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May, 2020


May, 2020



HOW IS WISH SO AFFORDABLE? Wish connects shoppers directly to over 100 million manufacturers, so shoppers can find affordable goods. There’s no middle man, so prices are lower and the quality is the same as what you’d get at the mall. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We take your security seriously and process your purchases securely. JOIN 300 MILLION USERS Over 300 million people use Wish to shop affordable goods. So skip the shopping mall and find lower prices on Wish. REVIEWS, VIDEOS & PHOTOS Read through customer reviews, view photos, and watch videos of their purchases to find the best deals. TRACKING Track your purchases. CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have questions about your order, reach our customer service easily through the app. Our customer service responds quickly. FREE RETURNS Plus, if it’s not perfect, we have easy refunds & free returns. SAVE ON BRANDS We now offer brands at affordable prices on Wish Outlet. Find discounted Apple, Samsonite, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Sperry and more! 5-7 DAY SHIPPING Get faster shipping with Wish Express! Items with the Wish Express truck icon arrive at your door in 5-7 days. SAVE BIGGER Spin Blitz Buy to win more savings. When you spin Blitz Buy, you win access to extra discounts. EARN REWARDS Collect points with each purchase and redeem them for reward coupons. 60-90% OFF THESE CATEGORIES Find discounts on trendy fashion, shoes, gadgets, kitchen tools, home goods, kids items, beauty, jewelry, watches, accessories, and more. SKIP THE MALL, SHOP ON YOUR PHONE FOR.... Trendy womens fashion: dresses, jackets, bottoms, tops, sweaters, athleisure, swimwear, lingerie... Quality mens fashion: jackets, sweaters, jeans, shirts, button-up tops, workout wear, underwear... Accessories: hats, socks, scarves, belts, jewelry, watches, gym bags, travel bags, purses, backpacks... Electronics: fitness trackers, cameras, drones, phone cases, battery packs, headphones, gadgets... Beauty: brushes, skincare, perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation... Shoes: sneakers, running shoes, boots, sandals, heels... Home Goods: kitchen tools, cookware, knives, trendy home decor, lights, sheets, furniture... Kids: clothes, toys, school supplies, baby gear... Sports: exercise gear, weights, soccer, basketball, mens workout clothes, women’s athleisure... Auto: organizers, cleaners, phone chargers... WISH and the W logo are trademarks of ContextLogic Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights reserved.

