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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Widgetsmith lets you personalize your home screen like never before. It starts with a wide collection of highly customizable widgets, which range in function from date, to weather, to astronomy. Each can be adjusted precisely to best fit your desired function and appearance. This set of widgets can then be dynamically scheduled to appear on your home screen following rules you define. For example, a particular widget could show the weather first thing in the morning, then your calendar during your work day, then switch to your Activity ring progress as you wrap up your day. This lets you take full advantage of each slot on your home screen. The app itself also includes a wide collection of tools, such as a weather app, a timezone converter, a calendar. These tools can automatically launch based on the active widget tapped. Notes: • Widgetsmith optionally integrates with Apple Health. This data is used to display your step and activity if you select one of those widget types. Permission for Widgetsmith to access this data is controlled through the Apple Health app. • Widgetsmith includes an optional premium subscription. This is offered on a monthly or annual basis. If you choose to purchase a subscription your payment will be charged to your iTunes account. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase. • Access to Tide and Weather hosted data is only available to Widgetsmith Premium subscribers. Privacy Policy & Terms:

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You have to add pictures one by one for every new widget!!!
Lil*Chicken on 2020-12-03
On my phone I have tons of pictures that I had to get back when I got a new phone. Well when I was having trouble with the Amazon photos... I mean the one that comes with your phone it wouldn’t scroll through pictures?! I don’t know why tho but things happen because it’s rigged, lol ... so let’s get onto the app. So this app is so annoying just like the Amazon one is because I want everyone photo on one widget... well when you get this app If you want every photo to show up on your Home Screen? Well your screwed then because you have to add one by one for every new widget... I just want them all on one widget and don’t have to keep adding photos so I can have my iPhone clean and neat instead of having 999 widgets for every picture that I have to add manually which is annoying as F*CK!!!!!!! Please fix this... it’s been bothering me for ever and that’s why I deleted this app.
The best when I found, but missing a few things to make it really great
itsallabouttheaesthetic on 2020-12-03
This app is the best one I have found for making stacks, but unfortunately once you make one you can’t delete anything out of it (that I can see) and you have to start over. Super annoying. Otherwise I’m really enjoying using it. I left Apple years ago -one reason was because I couldn’t customize my screen like I could on android - so I was thrilled to go back to Apple a few days ago and be able to at least create the aesthetic I want to look at. This app really is the best one I found for creating that look! I would really love to be able to stack apps on top of one another (I use shortcuts to make small app size bookmarks for now but you can’t stack them, they can only go into a normal old style folder) or at least stack folders on top of one another in a small stack shape so I could make the top a pretty image. Then it would be perfect!
custom text issues...developer please read :)
1yssas0uza on 2020-12-03
i got this app as soon as i updated to ios 14 and i absolutely love it. the only thing that has changed is that the custom text option is not the best. i absolutely loved it when it was first added, but now it’s not the same and it keeps getting worse as i keep updating the app. i just updated the app to the latest version, and i went to my home screen and saw that the custom text things i put on my home screen were very small and just not centered the way they were before i had updated. i tried fixing it myself but it doesn’t look the same and there’s no way to change the font size or anything so i’m stuck having it looking weird which is upsetting. other than this little issue, i love the app and am going to continue using it in the future. i hope the developer sees this so they can fix this issue because it’s not just frustrating me.
Great, Almost!
lolimasavage on 2020-12-03
Literally works perfect for me, I haven’t had any issues that the other comments are mentioning either. However, my one complaint is the photo album option. I have three photo widgets on my Home Screen, each with a different album containing only 3 pictures. I thought it would be really cool if they could sync up so I ordered the photos in a specific way in their albums, this is on an iPhone, and than I added the widgets to my Home Screen within seconds of each other. However, it didn’t match up, when I finally got 2 of them to, for some reason, the time they switched photos were different as well. It’s a bummer cause I thought it would be really cool, but oh well. What can you do? The app itself is great though, they have such colourful and customizable options!
Too far in the greed.
Sasha&Ollie on 2020-12-03
Widgetsmith is a great app! There are great things about it! They have good updates to fix bugs, and they are just cute! I find it absolutely adorable to open up my phone and see my 2 cats and 1 dog staring back at me! The colors you can choose from are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention you can make your own colored wallpaper-fun! However, there are some bad parts. Widget premium?!? SERIOUSLY?!? Ok ok ok, who is going to pay MONEY ($1.99 a month?!? For Pete’s Sake people, c’mon!!!) to have snowflakes on their date widget? Not me! Or the wether and tide schedule? Nuh-uh! I am very content with the deigns and option I have for FREE! So yeah, yeah!!
Amazing until a few days ago when a bug showed up
shשakkקedד on 2020-12-03
This app was amazing and worked pretty much flawlessly, except for some little things that have already been mentioned in the comments. But, yesterday, when I opened my phone I noticed that all the custom text on those specific widgets has been enlarged, so instead of having one word in the center, half of the word is in the center and the other half is a row beneath, or, the word is in the bottom row. This has been a problem for me since it ruins the aesthetic I used to have on my phone and I have many custom text widgets. I really hope this will be fixed soon because this has been my only serious problem with the app.
The besttttt app everrr
fjdsowb on 2020-12-03
This is the BEST APP EVER!!!! There are some things that you can buy but most things are free it also lets me use MULTIPLE widgets which is what I LOVE. It also means u can put multiple pics on your screen. Before I found this app I used the app color widgets and it really sucked because u could legit only use one widget. So I really suggest this app. I also saw some reviews where people wrote that they had a few problems with the app. I think it may be their phone that’s the problem cuz I’m not having any problems or difficulties with this app!
Very Limited
VetteC5Z51 on 2020-12-03
This is a good app for VERY basic widgets but the customization is very limited to what it appears. Custom photo backgrounds, for example, can only be used with a date & time widget; they cannot be used with any of the other available widgets such as calendar or weather. The app doesn’t support productive widgets such as stock symbols. If custom photo backgrounds are available for date & time widgets it should be usable for all of them; that would make this app more appealing.
Great app but needs more
Vlone.Daniel on 2020-12-03
i recently downloaded widgetsmith because my friend told me about it i was over here paying for a widget app around 10 bucks but that's besides the point when i downloaded widgetsmith i was super surprised on all the variety of options for widgets i had but my main focus were the picture widgets i feel as if they should add animated widgets such as like gifs or like a 5 second video to be inputted that would make the app so much better than it already is!
Photo Widget Suggestion!
kkaysiena0621 on 2020-12-03
You can gather from the other reviews that this is a great app, good on the developers for capitalizing on the inevitable widget craze ;) I’m just using this as a suggestion: can you make it possible to put borders around picture widgets? You could choose the thickness and style and color of the borders as well. This would be INCREDIBLY helpful and kind of overdue lol. Especially when trying to maintain different aesthetics. Thanks!

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