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Mar, 2023


Mar, 2023



Turn words into mesmerizing digital artworks! All you need to do is enter a prompt, pick an art style - and watch Wonder bring your idea to life in seconds! It’s super simple: Simply describe what you want Wonder to paint — such as “Life Under Sea” or “Shattered Rainbow” — pick a style (Cubist, Dali, Synthwave, Steampunk etc.), or select “no style”; and hit create! 【 BECOME AN ARTIST 】 Here are some cool things you can ask Wonder to paint for you: - Poems - Song lyrics - Unique & creative word combinations such as “Haunted Cornfield” or “Flaming Ocean” - Movie characters - Star signs - Monuments and many more! 【 SHARE IT & GO VIRAL】 Once you have your completely unique, original artwork; feel free to share it with friends or hop on the latest #AIPainting trend on social media. 【 EXPLORE NEW STYLES 】 You can choose from a range of familiar art styles, from ornate baroque paintings to futuristic synthwave landscapes and everything in between. 【 USE AS LOCKSCREEN 】 Get ready to hear questions such as “I love your lockscreen, who’s the artist?” — then you can proudly answer: “I did it myself!” Ready to test your creativity with the mind-boggling powers of AI? Try Wonder today & see the wonders you can do! --- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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Good app?
AshleylovesWolves on 2023-04-02
Wonder is an amazing app. Literally. But there are two really annoying things about this app. First and definitely most annoying, the need for premium. I know the developer wants to make money off of this app, but I wish that they would let the people who don’t have premium at least have unlimited pictures a day. We can only generate a few photos every day which is super annoying! Secondly, I know these kind of apps are hard to make, and I appreciate the developer’s hard work on this app. But the generator has a really hard time with eyes and limbs, hands especially. Once I asked for a girl riding a white deer, and the girl’s hand was literally a skin colored deer antler. Please try to fix this! By the way, I’m not a bot. Just in case anyone thought I was 😋🥰
Eril: deception
Teophilus on 2023-04-02
Eril. I bought the app yesterday. Very happy. But it hang. In the reeindtalation some of the filters were absent. Anime Woman and Anime Man. They were great. Now I missed them I am Catholic. An as such i Use the word Virgin Mary always. But the app forbids the use of Virgin violating my civil write to free religion. It is a pity that ideology gets into an app and besides violating the law. I put Mother of Jesus and the app profuced a bearded woman. It is not a joke. So i think you should change your bigotry stand. It is pitifull. By the way it hanged two more times. Please correct the bigotry and do not change the filters arbitrialy.
Beware of the AI Avatar creator in-app purchase
Pinoy Weather Watcher on 2023-04-02
I selected the avatar created and paid the additional $1.99. It took 30 minutes and then gave me an error saying try again. I tried again but was asked to pay another $1.99 which I did thinking that it would recognize the I had already made the purchase and that the creation didn’t work. It didn’t recognize that and it charged me again. There should be error checking. Disappointed and annoyed. I contacted their support and was told there wasn’t anything that can be done. Be wary of in-app purchases.
Love, But Have to Delete and Redownload After Closing
togamusic on 2023-04-02
I love this app. It has best AI generated art I’ve found so far. But, when I go to open the app after it’s been completely closed, it just sits on the Wonder start screen and doesn’t enter the app. I then have to delete the app and redownload it. It then works only one time after redownloading. Once it’s completely quit, the same problem happens again. It’s super annoying to have to keep deleting and reinstalling the app. Please fix this glitch ASAP. Then, it will be a 5-star rating.
Couples pic not so good
Shannonp4 on 2023-04-02
Of the 50 photos made of my husband and I, I didn’t recognize myself in any of them. They altered my nose, jawline, eye shape, lip size and even took away my grey hair. I love my grey hair. On the other hand, my husband looked great in nearly all of them. They retained his face shape, the shapes of his eyes and lips as well as his grey hair. One image was actually a little creepy because they made my husband look much older and me look much younger.
Image results Downgraded
Scoobydoo7652738493726282 on 2023-04-02
I use this app when it first came out an absolutely loved it. The images are absolutely incredible. I canceled for a while and came back and literally nothing cool is generated. The new images look more like something out of a children’s book. Before they were detailed and abstract, and sometimes crazy now it’s just simple images with bold lines. I understand the added a few filters for censorship, but this is ridiculous and I had to cancel.
The concept is great! The AI made me look like a ragged out old man.
The Texas Agent on 2023-04-02
I am not saying this because I think I should look better than I am. I had bad skin as a kid. It highlighted every imperfection on my skin and added 20 years. I showed my mom and the people I live with the images I took last week in a professional studio, which are the images I submitted, and they are not representative of what I actually look like. The idea here is great. The renditions are less than great. Thanks for trying.
Martinlovr on 2023-04-02
Features that I’m assuming you need to have a paid version but come on, at least prompt us and tell us it’s for the paid version. Clicking like an idiot on tabs and nothing happens. There is a button to add your own photo, another for ‘inspiration’ but nothing happens. If it’s for the paid version (I’m assuming it may be) at least have a pop up tell me that I need to pay. Otherwise it just seems like it’s glitching.
CaptainJusting on 2023-04-02
I downloaded it because I saw the ad on another app and I’ve heard lots of good things about this kinda of AI app. Nope. It couldn’t generate even one prompt the way I told it to. For example, one of them was “George Washington beating up Donald Trump” and it just had Washington riding his horse and there was just lots of people standing around, but no Trump, and all of their faces were distorted.
We need to talk.
Sam59170 on 2023-04-02
I understand you guys need money. But why, JUST WHY. WHY MAKE IT TO WHERE YOU CAN GET ABOUT 4-6 PICTURES A DAY. At that point people don’t even want to use the app anymore, because what’s the point? I Can understand having a cap, but only to 6??? Be so for real! The lowest cap I can think of is about 50. It’s unfair and it makes this app look really bad and money hungry.

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