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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Scale your wheels UP or DOWN! Choose between being Powerful or Fast to beat your opponent.

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Is there any substitution to replace App Annie or Sensor Tower?
Elline Nussii on 2020-07-15
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But wait, there’s more (Ads)!
Rock4Jesus777 on 2020-07-15
So this is a fun game. Learning the techniques and such is a nice challenge. There are however a few problems. Ads. There are a lot. I’ve seen more but many times the ads are intrusive to gameplay, popping up right in the middle of a round. That’s annoying. I get it, “ad revenue” and all but seriously you can’t be making that much if the Ad Removal is only $2. Fix that! Next issue: It gets a little laggy during gameplay at times but ONLY freezes when you’re trying to multiply your earnings or are getting a prize and you end up losing the award. Lame! Fix that!! The physics after you launch at the end of a’ll be flying like a rocket then out of nowhere your momentum stalls and you drop way sooner than you’d think. It’s clearly just to keep you from earning more coins. Fix that and make it more realistic!!! Overall a fun game with some slightly more than mild annoyances.
It’s a good game but
gucandchips on 2020-07-15
This is a good game but you can tell it’s not a real person your going up against due to the rubber band effect (for y’all that don’t know what that is it’s where like with a rubber band you let go of one side when it’s stretched out and it goes to the other side and that happens when you get to far ahead and then the side is released and they speed toward you and win) and there are a few glitches where you get thrown off the map. So if your reading reviews before getting the game don’t get it, it’s not a good game
This is the best game and Rambogunna your nothing
ItsYourgirl_Candy on 2020-07-15
Rambogunna is just a selfish person she just wants attention and how about delete your favorite games how about that little hater that’s probably 4 years old. This game is better than Rambogunna and I’m supporting and if your racist then remember Dr. Martin Luther king because he stopped people from being racist. Anyways bye and not to Rambogunna the hater bye everybody else. ❤️
Waste of Time
Omar_Rivera92 on 2020-07-15
Review in TL:DR form 1. You don’t race against real people 2. An ad after you beat each level 3. You don’t need to upgrade your car, the AI will always let you win 4. Offline earnings is a scam, it does nothing 5. Developers are lazy people that don’t put any effort into the game and will push this game out and depend on the ad revenue to make more dumb game like this one
I would love to rate it higher but...
Beej05 on 2020-07-15
I would like to bring to the developer’s attention a major issue that I have seen I multiple other reviews, where, the first time you launch the game it’s great! Everything works as intended. However, every other time after that the game brings up a black screen then imminently crashes. Please fix this ASAP because I do really think this game is fun!!
This game is amazing
moster mason on 2020-07-15
It is SO fun and it has barely any ads finally a good game literary it has like no ads when it asks you to watch an ad to unlock something you dont have to watch a second one now lets talk about how fun the game is you get a bunch of different levels and you race robots sometimes its hard and sometimes its not good job SUPERSONIC
Great, but...
ifvgghfhggfcj on 2020-07-15
It’s a great game, it’s usually the game I play when I don’t have WiFi, but here’s one thing that made me MAD. I went to claim a reward, and there was no ad available. Fine, right? Well right when I press continue and lose reward, an ad pops up. That’s just crazy. Overall, it’s a fun game, but play with no internet.
It’s Okay
idk a nicname on 2020-07-15
So I download the game and go into it play a couple of games but I soon realize the player your up against is an npc due to rubber band effects and I will get flung so I decide to play later but as I try to get on it just keeps kicking me out and I couldn’t get back in so I can’t play anymore. Please fix the glitch.
Thought wrong
dab_slayer on 2020-07-15
I thought that there isn’t really a way to mess with the system like most of these games. That was before I realized you could jump by making the wheels really small and making them really big again rapidly. You can jump over obstacles and get a crap ton of money in the end (most I got was 60).

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