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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Welcome to Wildscapes! Create your dream zoo with dozens of adorable animals by solving colorful puzzles! Build spacious enclosures for animals and make your zoo visitor-friendly with cafes, fountains, playgrounds, hangout spots, and more! Learn about species from all over the world and create the best zoo ever! Ready for a wild ride? Then hop on! GAME FEATURES: ● Enjoy your favorite gameplay: beat match-3 levels to restore the zoo! ● Match juicy and fruity items to complete unique tasks and win rewards ● Unlock more areas to welcome new animals from different habitats ● Play with custom options to design your zoo the way you want ● Decorate your zoo with unique objects from around the world ● Power up your gaming experience with the help of special animal boosters ● Complete tasks for zoo visitors by helping them with their specific needs and wants ● Bring together whole families of animals to get even more rewards! Wildscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, simply turn off the purchase option in your device's «Restrictions» menu. Enjoying Wildscapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected]

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The best out of the series...
Jbgood75 on 2020-05-27
Updating my review of this game again and dropping another star. I’ve gotten really far, I’m now on the other island of the zoo on level 1113 and I’ve done so without paying a penny. The glitches are getting worse. I can no longer use the flying top bonus items and when I pick them they float off the screen every single game! What’s the point of even having them available as a bonus item?? I’ve also noticed freezing in my games this past week, it’s happened twice. I’ll literally be in the middle of a puzzle challenge and it will freeze and won’t restart. I’ve exited out of the app and gone back in hours later and it’s still frozen. The only thing that works is if I turn my phone off and restart it, but then it voids my life on that game and I have to start a new one. Super upsetting, especially if I’ve had some good moves or used my bonuses, cause then it’s lost! And I must say, I really hate the new flower puzzles, you know the green flowers that only open when you get a match next to them but close if you don’t get another match near them, so your move is essentially wasted unless you have an explosion bag. I thought the cotton candy that keeps reforming was bad but I got used to that, these flowers are a hundred times worse! Updating my review and dropping a star due to a glitch in the system when trying to use bonus items. I’ve noticed that when trying to use bonus items on some puzzles the items don’t appear and when I go to play the next game the bonus item is gone from my list. So today I’m playing a particularly hard level and decide I’ll use a bonus when I see the bonus items go to drop on the puzzle they float off to the top of the screen and they’re gone for good. What a waste! Couldn’t imagine if I was paying for these items and they disappeared like that. I still love the game but you need to fix that cause it’s super annoying and unfair. Original review: This is by far the best out of the Scape series and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it’s one of those cash grabber games, but per the negative reviews that say you can’t pass certain levels without buying more stuff, I’m here to say that’s not true. There have been a quite few levels that I thought were way too difficult to beat and I almost gave up and deleted the app! I’m glad I stuck around cause I eventually did beat them. I’m on level 285 right now and have gotten this far without putting any money into the game. I absolutely love building my zoo, the animals and scenery are so pleasant and I like to go around and watch the people and animals I have so far. Right now I’m almost done building my polar area. I got bored with gardenscapes as I felt there was not enough forward momentum on building my garden, having to pass too many difficult levels just to do one thing and nothing to show for it. Plus too many side games and I’d get confused on what exactly my goal was cause my garden was going nowhere. I also tried homescapes, that was even more boring than the garden one and I just couldn’t get into it enough to be concerned about what color chair or carpet to choose for a room. Unfortunately, I will say the further you go the more expensive the animals and other items for your zoo get (another cash grabbing attempt). But that’s how these free phone games are, you either have to watch ads or have games that tempt you to buy more things for quick upgrades. If you don’t like that then stick to PC and console games. Wildscapes is where it’s at!
The game is good but I sense the cash grab...
Djpartypon3 on 2020-05-27
I just downloaded this game not too long ago and I will say this the game is getting harder and harder as you play along. The levels are okay but I don’t understand why we only get like 20 or less of turns for what we play for each level. Next, the characters should at least have a name like with Austin and his friends, this is what I see: A man that has a recycled bottle in his hand and a banana. A girl who loves to read while at the zoo. And just side characters. The gameplay seems simple but I do sense a cash grab in this game too. I’ve noticed that if you don’t have enough coins to purchase something from the store I always see a little ad where I have to pay just to continue. More you pay the more money you have and the more money you end up spending. There’s no story which I find a little sad but if you plan on making something similar to this at least start from the very beginning to why or how the player can turn something old to something new. The visuals, features, and the animation of the characters are beautiful I just wish there were more you can do instead of playing the game and not knowing the characters names. Why? Here’s an example, “ Hey, my name is Danny and I work at this zoo. Sadly, I haven’t been doing a good job and might need some help. May you help me out?” See? Just start with giving the characters names and understand why we need to help the zoo out by adding more animals to it depending on what people are asking the player for. Like I said good game just don’t like how it’s a cash grab.
