful practices
Runnerboy720 on 2020-02-21
This app/ website does have some fun stories to read, but Webnovel only acts as the middle man. Anything that is directly related to webnovel is bad. Many of the ads have “misplaced” x marks so that it takes you a long time to get out of ads. The in app currencies they have, have changed a lot in the past year. I understand they are looking for the best model however they also purposefully misdirect you in a lot of small ways to try and dupe you or frustrate you into making purchases. The rankings and reviews on the website are straight manipulated. It’s clear bot accounts are used by some of the novels in order to boost their position. Finding something that you like may take some time because of this. The organizational ability of the novels you are reading is slowly catching up to the point that it should be at. How ever it is still lacking and needs updates. The app looks relatively polished at cursory glance. Upon regular use there are a lot of questionable designs which makes you wonder if the people that made the app have ever used it. The holds really true when using power stones which is something that most would use daily. TLDR; The app/site is slightly bad the company itself seems to be nothing but manipulative. Best use for the site is to look for novels you like and google it to see if there is another website that hosts the story.
Currency issues and problem trading in points
geometric_system on 2020-02-21
I’ve been a user of this app for a while (about half a year) and so I’ve seen the forcible transition from spirit stones to fast passes. I liked the format of the app and some of the content, so I stayed despite a lot of the issues surrounding the currency change. I’m even a level 4 user, which should show that I’ve been a frequent reader too. One problem is the fact that a Fast Pass covers a chapter, no matter how long it is — 500 word chapter vs 1000, it all costs the reader the same. My main issue, however, which is basically why I’m considering dropping the app, is that I can’t even trade in my accumulated points for fast passes at this point. I read a lot, so I accumulate a lot of points. However, they’re just sitting there like dead currency because I can’t trade them in for fast passes at the “store.” What’s the point of any of this, then? I get three fast passes a day and frankly that’s not enough for the content I get in return. It’s a feedback loop asking for more and more money from people who obviously can’t spend it. I’m probably switching to another app.
Sexist Questionaire
nasrin07 on 2020-02-21
Hi all - I gave this app 1 star for the initial sexist categorization of new readers. The app opens with : Tell us your preference to get better recommendations. FEMALE LEAD STORIES - more romance, fan-fic, etc., MALE LEAD STORES - more action, sci-fi, etc., While I don’t find the preference for male or female lead stories particularly note worthy (one might like to read from the perspective of lead characters along gender lines) the categorization of romance, and fan fiction as a female thing, and that action and sci-fi is a male perspective, is incredibly sexist. I prefer action stories with a female lead. Why is this not an option? A proposed solution to Webnovel would be “please select your interests to get better recommendations” and then a list of categories in which users may select to designate preferences that often do not fit along outdated gender “norms”. Needless to say, I immediately deleted the app. Webnovel- feel free to reach out if you fix the front. I was looking forward to reading new web comics.
Total joke and then some...
Brekk86 on 2020-02-21
They responded over a month later. And way after my subscription was up. It seems the customer support is as great as the app itself *dripping in sarcasm* They want me to email them my username and all of my info so they can solve the problem. Do they not realize the problem is the App is a money pit? I could go buy an actual book for less than I paid for the subscription plus the additional charges to actually finish one of the novels. The story I was readying was great. However, it’s not worth the insane amount of money it would cost me to read the whole thing. Again, it’s a scam. They just try to gouge more and more money. Ridiculous. I paid $9.99 plus tax to not be able to actually read the entire thing without paying stupid amounts of money to “unlock chapters”! Total scam. They charged me the $9.99 after saying that it was $7.99 also. A day and a half and I canceled it already. Absolutely ridiculous. Don’t waste your money or your time!
Welcome to my Hell 2
Welcome to my Hell 2 on 2020-02-21
This a story about a dynamic family. Starting with Eduardo who moved to America with his wife Ava. It’s about his beliefs on raising his male dominated family, living their lives in the BDSM community and treatment of their wives and children. On what is acceptable and what is not. It follows the lives and marriage of his only son Zeke and the lives of all his children’s especially his eldest Elisio. It follows the relationship of Elisio’s wife Sabrina. The battle to acknowledge his love for Sabrina, the brutality of the relationship and finally the acceptance of both Elisio’s and Sabrina’s love. It also goes into the life of their only son Errmano. And his marriage to Rose. Rose damaged from early age by her sister and Errmano’s relationship and years later to Errmano’s and Rose marriage. See how the family raises from all obstacles and its need for control and to love.
Membership but still...
roni donni on 2020-02-21
I’m a hardcore manga reader so when I found this app I was excited. I found myself spending the 5$ to be able to get coins, voting to get extra points etc. then I found myself at 4 am buying the membership and even after those 700 coins were used I still hadn’t finished the manga, as that only got me like 40 or so pages. (When I start a good manga I don’t stop till it’s done). My thing is. The voting does the authors no good if people are just voting to read longer. And if I’m paying 10$/month, I should be able to have unlimited access. 300coins a month only gets you like 20 or so pages. If your reading multiple mangas at a time then u don’t get to read much. I’m sorry but at that point I might as well just go buy the actual manga books. I can go to places like 2nd n Charles and get a manga for 4$. Not sure if I will be keeping my membership at this point.
An amazing app but...
maddie 125 on 2020-02-21
I really like the app but hate the fast pass feature. I read a lot of stories on here and when they stopped giving out free daily spirit stone I started losing my spirit stone with only two ways of getting it. I had a quite a lot of fast passes but some of the stories I read take only 3-4 spirit stone. I ran out of stone the other day and have wasted all of my fast passes so I have no way to read any now. I really wish they’d switch back to giving daily spirit stones and not just the fast passes. And now the only way to get coins is to buy them and they’ve made the coins even more expensive. And now, adds are appearing when I’m in the middle of reading I don’t mind occasional adds but not 3 adds in each story.
Pay to read app
Laikos88 on 2020-02-21
They “allow you to read” it to an extend before the start blocking. Need to use coins/vouchers to unblock that u can earn by check-in/reading time. But those coins either expire or vouchers only open a chapter so there is not way for you to finish any book unless you pay. Given they post a few free to read books, I guess it if you haven’t read those books it’s still worth it. App is sometimes glitchy, some unblocked chapters sometimes re-block themselves. But it’s fine just goto other websites to finish reading it. Guess the purpose is to make money so not much to say about it. That being said they do have a nice assortment of books if you don’t mind paying hence the 3 stars. My 2 cents...
Free Reader 18 on 2020-02-21
I would have given this app way more stars but with the inability to actual contact them and also misleading information has caused the one star rating. They advertise free novels that you aren’t supposed to have to unlock any chapters, you get almost half way through the “free” novel and then you have to start paying to read the rest of the chapters. When I went to send and email the system kept telling me my email wasn’t in the system, which it is, I’ve double checked. There’s no way to contact the makers of the app from my phone or computer through the app or through the actual website. I’m very disappointed but will fix my rating if it changes to what it was originally advertised as.
This has tremendous potential but....
Cuemommy on 2020-02-21
If the subscription model was 1.99 monthly, more people would pay. If it was 1 coin per chapter, more people would pay. When people are pleased with the quality of writing, they want to support the authors. It seems this company fails to realize this and their greediness is evident in nickel diming everyone. Plenty of Amazon books are free daily. In fact, for only $10 a month kindle unlimited, I have over million books at my fingertips. Charging $7.99 monthly for this app with limited selection is a very poor business decision on their part. It’s a shame because this has so much potential.

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