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SCAM SITE, don’t let cheap prices fool you!
Jnguyeennn on 2020-06-05
I’ve orders 4 items and only 1 has been delivered and it’s been MONTHS. Their site claims they care about their customers, but that’s a LIE. I’ve reached out to customer support over a dozen times. I’ve called them, but their lines are always down. They say on their site to use the contact support option, but you can’t get anyone live through chat no matter what option you choose, what a JOKE. The couple times that people have responded back to me have said the same thing: to wait for the item to arrive or to return it once I receive the item.. THE PROBLEM IS THAT I HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANYTHING SO HOW WOULD I RETURN IT?! I finally got someone promising to reply back to me, but I highly doubt my response will reach that same person, it looks like responses get redistributed to a random person each time.. This site is a scam.. don’t know why it’s rated so high on the App Store (probably fake reviews). They take your money, make you wait months for some cheap items you can get at the dollar store, then if you have an issue they make you go around in circles. Never using this dumb app again. Warning all my friends. Warning all users. SAVE YOUR MONEY.
Good app but needs a tweak in order history
Holyman47201 on 2020-06-05
I really like the service and seem to keep finding things to buy. Great way to save money if you don’t mind waiting up to a couple months or longer to get an item. No real way of knowing until you order and hope it’s not getting strapped to the back of a turtle that has to swim from China then travel across country to your house. Seriously though, the order history needs some work. The small amount of “filters” is pretty useless. There should be a way to only show items not yet delivered and/or better yet, let me delete the past orders that I never need to see again. Annoying to have to scroll through pages to find an item that I ordered 2 months ago and haven’t received yet but is mixed in with a bunch I’ve already received and don’t care to have to scroll through every time.
It used to be good. Now it’s a trap.
gothamsqueenbee on 2020-06-05
It used to be a good place to shop but then the orders stopped ever arriving and when I contacted Support it's an automated system that keeps telling me my account is flagged, but for what??? So I stopped shopping and then months later I happen to check the app and I see there were random ps4 accessories bought on my account that I never ordered?? I don’t even have a ps4. And of course they never arrived either so I had no idea about it until I randomly spotted it. Support is impossible. And it keeps happening with other random things I never bought especially electronics Won’t even let me deactivate my account so I deleted my address and payment info. Not customer friendly at allll shopping here is basically paying them then hoping you’ll actually get something
Mostly satisfied
Chudders mama on 2020-06-05
I have ordered from Wish for several years now, and while most products arrive in a timely manner, occasionally, an item won’t show up at all. When that happens though, they will refund my money with no problems. Also, since Asian sizing runs smaller then American sizing, sometimes a piece of clothing won’t fit. That happened to me once. When I contacted Wish, they immediately refunded my money and did not require me to go through the hassle to ship back the clothes. I’m satisfied with Wish and will continue to be a customer as long as their service is as good as it currently is.
Shipping is slower than ever
thequeenofcatzzz531 on 2020-06-05
So the actual app is really good but sometimes it tricks you but I can’t complain it a really good app just one thing: SHIPPING IS SOOOOO SLOW!!!! So I placed an order on January 24th, 2019, and it said it was going to get here around February. It didn’t. It got here today, MAY 18th, 2020!!!! Sometimes I think my packages aren’t even EVER going to show up, and even if they do, it kinda pisses me off when they take 5 months or so. But it a great app if you don’t need RIGHT-NOW items!:) edit: also I didn’t mention that the prices change every minute lol
Never again
sammieleigh78 on 2020-06-05
I’ve been buying from wish for a long time but waiting for something that shows quick delivery options (which is all I buy from wish) for three months is not acceptable. There’s no customer service what so ever it said I would get the stuff in two weeks then a month and now we are on three months the date keeps changing I am deleting the app as soon as I get my four orders and I am going to tell everyone to not use the app the shipping is usually how much I would pay for new local products anyways so you don’t save any money
pug6220 on 2020-06-05
I placed an order a month ago my credit card was billed immediately and I received an email that a shipping ticket was created . There has been no activity on my order since and when you contact customer support it’s just the same old reply I ask for a full refund and only received my shipping cost still same old reply from a virtual support and all they reply is give it another 10-14 days to process refund. Definetly not good customer suppprt and no contact phone number I will never use them again crappy customer support
After several years I am no longer using Wish.
Manny Unstoppable on 2020-06-05
Have an issue with an order, it’s been 2 months and I haven’t received it. I requested a refund a month ago. I got the shipping cost refunded and was told it may take up to 2-3 more weeks for delivery. It’s now been a month since then and I’m being told it may take up to 2-3 more weeks for it to arrive (putting it at almost 3 months). Still haven’t gotten a refund and they’re not making it easy. I’m never using them after this ever again. After all, most of their stuff is just mid tier bootlegs at this point.
An Unhappy Cus on 2020-06-05
I like the app but the shipping is just outrageous. You have to pay like $7-$11 for something free and if you want something to ship between 10-12 days it twice that much. If you can’t pay for fast shipping you have to wait over a month and a half to get something? How is it that it takes over a month to ship something? I stopped buying things last week to see if this app is legit or not. Until I get my stuff I going to say it’s not legit and it’s a scam to take money and information
Your orders never arrive!!!
MikelHarley on 2020-06-05
They have nice things at good prices. The problem is that once you order, nothing arrives. I ordered several things in early April and May. It is June and I am still waiting to receive the first one. 2 months and counting is way too long. I went back to They reliably deliver their stuff fast. Will never use this up again. As soon as I receive these items, if they ever arrive (I have serious doubts at this point), I will delete this app from my phone.

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