RoseKas on 2020-05-27
First, I like a lot about this game! Fun match-3 game with tricky obstacles, and it’s fun building your own zoo. I like that there isn’t an annoying backstory, like Austin in Garden and Homescapes, which seems to go on forever when the characters start talking. Here are the cons: as much as I hate videos, they’re not even offered so that you can earn extra gems to keep playing when you’re stuck. Also, having teams (I refuse to connect to Facebook or spend real money) is nice in the other Playrix games, to get and give extra lives. I’ve been stuck on the same ridiculous level for days, and there’s no getting out of it. I might have to quit. And one other minor issue: I really hate that you can’t move a piece to an empty space. Very annoying. One other issue that’s happened on both of my devices: once I’ve turned the sound off, I can’t turn it back on. Seems like a glitch. Also, for all of the Playrix games, on my iPhone 11, I have to be very careful when pulling down an item from the top row, or it pulls down my home screen. AND, on the iPhone, if I’ve scored an hour or so of free play, it’s almost impossible to save it for later (when it might be a better time for me to play), because swiping up it starts the timer. Whereas, on a device with a home button, I can simply close the game. This game has potential, but the annoyances are almost outweighing the pleasure. During this pandemic, I really just do not need any more annoyances, nor do any other of your players. Come on, Playrix, “DO YOUR PART!”
A great game but...
Steph's choice! on 2020-05-27
I like the game a lot. However it did get too hard real fast. I can’t imagine a 4 year old could play it for very long. The thing I started seeing was when I would make the spiral top it would not even go to places where it helps but goes to these off shoot places that do nothing for the game, or take out something that’s helps play the game, and maybe I have it wrong but isn’t that the purpose to make them, it’s encouraged as you play. And while some do hit the right places there are many times they go off somewhere else. And it seems that’s now there hard to very hard almost every other time I beat it. It has gotten very discouraging to play. Love the look and other ways it plays but staying on a very hard level with those spiral bombs not helping for almost a week at a time doesnt also help me spend money on the game. I’m one of those that will spend money but I’ve quit spending on it and am thinking of stopping playing.
Not at all as fun as shown
LucyBaLady on 2020-05-27
Warning ⚠️! This is a game to take your money!!! This would be an enjoyable game if it wasn’t for the fact that the game gets so hard too quickly to the point that it’s obvious that it’s a “Pay To Play” game! If ya want to advance in the game then ya have to pay money! Sadly, even though I could see promise in the game I’m not giving it money on the first few days because everything is overpriced and the actual game asks for more than possible w/ moves given! The payouts when ya do win are awful and no where near enough to get the items needed in game! Waste of time & space in in my cloud! The company should be ashamed of their greed so blatantly on display as if they are proud of their achievements! Shame on y’all!!!!! Deleting game tonight! Good luck to all who play this game!
SquirrelGirl145 on 2020-05-27
I think this game is really great and some should buy it but.....for people who have like,anger issues, then I don’t think you should buy this game.The levels get REALLY HARD(For me) and you lose all your darn lives trying to get a tiger or something.I love animals and I hate to see them feel bad so I got this game.I love all the toys and stuff that you need to get when you play but sometimes I literally spend HOURS trying to win.Whenever I lose all my hearts and have to wait I just go somewhere else for the rest of the day and come back the next day.But if you are reading this and you want this game, you can get it.Its really fun but REALLY hard. Hey Developers, how many levels are there and Can you have an update so that it’s not so hard?
LOVED it but then
slom9 on 2020-05-27
I LOVED this game until about level 80. The levels were the perfect difficulty. I had enough success that I felt comfortable spending money to get power ups because I knew it wasn’t hard after hard after hard. Then I hit the 80s and every single level takes me running out the 5 lives multiple times to get even one done. It’s infuriating. There’s no success. I’m not spending money to not have fun! I’m so disappointed. I was looking forward to unlocking more and more. I already had the zebras unlocked and everything. Time to delete and find a new game. If you’re looking for a fair game to work your way through, this isn’t it. Keep looking.
hijmnhu on 2020-05-27
Levels got pretty difficult very fast. I’m a seasoned gamer and it was even difficult for me. There’s really no plot which is also a disappointment. The game also locks up without warning and I’m not able to fix it without completely closing it. I’ve been to your troubleshooting page and have done everything but it keeps happening. This is very frustrating when I have beaten a difficult level and the animal just sits there and blinks at me, lol. Unless this game is updated with some major fixes, I’m afraid it’s a no go for me. It’s a shame too, the characters are cute.
If you want a zoo game, this is not it...
Eeyorespillow on 2020-05-27
While I like the zoo part...I loathe the stupid mini games (candy crush nonsense) you have to play to actually play in your zoo. They make it so you have to reach loads of levels to get all your animals too. And they will throw you a bone and let you win a bunch easily to advanced- but then you’ll get stuck on a level for a bit. Trying for that reverse psychology you as the player will fork over real cash to move forward. Fun, cute graphics...but could be way better.
Fun Game within a Game
CherieMichelle on 2020-05-27
This game has the best island music to go with the different challenges. The zoo itself has excellent sounds too. Birds, water and jazzy music to keep you entertained and relaxed. There are several fun challenges at different levels to keep your interest. You can spend your winnings on the guests requests and decorate the zoo to your liking. The animals respond with hearts if you tap or pet them. Very interactive and cute.

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